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I’ve just arrived back from one of the most relaxing and enjoyable weekends I’ve had in a while. It’s not that I’ve had a string of terrible weekends or anything, quite the opposite really. But the main difference with the past few days was that I got to spend some time with one of my best girls.

As a lot of people experience, daily life is very different to seeing your pals every morning in form group, or debriefing on the sofa the morning after a night out. When your miles away from the people who once lived in the same house you often have to make do with a few hours of catching up, after a few weeks of arranging the time. This post from Hannah Gale definitely resonated with me recently. Also as I’m sure Dom won’t mind me saying, but after about 7 months of living together, I wanted some girl time!

I’ve put together a few of my top tips for enjoying a girls weekend away at a spa (or where ever you fancy!), but without breaking the bank.


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Do your research:

For a while we were considering going abroad, somewhere hot and sunny where we could soak up the sun, lay by the pool and get a little tan while we caught up. Unfortunately this wasn’t really a viable option in the end. As good as the cheap hotel deals often are, when you’re trying to keep things on budget and arrange around work it can get a little tricky. So we turned to Spa Breaks and managed to get a great deal for a spa weekend in Cardiff. Not quite the same as Spain, I know, but it’s the company that matters!

Pamper and relaaax:

Lucky for us we had a few treatments included in our hotel stay, so not only did we get to float around in the pool, sweat it out in the suana and steam room and bubble in the jacuzzi, but we also had a massage and a facial too. I don’t really head to spa’s very often, partly because of the cost but also because whenever I travel I normally go on city breaks, staying in Airbnb’s. Spa’s aren’t always that accessible so it’s such a treat when I do go. You don’t have to visit a spa to have a pamper though. Why not buy some facemasks, give yourself a manicure, even get the fake tan out. Whatever will help you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Night out/ Night in:

This is completely optional, but given that compared to my uni days I really don’t go on nights out that much anymore we wanted to have a few cocktails. I can’t even tell you the meltdown I had when I realised I have hardly any party dresses anymore! We felt we should take the opportunity to see what Cardiff’s nightlife is like and get a bit dressed up for a change. If that’s not your kind of thing then have a night in. Maybe head out for dinner then make your way back to the hotel to watch a film, or read, or catch up some more (with wine of course!).


Of course we couldn’t visit a new city and not see what it had to offer. As nice as it was to swim and relax in the spa I just couldn’t spend all my time in the hotel. Cardiff is a great little city, especially where shopping is concerned. There are lots of arcades with one of a kind shops and places to stop for coffee, plus all the usual high street stores to head for. We also made our way down to Cardiff Bay, which is a great place to head for at dinner time. There’s literally every restaurant you could wish for! Make sure you see a little bit of where you head to, it’ll really make your girls weekend great.

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What tips do you have for a fun girls weekend? Let me know becuse I know I can’t wait for the next one! You can follow me on Instagram to see what else we got up to while in Cardiff and Bloglovin to keep up with all the new posts around here. Bye for now.