New things I’m loving right now

Sunglasses and beauty

When I thought about writing this post I thought I had quite an array of different things to show you, hence the title being a simple and vague ‘new things’. But actually looking at all the items together it’s predominantly beauty items and perhaps should have renamed the post. But anyway I thought I would show you a couple of new things that I’ve recently acquired and have been loving recently.

Mango Sunglasses

These shiny reflective babies are almost exact replicas of the Rayban version. I’ve been looking at making an investment in a pair of sunglasses, but couldn’t quite justify the price. So these are absolutely perfect! My Mum may have burst out laughing when she saw me wearing them, but I feel pretty bloody cool in them.

Clinique sweet pop

Clinique Sweet Pot

This new addition to the lip balm range at Clinique actually came out quite a while ago, but it’s only recently that I’ve got my hands on one. It was actually a free gift while out shopping with my Mum. She bought some new foundation and UH-MA-ZING looking serum (which I might have to splash out on as well…) and bagged a free gift at the check out. One side of this little pot is a lip scrub, and one side a lip balm. The Clinique lady assumed me that the scrub is edible and calorie free, which might be the case, but it definitely tastes like you’re eating a grainy lipgloss. Not great. It gives a decent scrub though and the balm is lovely too.


MAC Fix+

Now here’s a little myth that you may have believed like I did. The Fix+ is not a setting spray. Repeat, not a setting spray. Who knew? Not me, that’s for sure. MAC don’t even do a setting spray at the moment and the Fix+ is designed as a moisturising spray. I bought the miniature size, which I’m thinking is going to come in very handy indeed if it gets more humid than it currently is.

Clinique Sweet pop

Clinique Lip pop in Sweet Pop

I’ve just realised how similar this name is to the Sweet Pop… This was another freebie from my Mum who claimed it was ‘too pink’ for her. It is pretty pink in colour, but just dabbed onto the lips it has a very nice effect and is not too overly bubblegum-esque. And I love that it’s another little miniature size, perfect for travel!

MAC Cosmo Lipstick

MAC Cosmo

This lipstick is my saviour in all the Kylie Jenner fever that’s still going around. I cannot pull off a brown nude, not with this pale skin, but this lipstick is a little bit pink, a nude and a bit brown too. It’s my new favourite that I’m wearing literally day and night.

So there we have it, a bunch of things I kinda really like at the moment. Let me know what you’re new favourite things are too! This weekend I’m going to be in Copenhagen which I am beyond excited about. You can follow me on Instagram where I’ll be posting whenever I can get free wifi. My bank balance does not appreciate the overseas Instagrams, lets just say…