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I’m a bit of a floozy when it comes to my hair. My school years were spent with it going up and down in length, with a fringe, growing out a fringe, and that awful period where my side parting was styled so that it hung directly in front of the right side of my face. I had to peer around it all the time and would eventually get so tired of doing this that I pretty much lived in a ponytail.

The end of school wasn’t so bad, when I focused on growing it as long as I could manage. At least I could count on it being nice and shiny and it good condition.

When I got to university and with the addition of a student loan in my bank account I headed to the hairdressers to have a whole head of colour put in. After a few failed box dyes I finally realised that if I wanted to change the colour from dark brown I would just have to pay to have it done professionally. And so I became a redhead. I say redhead but it was more of a copper-y/orange-y red that I absolutely loved.

I like to think of this time as the glory years. I spent about two years having glorious long orange hair until I finished university and unemployment arrived. I attempted the upkeep of dyed red hair myself and quickly realised that it’s just not the same as the professionals.

In the end I left it to grow out and become a frizzy mess. That’s when I chopped it off to a short bob and so my floozy phase began again. As with most things as you get older, I realise now what a good thing I’ve got going on. I am very lucky to have hair that has bounced back to it’s previous good condition and I’m more than happy to keep it that way. I am however, a little over the short hair. I’m in that awkward stage of not short and not long, when you have to just persevere with the growing of it.

I hope you like my little inspiration board, it’s giving me the will to carry on through the awkward stage and hope that it won’t take to long. This has been a rather dramatic end to a post that is simply about having medium length hair…

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