The Year Ahead.


So the sun has well and truely set on the last day of the year. This post was supposed to go live on January 1st, but there have been some internet issues that go beyond my control. But enough with the excuses – for New Years I was in Wales with my boyfriend and his family and friends, as they celebrate with a little trip away every year. As I’m not one to go all out at New Year, it’s always seems slightly anti-climatic to me, so something a bit more casual is right up my street.

I thought rather than look back on the year, I would again look forward to the next year and things to come. I am trying to avoid the whole ‘lose weight, keep fit’ resolution type post so hopefully things won’t stray into that territory.

  1. Blogging

2015 has been the year I have really committed to my little blog. Girlglobalising has become a proper hobby for me and something I really really enjoy working on. WordPress tells me I’ve posted 53 posts this year, so just over one per week, which I think is something to be both proud of and improve on. Next year will be focused on increasing that to a couple of regular posts per week, definitely a redesign and possibly a look at some self-hosting options.

2. Photography

Kinda linked to point nĂºmero uno, but this year I’m going to try really hard at getting to grips with my camera. And to start with I will be reading the whole manual! I was lucky enough to receive a snazzy new lens for Christmas so I’m hoping to take a few half decent photos with it.

3. Zen

This is a more personal point but 2016 will be the year I transform, Buddha-style into someone completely at peace. I may be going slightly to far with that statement but what I’m focussing on are the little things – stupid little things that normally make my mood take a fast downturn when really they can’t be helped. I’m talking about late trains, time keeping, comments for people who don’t really matter, just dealing when the best laid plans still don’t work out. I’m going to close my eyes, count to ten, slap a smile on and carry on with my day.

4. Travel

I mean, if it wasn’t already pretty obvious, to me the world is an oyster that I really want to explore. I’ve already curated a little post on my wishlist for this year and actually I have already booked some tickets for a little adventure in February! This year I’m hoping to explore the world and my own country more and more.

5. Consciousness

One final point that I’m going to focus on in the upcoming year is to be more conscious. That’s not to say I would walk past my Mum in the street becuase I’m so busy away with the fairies, but I mean the amount of times I walk back to check if I locked the car door (yes, every time!). Focus is key and I’m going to make sure I’m conscious of everything that’s going on. This will also come into some more personal goals of mine. There’s no more time for losing track of how many biscuits you’ve had – it’s time to be conscious of all sourrounding as well as your own body and mind.

Lets hope 2016 brings some wonderfulness to every single person this year.