A spring jacket is really just a shirt

Zara shirt

Zara shirt


Zara shirt

Photo’s by Dom John

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about it being the start of spring, but actually it was still freezing cold and I posted some photos of me still in a woolly hat and trying to look as though my fingers weren’t turning blue? Well I think it’s safe to say that spring has actually arrived now along with the sun and plenty of trees full of blossom. So my woolly hat has been fully retired until autumn and I’ve been venturing out in far fewer layers.

This shirt is the newest item in my wardrobe and it was a bit of a impulsive purchase. I was wandering the aisles of Zara and there was something about that that came across so versatile that it seemed like a genius purchase. Most recently I’ve been wearing it over the top of t-shirts and jeans in place of my usual faux leather jacket. It’s a fairly substantial cotton shirt that works well as a layer, but I do also intend on wearing it solely as a shirt. On this particularly sunny day I paired it with my new obsession – a neckerchief! I’ve seen many a cool girl wear one of these of late, and while I’m not sure I’m quite cool enough to pull it off, I do love how easy it is to throw on and how much it adds to an outfit, and also these sunglasses that I’m so in love with that I wear even it it’s grey and cloudy. I’m just kidding myself I can get away with it. Here’s to hoping that this spring weather sticks around for a bit longer – me and my shirt are planning a few more outings.

Is anyone else enjoying leaving the coats behind as much as I am? If you fancy it you can follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin for more spring-loving content and plenty of blossom-based photos!

Shirt – Zara | Jeans – Asos | Neckerchief – Primark | Sunglasses – Topshop

Zara Shirt