How to pack for cold weather


If there’s one thing I hate about travelling, then it’s heaving all your luggage around with you. Last summer on my Italian adventure I made the mistake of taking a backpack instead of my usual wheel-y suitcase and let me tell you, I will not be doing that again. My shoulders haven’t been the same since – I’ll just have to learn to pack lighter in future.

In the winter packing light comes across even more obstacles. Surely the best thing to do would be just pack as many layers as you think you will need to combat the frosty air. Cold weather planning is not the easiest to do. Will it be freezing or just colder than normal? Will there be snow? Rain? Hail? This is all adding up to be one hell of a heavy suitcase. In a few days time I’m heading off on a trip to Berlin, a trip I’m super excited about, but I have the feeling that Berlin in the winter will be COLD. So I’ve devised a packing list that will hopefully size your shoulders, make your travel a whole lot easier and, fingers crossed, cater to whatever cold weather you are greeted with.

  1. Make sure you wear your heaviest shoes and thickest coat and jumper. This is key to keeping the weight in your suitcase/ backpack down. You may get a little warm on the journey, but adding heavy boots and big jackets to your bag will just take up unnecessary space.
  2. Thermals. These sexy leggings and vests will save your chilly skin and the good news is no one will no you’re rocking them under your jeans and jumpers, they roll up super small in your bag and you’re free to pop out into that cold weather without a second thought.
  3. Layer it up yo. Layers are key to staying the warmest you can. Not only is this more practical for the day – it’s so much easier to adjust your clothing should you happen to pop into a warm museum for the afternoon – but it also gives you plenty of options for the evenings too. So warm in the day, so many outfit choices for the evening.
  4. Hat, gloves, scarf. They go without saying really. Sure you could warm your hands up with a tasty takeaway coffee, but t won’t last that long and no one can take great photos with frozen fingers.
  5. Sweatshirts and knitwear. An unlikely point, but I have to admit that for me personally I don’t find knitwear all that warm sometimes. So I like to make sure I’ve got one or two sweatshirts with me as an extra precaution.
  6. Pack it up tight. That green tube up top in the photo is actually a very handy packable jacket. When I’m expecting cold weather this jacket comes on every trip with me. It’s fairly small, super warm and doesn’t add any extra weight. I highly recommend.

These are just a few tips for packing ready for the cold weather. They are especially useful if you’re travelling with a backpack (light shoulders yes please) and still keeping nice and toasty. What are you’re top tips for preparing for cold weather travelling?