Western Boots

Spring boots

Photos by Dom John

I have a bad habit when it comes to shoes. Or footwear in general really, including boots, sandals, trainers and even slippers. Not a bad habit of constantly buying new pairs – that quickly stopped when household bills were introduced as an oh so fun way to spend my money. My bad habit is being a terrible footwear repeater.

Once a new pair enters my (wardrobe) life, I wear them literally everyday, admiring the fact that they go with all my favourite outfits and oh they make a clipp-y sound when I walk. But let’s be honest here, my shoes at the moment mainly come from the likes of Primark and when worn every. single. day. Well, they sure fall apart quickly.

This pair of cracking little ankle boots are no exception to that. They are Prinarks finest, they have a little western boot look to them, they cost me about £15 and they are exactly the kind of ankle boot I like for this time of year. You might have caught my recent post in which I dressed like a very watered down version of a cowboy. It’s been my go-to outfit for the last few weeks since I bought these babies home with me.

What I’m even more excited about is the sunnier, warmer weather when I get to wear them with midi skirts and summer dresses. That is literally my dream outfit. I’ll probably even go back and buy the black pair too…

Jeans – Asos | Boots – Primark (similar here)

Primark boots


If you caught my most recent fashion post you will be aware that I have added a neckerchief to my (already limited) accessory list. After seeing a couple of cool girls wearing one – note Olivia and Hannah – I picked up a bargain one in Primark and fixed it around my neck. Now I’m not a huge fan of anything too ‘tight’ or short around my neck. Mine is a far cry from model-esque and subsequently I need something a little longer to give the illusion that I even have anything between my shoulders and my head. Chockers have always been a no-go.

So I loosely secured my new friend around my neck, leaving enough space to clearly see the said part of my body, and whaddya know! I bloody love it! I’ve been added it to pretty much every outfit, just a little bit of sommin’ extra as my day-to-day style can be a little erm, underwhelming. I haven’t been brave enough to wear it to the office yet, so instead I have devised a couple of different ways with a neckerchief for those of you who, like me, need to work their way up to and adventurous work fashion choice.


  1. Classic neckerchief

Number one if of course the classic around-the-neck neckerchief. Tie it however you like, and wear it with what ever you like. As I mentioned before I wear mine a little looser, but feel free to tie it closer in, or even give it a tie to the side, in a sixties air hostess fashion. I’ve got my eye out for a red neckerchief to wear with a blue and white striped top. That’s the weekend outfit of my dreams.


2. Around the head

For those who don’t fancy using your neckerchief as an actual tie might like to attempt it as a headband or head scarf instead. I’m sure there are lots of ways you could tie it to add a little pop to your outfit, but I’ve gone for the classic knot/bow here. It will definitely be something I adopt more in the summer – hair up in a messy bun, headband just so and shades on. In my mind I look cool, alright.

Bag Scarf

3. Add it to a bag

Number three is a very simple but effective way to incorporate a neckerchief. Here I’ve tied it around the strap of my bag and left the end hanging down, but you might fancy it more in a big bow. Or on the top handle of a backpack would be ideal. Just a cheeky little flash of colour when you turn around.

I’ve definitely found a new accessories obsession for the summer, so expect to see it a lot more around here. What other ways would you use a neckerchief to add to your outfit? Let me know as I’m sure I’ll need a few more ideas soon! If you want to follow me on Bloglovin or Instagram to catch all the knew posts around here!





Well say hello to the Girlglobalising fashion posts new style! After much deliberation I decided to just man up for the camera and find my inner fashion blogger. I think it’ll take some practise but I much prefer the effect of slightly more professional looking photos around here.

There entire point of this post is purely because I recently made some purchases that I am very happy with. My office has a very relaxed take on ‘smart-casual’ meaning that everyone pretty much wears whatever they like. Consequently this means my work wardrobe crosses over into my everyday wardrobe and I end up getting a lot of wear out of pieces that I thought were going to be solely for the weekends.

