Wedding Guest Wishlist

This weekend I will be attending the first wedding I’ve been invited to since I was about six months old. I am pretty bloody excited about it. For years, when I was younger, it was my dream to be a bridesmaid. The thought of having a pretty, pouffy dress, to have a little bouquet of flowers and my hair done properly – that was heaven to me. Sadly no family members or friends have got married, or ones close enough for me to be invited anyway, for 22 years!

So now, finally, I’m off to a wedding as my boyfriend’s plus one. I don’t even mind that I won’t know anyone there, I just want to witness the whole thing. The ceremony, the dress, the reception, the first dance, the bouquet tossing… All of it!

Finding the right dress for this occasion has proved a little trickier than I thought it would be. In my mind I thought I would find a beautiful, summer occasion dress, a pair of heels and some pretty accessories and be ready to go. Unfortunately my budget was not as extensive as I hoped it would be, so after shopping around and getting a bit sick of looking at dress after dress I *think* I might have found the right dress.

After re-acquainting myself with a few Adobe programs when putting my last wishlist together, I am determined not to lose the skills again. My solution to this is to window shop until my heart’s content and create a wishlist that will hopefully give you a few ideas if you are also looking for a special occasion dress.

I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram, especially if you fancy seeing some photos of said wedding, and on Bloglovin to find out what’s coming up next on here!

Wedding Guest Wishlist

  1. Asos wrap front pyjama suit
  2. Asos cold shoulder midi dress
  3. Asos scallop cross body bag
  4. Asos Holloway heels
  5. Marc Jacobs rose gold watch
  6. Keepsake dress
  7. Lost Ink cut out dress
  8. Asos Portia heels
  9. Asos occasion summer tux
  10. Asos Santiago heels
  11. Asos tulle prom skirt
  12. Asos off shoulder sundress
  13. Asos ruffle dress
  14. Whistles clutch
  15. Closet off shoulder dress


Here in the UK, we were lucky enough to have one or two days or glorious sunshine. And then it completely disappeared. It’s ranged from warm and balmy, to actually pretty freezing considering it’s now June, and all I can hope is that it sorts itself out in time for proper summer.

I always slightly regret starting a blog post by talking about the weather – it always seems too obviously British and something I should avoid doing. But really the weather plays such a huge part in our lives that it can be a bit unavoidable. Even when it comes to a simple wishlist post. But nonetheless, considering I do live in the UK and I’ve titled this a ‘summer’ wishlist, I felt the need to explain, given that there are quite a few jumpers, woollen ones at that, plus trousers and not one pair of sandals in sight. This is the realistic version of a UK summer wishlist, for people who have to spend Monday-Friday in an office and only get the weekend to rejoice in all things sunny.

Browsing Asos is one of my favourite past times. Their web developers really hit gold when they decided to add a ‘saved items’ feature. Mine is constantly full to the brim, I’m always adding new things and removing things that I’ve gone off slightly. It means I make far more conscious decisions about what I actually buy and I have to really love it to have had it saved for a few weeks or so.

These are a few items that I’m really loving right now. There’s a few bits that will be perfect for summer afternoons in the park or in the pub garden. Some pieces that I will be sure to buy in time for my holiday, plus some more work appropriate items. The things I’m diggin’ the most at the moment are the grey slim fit boyfriend blazer, which will be perfect for the office and for cooler evenings out. The grey jumper with the pug patch elbows, because it’s just too cute not to love. The yellow crop trousers, and the little blue shorts. A high waisted bikini is my swimwear saviour – I was literally glued to my old training costume before these started hitting the shops. The fear of being seen in a standard bare-all bikini was far too much to handle, so keeping things in check with a cute slightly more covering number is just fab. I also really really love the Stan Smith trainers, but I’m just not sure about buying something that literally everyone and their Mum already has in their wardrobe.

I hope you like this slightly different style of post from me. I had so much fun making it! You might have to bear with me as I re-learn the ins-and-outs of Indesign. My uni days seem so long ago now… Anyway the links are all below, and do let me know which pieces you love, or if there are any items you think would be a really great addition to the collection here! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin to keep up with all the summer fun and new content around these parts.

Asos wishlist

  1. Pull & Bear top – £19.99
  2. Influence Culotte Jumpsuit – £25.99
  3. New Look Dungarees – £24.99
  4. Asos Jumper – £22.00
  5. New Look Shirt – £19.99
  6. Asos High Waisted Bikini – £20.00
  7. Warehouse Striped Midi Dress – £45.00
  8. Style London Dress – £25.00
  9. Quay Australia Sunglasses – £30.00
  10. Asos Striped Jumper – £30.00
  11. Asos Slim Fit Boyfriend Blazer – £60.00
  12. Asos High Waist Shorts – £20.00
  13. River Island Tapered Trousers – £35.00
  14. Asos T-shirt – £14.00
  15. Adidas Originals – £70.00
  16. Asos Button Through Midi Skirt – £32.00



Western Boots

Spring boots

Photos by Dom John

I have a bad habit when it comes to shoes. Or footwear in general really, including boots, sandals, trainers and even slippers. Not a bad habit of constantly buying new pairs – that quickly stopped when household bills were introduced as an oh so fun way to spend my money. My bad habit is being a terrible footwear repeater.

