Bristol’s best lunch spots

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Since I’ve been living in Bristol, for almost a year and a half now(!) I’ve made my way around a fair few eateries over that time. If one thing was clear when I moved here, it’s that there is an abundance of food options literally on your doorstep, so much so that you can slip into the habit of going to the same places each time, rather than trying a new place, because you know that it’ll be good. So I’ve created a little list of the top lunch spots in Bristol, just in case you’re in any doubt of where to go this coming weekend.

  1. Bagel Boy – this is a local chain that’s fast expanding across Bristol at the moment. With their original branch just down the road from St Nicks market, they now have ideal locations on Gloucester Road and North Street too. You can get pretty much any combination of bagel that your heart desires, but I thoroughly recommend the Plough Boy (cheddar, ham, pickle) and the New York Boy (salt beef, mustard, gherkins).
  2. Boston Tea Party – Another little chain that started in Bristol but is swiftly expanding across the west country. My favourites are the Clifton Village location and Stokes Croft, both of which I have lived about five minutes away from! Depending on the branch their menu expands across breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, but I fully recommend any of their eggs and toasties (which are HUGE).
  3. The Stock Exchange – I stumbled across this little gem when the Bagel Boy on the opposite side of the road was too full to get a table. The Stock Exchange is a bakery and coffee shop that’s well worth stopping by at lunchtime. Not to mention their amazing homemade bagels (is there a theme here…?) but they also have a huge selection of tasty pastries and there’s plenty of freshly baked bread to take home with you.
  4. St Nicks Market – This wouldn’t be a list of Bristol’s best lunch spots if I didn’t include this melting pot of different cuisines. St Nicks market is an absolute hive of activity and a place where you can find whatever it is you fancy. My recommendation would be Matina who serve up freshly baked and filled flatbreads, but Eat-a-Pitta is also very popular, as is the ‘sausage man’, whose name I’m not quite sure of, but sells amazing sausage sandwiches.
  5. Spicer & Cole – I was so close to including this little gem in my Bristol Coffee Guide, but as they’re a firm favourite when it comes the lunch offerings too I thought they were better off in this list. There are always some good looking salads, a huge seletion of sandwiches and paninis and I had some of the best soup ever here. Again they have a number of locations and while I live very close to the Clifton spot, their slightly quieter riverside location is my favourite.

There are so many places that I could have included in this list, but for the sake of not keeping you too long I have narrowed it down to just the top five. If you’d like to see more then by all means just let me know in the comments below – I have a lot more recommendations that I’m dying to share with someone! You can also follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin to keep up with the places I visit on a daily basis.