Analogue Love #1

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Whenever I went on holiday as a child I would always take a disposable camera with me and spend the rest of the week snapping photos of things I thought would really capture the memories of the trip. Turns out that mini-Becca really thought that many photos of the ducks and slightly wonky scenic shots really encapsulated the time and place. Fast forward a good few years and my enjoyment of film cameras hasn’t disappeared, but I have upgraded from a yellow kodak disposable number, I’m sure you know the kind I mean!

My Diana Mini Lomography camera is one of my most loved Christmas presents ever. After wandering past their store in Spitalfields and it being impossible not to go inside, I pretty much fell in love with the whole brand right there. My little Lomo camera has accompanied me on many a trip and taking it on a night out always produces some fairly hilarious results.

I have to say though, learning the ropes of a film camera (a fairly basic one at that!) is something that I’m still working on. This post was actually inspired by a very disappointing and mostly out-of-focus set of snaps that I had developed recently, but I’ll spare you from those. I thought I would share a few of my favourites on here instead, maybe even turn it into a little regular post, whenever I manage to get a roll of film developed.






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