Almond-y Little Biscuits

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Three bowls


Empty bowls

In the UK it’s currently the time of year where you can spend the majority of your evenings outside in the open – providing it’s not raining of course. But with it being light until at least 9pm, there’s not really any excuse not to take the opportunity while it’s here.

Except… now there’s a huge reason to ignore the evening light, get yourself home and settle in on the sofa. And that’s Bake Off season. Yes, the GBBO is back and I’m as excited as I am every summer. There’s cake, there’s Paul and his icy stare, Mary Berry being all cheeky. And the ultimate duo of Mel and Sue as the cherry on top, full of fresh witty cake puns. At University it was an official night ‘Bake for Bake Off’. Every week we ate cake and we watched cake. Now unless I’m super organised, I don’t think I’ll have time to bake on a weekly basis, but to ring in the new series I thought I’d make a batch of little almond-y biscuits and share them with you.

For those with a keen eye, you’ll notice that the recipe I’m using here is actually for some very chocolatey biscuits, but unless it’s an actual piece of chocolate, I’m not too hot on the flavoured kinds. So for now I’ve substituted the cocoa for some ground almonds, and I think it might actually be worth it!

Cookie dough