So in an effect to ‘dress for the job you want’ and such malarkey I am in the process of updating the entire contents of my wardrobe. To start with I am on a mission to find some actual ‘smart-casual’ pieces to wear to work and also update my casual weekend pieces that will hopefully stand the test of time – or at least a few more months than currently. I’ve started with this look – a few new items that will mix and match to create a kind of capsule casual wardrobe. Since stripes take up most of my t-shirt collection I’ve learnt to mix them in with a few different patterns, my favourite being stripes and tartan. This particular striped item is a great edition for this time of year being a very fine knit to add a bit of warmth. I’m also updating the jeans in my life. Out with the cheaper, more jegging type jeans and in with the better fitting, sturdier denim.

I couldn’t write this post and not mention my new footwear. I haven’t been a trainer kind of gal for many a year, just the occasional pair of Converse. But these little babies had been tempting me for so long, that in the end I just had to take the plunge. The are the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn in a long time, and the perfect addition to any casual weekend look.

Top | ASOS    Jeans | ASOS    Hat | Catarzi    Jacket | Miss Selfridge (old)    Shirt | Uniqlo (old)






Hats used to be my thing. To use a phrase that I’ve never used before – they were my winter time jam. And then for a few years I just abandoned them, leaving my winter time accessory collection completely bare. I think it was the rise of the bowler hat and then the fedora that has rekindled my love with hats. Whilst I’m not one to roll out the bowler any more (even if I do have a cute cat-eared version) but I have a selection of three hats that are pretty much my bessies throughout the colder months.

The Fedora:

I decided to join in the fedora foray after seeing Carrie rock it time and again on her blog. My one cost about £7 pound from Primark and it one of the only hats not made of elasticated matrials that actually fits my head. I don’t think I have a strangly small head, but most hats of the more sturctured variety just slide around and won’t stay put on my head. I’ve made a vow to myself to wear this one more often – it defintely adds a different vibe to any outfit.

Fedora | ASOS




The Bobble Hat:

This has been my favourite ever since I picked it up in a random H&M store in Paris last December. There’s something about the chunky-ness of the wool that suits me far better that most more tightly knitted hats do. And as for the bobble, well the bigger the better is always the right way to go.

Bobble Hat | ASOS





Your Boyfriend’s Hat:

I don’t think I could have picked a more ill-fitting hat for myself. Much to my despair I’m just not one of those girls with their instgramable style, who can get away with wearing a cute little hat perched on the top of their head. My point here is more that you should take a peek in your boyfriend’s/ boy friend’s hat draw becuase there’s probably a winner in there that you won’t even have to spend your pennies on. I wore this red number for a day trip to Bath, unknowing of how much it did not suit me but still thinking I looked super cool. Next time I’ll look in a mirror before leaving the house…

Beanie | Topman




What are some of your favourite winter accessories?

photo 1 (3)





Originally this post was supposed to feature my big fluffy winter coat. It’s furry and yellow (in a good way) and I lovingly refer to it as my Honey Monster coat. I look slightly like Big Bird in it, but I kinda really like that. But as you can see that did not happen, as despite it looking rather gloomy in these photos it’s only a tad bit chillier than it was a few weeks ago and just didn’t warrant such a large and warm coat.

Instead I bring you my ‘inbetween’ coat. This is a fairly recent purchase, spurred on by the fact that from my leather jacket and honey moster coat I had nothing, well inbetween. My saviour of this ‘it’s December, why is it so warm’ weather is this slightly military inspired number from New Look. A few years ago I had such a big thing about military inspired clothing and I guess it hasn’t completely left me as I have not taken this off since buying it. The fit is right, the colour is right, it goes with my bobble hat and makes my tartan scarf pop – not to mention it’s the perfect weight. Not heavy and thick, but more substancial than a jacket. On top of all that my Dad referred to it as ‘very smart’ which is about as big a compliment as you get from my Papa.





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Thanks to Dom John for the photos.