8 Reasons why visiting home is so great

Oxford Circus, London

This weekend was glorious. I mean it was pretty grey and rain-y, but it was also long and glorious. I spent the Bank Holiday at home in London with my parents. Pretty bangin’ am I right?! No, in all seriousness, I don’t get home that much and if you caught my last post you’ll have found out all about my sudden change of residence and the conundrum that it caused me. I mean, I’m not going very far, literally just around the corner(!) but sometimes I feel like I’m pulled in two different directions.

London is my home, where I grew up and where my family home still is and being on the other side of the country sometimes makes me feel as though I’m missing out on this great gem that everybody else is trying their hardest to be a part of. Visits home are some of my favourite, not only because it’s a place in the world that I feel completely relaxed. I feel protected and it gives me a little bit of space to recharge and get ready to face, maybe not the world, but adult life at least. Here’s a few reasons why visits home are great for your soul.

  1. The sheets are so soft. This one is all credit to my mother. I don’t know what she does differently, but I’ve never slept in sheets so soft. Maybe it’s because she irons them – I dunno, but I must learn her secrets.
  2. The towels are so fluffy. So far this is shaping up to be a list purely about laundry. This is far from my main reasons why I love visiting home but it sure is a perk! They are literally hotel standard. Maybe I notice how great they are because I’ve been using the same old towels that I went away to uni with and that was five years ago now…
  3. The fridge is always stocked. I do realise that this list sounds a lot like I go home to freeload off my parents. I promise that’s not the case, but they always seem to have everything you need, especially as normally when all you want is a poached egg on toast in the morning, but you get up an realise you had the last egg for an omelette the night before.
  4. The old haunts and the new ones. Going back to South East London every so often over the years has really opened my eyes to how much a place can change in not much time at all. Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill, even Peckham these days is a hive of hipsters eating avocado on toast and drinking craft beer. As well as popping back to places me and my friends used to spend so much time at, there’s now so many new places to try!
  5. Time to relax. This is not to say that I can’t relax when I’m at home after work or on the weekends. But there’s nothing like going back to your family home forĀ  a few days and slipping back into old routines and old jokes.
  6. Infinate wisdom.Now I can’t speak for everyone here, but I seem to leave with a lot of fresh resolve and a few answered questions after a few days at home. There’s nothing like a good heart-to-heart and in-depth conversation with someone who’s looking in on the situation with fresh eyes. And a few more successful life lessons under their belt than you have!
  7. London town! Another point that’s a bit more personal to me. But I love London whenever I visit – there’s always something going on, an exhibition to go to, or shops that aren’t available in Bristol. I bloody love a trip to London!
  8. Time to catch up face-to-face. While I love the convenience of Facebook chat/whatsapp/imessage, there’s nothing like having a really good catch up with old friends and you’re all in the same room together!

I had a pretty cracking Bank Holiday weekend, full of my favourite people and things and I’m sure it’ll keep me going until the next occaision when we can all be together again. What do you love about visiting back home? Let me know, let’s share our favourites!

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