Once a new pair enters my (wardrobe) life, I wear them literally everyday, admiring the fact that they go with all my favourite outfits and oh they make a clipp-y sound when I walk. But let’s be honest here, my shoes at the moment mainly come from the likes of Primark and when worn every. single. day. Well, they sure fall apart quickly.

This pair of cracking little ankle boots are no exception to that. They are Prinarks finest, they have a little western boot look to them, they cost me about £15 and they are exactly the kind of ankle boot I like for this time of year. You might have caught my recent post in which I dressed like a very watered down version of a cowboy. It’s been my go-to outfit for the last few weeks since I bought these babies home with me.

What I’m even more excited about is the sunnier, warmer weather when I get to wear them with midi skirts and summer dresses. That is literally my dream outfit. I’ll probably even go back and buy the black pair too…

Jeans – Asos | Boots – Primark (similar here)

Primark boots

Birdcage Walk

Western style belt

Birdcage walk, Bristol

Photos by Dom John


What time of year would you call this? Mid spring? Or early summer?

Whatever it is, now that all the bloody rain has passed, I am loving it. I’ve officially packed away my winter coats and welcomed back the lighter layers that leave me feeling freer and less weighed down. Hallelujah, am I right?!

This summer marks my second year in Bristol, which is pretty hard to believe. I swear it wasn’t that long ago that I was slogging my way through my dissertation. If you caught my recent post about what the hell any of us are actually doing on the internet, then you’ll know that I’ve been going through a bit of an identity crisis with Girlglobalising. So with that in mind I’ve decided to focus my efforts on content that really, truely inspires me and that is mainly travel content.

With moving house on the cards (more on that once I actually know where I’m going to be living…) plus trying to save for the illusive NYC trip later in the year, my summer travel plans have had to be whittled down somewhat. But you know what that means? A staycation, my friends. In my 18 months(ish) of blogging I have barely scratched the surface of my current resisdence in the west country, and it’s about time I addressed that.

Sure I’ve featured a few favourite lunch places and the best coffee shops in Bristol, but the west country is a far wider place than just this city. This summer I intend on spreading the word of the west, be it with an updated coffee guide (I’ve racked up a few more faves recently) or daytrips to countryside towns. I plan on celebrating all things Somerset!

As I can never resist a good pun I decided to dress as a cowboy for this post – or as much as my safe style of dressing will allow. A cowboy-lite, if you will. Apart from my teenage days when I couldn’t get enough of stripes, neon colours and many a novelty bag, my style nowadays is more tame. This Asos belt is my new accessory love, adding something to break up the completely black outfit. That, plus the neckerchief that I still can’t get enough of, reminded me of a cowboy-esque outfit fit for the west(ern) country.

These photos were taken at Birdcage Walk on a sunny Saturday afternoon stroll around Clifton, where we also spotted the very dapper man below and his curly furred dog. Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin to keep up with all new Girlglobalising content!

Denim Jacket – H&M | Jeans – Asos | T-shirt – Warehouse | Belt – Asos | Sunglasses – Topshop | Bag – New Look


Man and his dog

Mini backpack


If you caught my most recent fashion post you will be aware that I have added a neckerchief to my (already limited) accessory list. After seeing a couple of cool girls wearing one – note Olivia and Hannah – I picked up a bargain one in Primark and fixed it around my neck. Now I’m not a huge fan of anything too ‘tight’ or short around my neck. Mine is a far cry from model-esque and subsequently I need something a little longer to give the illusion that I even have anything between my shoulders and my head. Chockers have always been a no-go.

So I loosely secured my new friend around my neck, leaving enough space to clearly see the said part of my body, and whaddya know! I bloody love it! I’ve been added it to pretty much every outfit, just a little bit of sommin’ extra as my day-to-day style can be a little erm, underwhelming. I haven’t been brave enough to wear it to the office yet, so instead I have devised a couple of different ways with a neckerchief for those of you who, like me, need to work their way up to and adventurous work fashion choice.


  1. Classic neckerchief

Number one if of course the classic around-the-neck neckerchief. Tie it however you like, and wear it with what ever you like. As I mentioned before I wear mine a little looser, but feel free to tie it closer in, or even give it a tie to the side, in a sixties air hostess fashion. I’ve got my eye out for a red neckerchief to wear with a blue and white striped top. That’s the weekend outfit of my dreams.


2. Around the head

For those who don’t fancy using your neckerchief as an actual tie might like to attempt it as a headband or head scarf instead. I’m sure there are lots of ways you could tie it to add a little pop to your outfit, but I’ve gone for the classic knot/bow here. It will definitely be something I adopt more in the summer – hair up in a messy bun, headband just so and shades on. In my mind I look cool, alright.

Bag Scarf

3. Add it to a bag

Number three is a very simple but effective way to incorporate a neckerchief. Here I’ve tied it around the strap of my bag and left the end hanging down, but you might fancy it more in a big bow. Or on the top handle of a backpack would be ideal. Just a cheeky little flash of colour when you turn around.

I’ve definitely found a new accessories obsession for the summer, so expect to see it a lot more around here. What other ways would you use a neckerchief to add to your outfit? Let me know as I’m sure I’ll need a few more ideas soon! If you want to follow me on Bloglovin or Instagram to catch all the knew posts around here!