Travelling a different way for Copenhagen

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I get massively over-excited when I book a trip away and my next adventure to Copenhagen is now only a few weeks away. Normally I buy books, I start thinking about how long I am there for, how much I can squeeze in, what I really want to see the most.

I overload myself with information and I find travel guides made by bloggers until I have so many things to chose from that I don’t really know where to start. When in Berlin earlier in the year my and my boyfriend had worked out what we wanted to see, the places we wanted to explore and then it pissed down with rain the whole time, limiting us to indoor activities only.

For my upcoming trip to Copenhagen I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach, one that’s far more relaxed. To start with we are only there for a long weekend, so it would be foolish to try and get around to everything as well as just soaking up the local vibe in that short space of time.

This time I’m just going to take real easy. I’m not going to plan plan plan. I’m not going to rush Dom out of the room in the morning, and march him to the nearest metro station (I promise I’m not that bad, I just like to get going in the mornings!). I want to experience Copenhagen as a Dane would, with coffee and pastries outside in the sun. With socialising at the local food markets and explore the Tivoli Gardens and be slightly underwhelmed at the Little Mermaid. I’m ready for the Danish interiors and style and general chicness and sophistication and to feel slightly inadequate in comparison.

At least that’s how I’m hoping it will go.

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