Hey spring, where you at?





Photos by Dom John

Spring is one of my favourite times of year. It’s usually pretty sunny, there are daffodils everywhere, you can start venturing outside without six layers on and well, easter eggs of course. But it seems this year it’s a little slow in the uptake. Am I wrong in thinking that normally by now things are starting to get a little be milder?

In the UK at least, it’s still in the winter-y region on the temperature scale. Nevertheless I’ve been cracking out my more spring like wardrobe with the hope that it might encourage the fairer weather. The newest item is this cream knit jumper with a rolled hem. There’s something about the rolled hem that really sold it to me – it just rolled right down when I pulled it on and was so satisfying that I had to buy it. That, and the nice light weave that will make it perfect for the slightly sunnier weather (I’m determined that it’s on it’s way).

It’s also around this time of year that I start baring a bit more skin. I’m a big fan of a rolled up jean, especially when it’s a different tone to the rest of the denim. It might only be a little slither of ankle, but that slither, well it basically transforms the whole thing into a spring beauty of an ootd!

Word of warning – on this particular day my ankles were freezing. Maybe I was a bit premature with this particular weekend…

Accessories for this would normally be a light jacket, a pair of slip-on flats and some bangin’ gold hoops (standard). I would normally remove the chunky bobble hat, but as I mentioned, it ain’t spring just yet people.

What items do you get out ready for spring? Let me know and give me some fresh ideas. You can follow me on Instagram for multiple photos of spring blooms and on Bloglovin for all new Girlglobalising content!

      Jeans | Asos  Jumper | H&M  Jacket | Miss Selfridge (old)  Trainers | Asos