Enjoying the moment in Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis - Girlglobalising

Here we are, back again with another very delayed post. My motivation to do anything other than come home from work and wait impatiently for Love Island has gone seriously amiss. It’s really no wonder that time is just flashing by when all I seem to do with my days is turn up for work, wander home, maybe pop to the gym and then sit in front of the now infamous reality program.

It’s made me really think how much time we spend watching other people live their lives. I know I’m guilty of letting one too many hours float by whilst watching stupid videos on youtube.

A few weeks ago, having had work on that really sunny Saturday while everyone else was out basking in it, I decided I had to make the most of Sunday if it was to be my only chance that week.

After attempting to get out of the house at a reasonably early time to beat the rush to the seaside (11am counts as reasonably early, right?) we headed down south to Lyme Regis. This beautiful small town on the Jurassic coast was absolutely heaving with people who all clearly had the same idea. And after the palaver of trying to find a parking space – a drama involving a near miss crash and a race to another town to get cash for the charity car park we eventually managed to find, we began the stroll back down to the beach.

Lyme Regis - Girlglobalising

As you can see, it was a pretty glorious day. We settled down with a Cornish pasty on the sand and Dom went for a quick dip in the sea. Although don’t be fooled by the sunshine like he was, it’s certainly still chilly in there!

Afterwards we wandered along to the breakwater and small harbour, admiring the boats in all their colours, shapes and sizes.

Lyme Regis - Girlglobalising

Of course no trip to the seaside is complete without an ice cream that then melts in the sun so you have to eat it really fast. If you happen to be in Lyme Regis then I highly recommend the gelato stand on Marine Parade – I wish I could remember what it’s called because it was damn good gelato.

Make sure you wander back up through the little town, there’s plenty of little shops, including sweet shops making Devonshire fudge. A delightful little place, perfect for a short day or afternoon trip. Afterwards Dom and I raced back to Bristol to get to the Lido before it closed but unfortunately didn’t make it in time. Sitting in a bath tub of cold water to cool yourself down is just not the same as an open air swimming pool.

Lyme Regis - Girlglobalising

I’m determined to have more days like this and really make the most of summer. Low-key day trips and afternoons enjoying the outside. I know I’m certainly too tied to my phone and computer for most of the week and it’s time to pack it all away. Savouring days like this one in Lyme Regis will only help in making sunny days in the office a bit more bearable anyway.