Mini Visual Diary: Copenhagen


The Standard, Copenhagen



Bikes, Copenhagen


My long weekend in Copenhagen seems like an age ago now, but in actual fact it was only two weeks ago that I was swanning around the Danish capital happy to forget about all the half packed boxes left in my flat, and the sheer amount of sorting out we still had to do. I can’t say we’re all that sorted in the new flat yet, but we’re definitely on our way! With the majority of boxes now unpacked and put away where they’ll (hopefully!) stay for a while longer, I’ve had a little more breathing space to finally sit down and edit my photos from Copenhagen.

After the last couple of trips that myself and Dom have been on we were due some good weather (looking at you Berlin and Paris…) and boy did Copenhagen deliver. We landed in sunshine, stayed for three days to revel in it and left to only a slight covering of cloud. It was such a lovely weekend that I actually wandered around saying to Dom ‘Shall we come back in a few weeks?’. The city is beautiful, so clean and so friendly that it was an absolute joy to visit. I wanted to buy everything I saw, I’ve decided that I need a Danish sense of style and I was pretty much ready to move into our Airbnb apartment. All in all, Copenhagen really hit the spot! It was expensive (more on that at a later date) but we still enjoyed our selves and managed to see and do most things that we wanted to.

I hope you like this little introduction to the city, and I can only appologise that it took so long to get myself together! There will be a little city guide coming soon and maybe even a few posts about my new flat! You can always follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin, and let me know if you’ve been to Copenhagen and loved it as much as I did!

The Round Tower, Copenhagen

Central Station, Copenhagen

Copenhagen streets

Paper Island, Copenhagen

Paper Island, Copenhagen

Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen