The ankle boots that won’t leave my feet in Spring

Western Boots

Spring boots

Photos by Dom John

I have a bad habit when it comes to shoes. Or footwear in general really, including boots, sandals, trainers and even slippers. Not a bad habit of constantly buying new pairs – that quickly stopped when household bills were introduced as an oh so fun way to spend my money. My bad habit is being a terrible footwear repeater.

Once a new pair enters my (wardrobe) life, I wear them literally everyday, admiring the fact that they go with all my favourite outfits and oh they make a clipp-y sound when I walk. But let’s be honest here, my shoes at the moment mainly come from the likes of Primark and when worn every. single. day. Well, they sure fall apart quickly.

This pair of cracking little ankle boots are no exception to that. They are Prinarks finest, they have a little western boot look to them, they cost me about £15 and they are exactly the kind of ankle boot I like for this time of year. You might have caught my recent post in which I dressed like a very watered down version of a cowboy. It’s been my go-to outfit for the last few weeks since I bought these babies home with me.

What I’m even more excited about is the sunnier, warmer weather when I get to wear them with midi skirts and summer dresses. That is literally my dream outfit. I’ll probably even go back and buy the black pair too…

Jeans – Asos | Boots – Primark (similar here)

Primark boots