Top 5 European City Breaks

It’s been awhile since I packed my bags and headed off for a (usually early morning) flight. My week in Cornwall was lovely but other than that the last time I gave in to the travel bug was back in June for a long weekend in Copenhagen. Although I’m counting down the days, literally not just mentally, until my trip to New York in November, I also can’t help but dream about all the places I’d like to head to right about now.

As a week long holiday is not always an option – I know I’ve been saving for NYC for what feels like forever – the next best thing is a long weekend city break. Here are my current top 5 short haul European cities:

Paris - Girlglobalising

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Paris – Because Paris is always a good idea, right? Yes. But also because Paris is only 2 hours away on the Eurostar and couldn’t be more accessible. Although on some leader boards Paris has slipped slightly, in favour of other European destinations that are slowing coming out of the woodwork, Paris still seems like a magical place to me. The Sacre-Cour and Montmartre are yet to be ticked off my list, as is the Picasso museum and the Louvre.

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Brandenburg Gate - Berlin - Girlglobalising

Berlin – Ah Berlin. Berlin holds a place in my heart but I’m sometimes not entirely sure why. It’s a fantastic city, especially for it’s street art and nightlife, but they are not always  the things I look for in a city break. Berlin is in my top five as it’s one of the few big cities that is still so affordable (we actually stayed in a hotel, which never happens), the locals are friendly and there’s plenty to see and do. I recommend visiting in the summer when the city really comes alive – not that I’ve witnessed that. I visited in the dead of winter and was repeatedly told about how amazing the city is in the warmer months.

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Nyhavn - Copenhagen - Girlglobalising

Copenhagen – The most recent destination that I’ve been to. Copenhagen is in my top 5 city breaks not just because it’s a lovely city to visit but also because any longer than a few days and the cost will really start to ramp up. It’s a city full of the friendliest people, the most stylish shops and beautiful architecture. A few days here and you’ll want to overhaul your life and start living like a Scandinavian.

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Bruges - Girlglobalising

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Bruges – Bruges is the ultimate winter destination. I’m sure it’s equally lovely in the spring and summer, but having visited just before Christmas I can’t imagine any other place that would get you more in the spirit of things. Full of canals, small lanes and alleyways and bitterly cold but there’s plenty of liquid hot chocolate to warm you up again.

Rome - Italy - Girlglobalising

Rome – Rome has struggled it’s way into my top 5, not because it’s not a great city to visit, but because I can’t think about it without remembering just how hot it was. It’s a city with ancient history, amazing food and fabulous locals, and really we barely scratched the surface of what’s on offer there. But it’s also a city that you can just sit back in and soak up the atmosphere. I recommend visiting in the spring or autumn though, and not in the middle of a heatwave.

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There are far more places in Europe that I would absolutely love to visit – Amsterdam, Vienna, Croatia, Greece, more of Germany, the south of France… What is more enjoyable that exploring new places and cultures and experiencing what the wide world has to offer. Let me know what your favourite cities to visit are, obviously I always need more travel inspiration!

Ps. I was determined not to bring up Brexit in this post because any mention of it makes me want to cry.