A Beauty Blender really does work

Beauty Blender

When Beauty Blenders first became really popular I didn’t really see the point when I had perfectly good brushes to use. Why spend even more time dib-dabbing at my face with a sponge when I could be done in two minutes with a brush? However, in recent months I have been in somewhat of a foundation rut. I’ve been using up bits and bobs – ones I had bought but had never really worked for me, ones that were slightly too dark and ones where the consistency just didn’t work for my skin.

Wandering down the make up brush aisle of Boots one day I picked up the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge on a whim, hoping that it would be the cure to my foundation woes. When using a Beauty Blender you have to be aware of how damp they need to be before use. Upon first use I gingerly ran it under the tap until it was barely damp and then attempted to apply a combination of wrong foundations to my face. Needless to say I was unimpressed, thought my suspicions were correct and tossed it to the back of my cupboard.

Since then I’ve decided that if not even one of my current bases were working then it was time to try something new. On the spur of the moment I also dug out my (now slightly dusty) Beauty Blender, doused it in water and firmly rung it out. If it was ever going to work for me then now was the time.

The outcome of my new base (now both the correct colour and consistency for my skin) and the use of the Beauty Blender was far better than my ill-fated first time. It’s definitely not as long winded a process as I thought and the foundation seems to really sink into the skin and appears more dewy than before. Of course I have tested this theory and can now confirm that when I use a brush as opposed to the sponge it seems to smear the foundation across my face and I have to really work it in. It’s official – I’m a Beauty Blender convert and I’m proud of it.

Do you have any more tips on using a Beauty Blender? Any cleaning tips would be fab as I’m yet to get over that hurdle! You can follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin if you fancy keeping up with any Girlglobalising daily content.

Beauty Blender