Autumnal Makeup Swaps

Autumnal makeup - Girlglobalising

Autumn arrived rather suddenly, didn’t it? It seems one day I left for work and was suddenly hurrying along the road in an effort to get out of the cold quicker, stopping to pick up a warming coffee on the way. The drop in temperature and changing of the leaves has left me completely unprepared and I’m left staring at my rather sorry looking knitwear collection that’s definitely not going to last me through the winter.

Although I may not have the layers prepared, I have switched around and picked up a few makeup items that I feel are lending themselves to a slightly (and I mean very slightly) more autumnal look I have going on at the moment.

Bare Minerals - Girlglobalising

After months of swapping around with various bases I finally relented and bought the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue with the hope that it will help with the textural issues I’m having at the moment. It’s not actually a foundation, but more of a BB cream (although it’s not marketed as that either) and it doesn’t have as much coverage as my previous bases have done. But it smooths out my skin adds a nice healthy glow and, best of all, it doesn’t sit in any dry patches or flake away throughout the day. In fact I think it’s adding moisture which is just perfect with winter fast approaching.

Along with the Complexion Rescue I’ve also been trying out the Bare Minerals Bare Skin Concealer. This is much more liquid-y than most others I’ve tried before, but as I’ve found out with the base, it’s also a pretty good fit for my dry skin type. It takes a bit more blending as it spreads quite far, but a little goes a long way. I think I’ve found a new favourite with this one.

Autumnal blush - Girlglobalising

For blush I’ve tried to have a swap around so I’m not using the pinkest and shimmeriest of blushes that are best saved for summer. Instead I’ve got out my H&M blush in Brown Sugar that’s a nice muted pink for this time of year. Another item that’s worked it’s way into my everyday routine is the Collection Speedy Blush. Most people tend to get the cream blushes out in spring/summer, but what with my new found moisture and glow from the Complexion Rescue, I have been loving adding this to my cheeks to compliment the dewy-ness.

Kat Von D - Girlglobalising

And finally the lip choices I’ve been making recently. A new favourite is the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid lipstick which I’ve already mentioned before, but I’m still using it all the time and Lolita II is a great colour for Autumn. Another lip item is my MAC lipstick in the colour Cosmo, which I’ve also spoken about before. I may have mentioned this in the summer, but I’m also finding it a great colour for everyday in autumn. I’m yet to wear the liquid lipstick during the day at work, so Cosmo is filling the void very nicely.

Primark makeup - Girlglobalising

Autumnal makeup 2 - Girlglobalising

I know most people start wearing bronze-y eyeshadows and berry lips in autumn but I’m very much a simple makeup kind of gal, so these pieces have been working very nicely recently. What do you swap out and in to your makeup bag for the colder months? Let me know what I’m missing from my collection.

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