January in Review

Latte Art

January has, and will always be, a loooong month. And that’s mainly due to desperately waiting for the first payday in what feels like forever. It’s safe to say that after all the festive excitement it’s not surprising that more often than not we all get a little case of the January blues. It’s just inevitable that everything seems a little sadder, a little colder and a little duller and then with the shorter month of February and the approach of Spring things start to perk up again.

For the most part January has been great. For starters I moved into a new flat, meaning the first few weeks were pretty much taken up with unpacking, finding new homes for things and figuring out my new living arrangements. There’s still things to do, I am in desperate need of a desk and somewhere to put all my ‘important’ files. There are a lot of boxes everywhere, either packed or unpacked, that I’m not quite sure what to do with them all. I’m super excited to get things all sorted, gets some pictures on the walls and some plants around the place. There might even be a few interiors based post coming up.

January is also my birthday month, as nice little event to break up the cold, cold weeks. You can read all about it here, but it was a lovely low key affair, which I’m totally cool with as the more birthday’s that go by the more I realise that’s one of the best ways to celebrate. It was also great to spend sometime with one of my oldest friends – it really made me focus on all the amazing people that are in my life. It’s definitely something I’m going to think about on the days when I feel slightly too far away from everyone. The same can be said about the flying visit I made to my family home the other week. It’s one of my favourite things to do when I feel ever so slightly panicked about the distance. Ain’t nothing like a trip back to the ‘rents to bring you right back down to earth!

That’s about it for January, I hope you’ve enjoyed this months posts. As a side note the Weekly Thoughts feature is currently in transition stage to becoming… A Month in Review feature! Surprise, this is the first of twelve for 2016. It just didn’t seem right to only have one post in between a weekly thought – nobody needs to know every scrap of detail in my brain and this way I’m focussing more on some super cool, interesting posts that I hope you’ll love!