West(ern) Country

Birdcage Walk

Western style belt

Birdcage walk, Bristol

Photos by Dom John


What time of year would you call this? Mid spring? Or early summer?

Whatever it is, now that all the bloody rain has passed, I am loving it. I’ve officially packed away my winter coats and welcomed back the lighter layers that leave me feeling freer and less weighed down. Hallelujah, am I right?!

This summer marks my second year in Bristol, which is pretty hard to believe. I swear it wasn’t that long ago that I was slogging my way through my dissertation. If you caught my recent post about what the hell any of us are actually doing on the internet, then you’ll know that I’ve been going through a bit of an identity crisis with Girlglobalising. So with that in mind I’ve decided to focus my efforts on content that really, truely inspires me and that is mainly travel content.

With moving house on the cards (more on that once I actually know where I’m going to be living…) plus trying to save for the illusive NYC trip later in the year, my summer travel plans have had to be whittled down somewhat. But you know what that means? A staycation, my friends. In my 18 months(ish) of blogging I have barely scratched the surface of my current resisdence in the west country, and it’s about time I addressed that.

Sure I’ve featured a few favourite lunch places and the best coffee shops in Bristol, but the west country is a far wider place than just this city. This summer I intend on spreading the word of the west, be it with an updated coffee guide (I’ve racked up a few more faves recently) or daytrips to countryside towns. I plan on celebrating all things Somerset!

As I can never resist a good pun I decided to dress as a cowboy for this post – or as much as my safe style of dressing will allow. A cowboy-lite, if you will. Apart from my teenage days when I couldn’t get enough of stripes, neon colours and many a novelty bag, my style nowadays is more tame. This Asos belt is my new accessory love, adding something to break up the completely black outfit. That, plus the neckerchief that I still can’t get enough of, reminded me of a cowboy-esque outfit fit for the west(ern) country.

These photos were taken at Birdcage Walk on a sunny Saturday afternoon stroll around Clifton, where we also spotted the very dapper man below and his curly furred dog. Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin to keep up with all new Girlglobalising content!

Denim Jacket – H&M | Jeans – Asos | T-shirt – Warehouse | Belt – Asos | Sunglasses – Topshop | Bag – New Look


Man and his dog

Mini backpack