2016’s Travel Wishlist

It’s that time of year when my Bloglovin’ feed is full of roundups and what-I’ve-Learnt and lookbacks and while I will probably do one of these posts myself (it’s a blogger obligatory, right?) I thought I would jump the gun slightly and look to 2016. I know Christmas is only just over and New Year is fast approaching, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the midnight celebrations, so I’m looking towards the next year instead.

2015 took me to some incredible places and I loved every one of my little adventures this year, but I can’t help but constantly look for the next place to visit. So I’ve curated a small list of the top places I’m dreaming of going in the next year. Let’s get this travel ball rolling…


  1. New York City

Let’s start with the biggun’. I visited NYC in 2008 with my family and while we had a look around and got a feel for the place, but my Brother had a big thing for Abercrombie and Fitch at this time. I definitely know the inside of that shop well now. There’s so many places left to visit, like Brooklyn, and Bleaker Street and Central Park which I am dying to go and look around. Hopefully sometime this year will be the year.


2. Berlin

This is a bit of a cop out because, fingers crossed, I will be going to Berlin in February. A little Christmas present from me to my Boyfriend was a pair of gig tickets to see Foals and you know, maybe he’ll take me along too! Again I have been to Berlin before but I feel like it’s one of those places that you could visit many many times and never quite get to the bottom of it. My favourite kinda place.


3. Malta

I’m determined to make Malta my summer destination this year. I think it’s the influence of the sassy Amy Bell, behind The Little Magpie blog and her recent holiday to Malta. It’s not somewhere I’ve every really considered but looks absolutely beautiful – with lots of little winding streets, like an older and more historic Rome which was my summer adventure this year.


4. Stockholm

Pretty much anywhere in Scandinavia has been on my travel wishlist for as long as I can remember, but in particular Stockholm. From what I’ve heard it’s stunning but more than that I just want to immerse myself in Scandi style and interiors and roll around in it until every part of my life is as cool as it gets. The only problem is the general cost of going, but I reckon it’s more than doable with a little look around Airbnb.

All photos sourced from Pinterest.