Why you need visit Paper Island in Copenhagen

Paper Island, Copenhagen

Paper Island, Copenhagen

Doughnut, Copenhagen

Doughnut, Copenhagen

Sadly this post is the last I have to share from Copenhagen. I put together my mini visual diary and then my travel guide of my favourite places in the city, but I promised I would be back with more on PapirΓΈen, or Paper Island for those who can’t pronounce things in Danish, and the amazing food market you will find there.

I mentioned that the prices in Copenhagen, although were definitely expensive, they weren’t quite as high as we had anticipated. There was however one area that we did fall down on, and that was evening meals. As a word of warning the restaurants in Copenhagen tend to stop serving by 10pm. Now for some that may seem too late to be eating, but here was our dilemma – you’ve been out exploring the city all day, so you head back to your room to chill out and refresh, before heading out for dinner again. By this point it’s about 8pm already, but it’s summer and it’s nice and bright, so no worries, right? Wrong. When you don’t know a place it always takes you slightly longer to get from A to B anyway, but when you get there and discover that dinner is going to cost you Β£30+ per person, plus drinks, you head straight for the next place and hope it will be cheaper.

And so the circle goes on and on, until you’ve been standing outside four different restaurants and each is more expensive than the next. It’s now 10pm, and even if you could afford something to eat, they’re not serving food now anyway. And that’s your night over. You hit the 7Eleven for a pizza slice and eat it back in your room.

This is where Paper Island comes in. Found in an old warehouse, this amazing food market is an very popular place to eat and hang out in Copenhagen. You can find pretty much any type of food you fancy, from burgers to grilled cheese, to a traditional Danish smorgasbord to Asian food. It’s all incredibly fresh and incredibly well priced. I had a falafel pitta and Dom had a pork filled egg wrap that was also very tasty. This was followed by a caramelised doughnut with ice cream. It was definitely one of the best things we ate and the most cost effective.

For anyone on a budget, or even if you’re not on a budget, Paper Island is somewhere you should add to your ‘must see’ list.

And so that’s it for my Copenhagen posts. It was one of my favourite trips to date and I’ll definitely be back for more in the future. Be sure to check out my Instagram for more photos of the beautiful city and follow me on Bloglovin for all new posts coming up soon!


Cocktails, Copenhagen

Falafel pitta

Dog in Copenhagen

Paper Island, Copenhagen

  • i’m going to copenhagen in the summer and this seems like the place to be and go. will put it on my list.


    • Becca

      It seems like Copenhagen is so popular now! You’ll have an amzing time I’m sure πŸ™‚ xx

  • Becky Hughff

    I would love to visit Denmark – definitely on my list!!


    • Becca

      Haha I have so many places on my list, I’m just ticking them off slowly πŸ™‚ xx

  • Would love to visit Copenhagen! Such lovely photos – it all looks so beautiful! πŸ™‚
    – Ambar x

    • Becca

      Thnks so much! I highly recommend Copenhagen πŸ™‚ xx

  • Hayley Rubery

    I would LOVE to visit Copenhagen – and this post just fuels that desire! Such beautiful pictures, you’ve capture it perfectly!

    Hayley xo

    • Becca

      Thanks so much, that’s so nice! xx

  • Copenhagen looks beautiful I would love to visit one day and eat all of the delicious food!


    • Becca

      Paper Island has so much delicious food, I took so long to decide what to have haha! xx

  • your photos are gorgeous! Copenhagen has always been one of my bucketlist, but i’ll get there one day!


    • Becca

      Me too! Copenhagen has been on my wishlish for so long, I’m glad I can tick it off now! I hope you get to visit one day πŸ™‚ xx

  • It seems like such a nice place, I would love to visit it πŸ™‚

    • Becca

      It’s such a lovely place! I hope you get to visit one day πŸ™‚ xx