Zara shirt

Zara shirt


Zara shirt

Photo’s by Dom John

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about it being the start of spring, but actually it was still freezing cold and I posted some photos of me still in a woolly hat and trying to look as though my fingers weren’t turning blue? Well I think it’s safe to say that spring has actually arrived now along with the sun and plenty of trees full of blossom. So my woolly hat has been fully retired until autumn and I’ve been venturing out in far fewer layers.

This shirt is the newest item in my wardrobe and it was a bit of a impulsive purchase. I was wandering the aisles of Zara and there was something about that that came across so versatile that it seemed like a genius purchase. Most recently I’ve been wearing it over the top of t-shirts and jeans in place of my usual faux leather jacket. It’s a fairly substantial cotton shirt that works well as a layer, but I do also intend on wearing it solely as a shirt. On this particularly sunny day I paired it with my new obsession – a neckerchief! I’ve seen many a cool girl wear one of these of late, and while I’m not sure I’m quite cool enough to pull it off, I do love how easy it is to throw on and how much it adds to an outfit, and also these sunglasses that I’m so in love with that I wear even it it’s grey and cloudy. I’m just kidding myself I can get away with it. Here’s to hoping that this spring weather sticks around for a bit longer – me and my shirt are planning a few more outings.

Is anyone else enjoying leaving the coats behind as much as I am? If you fancy it you can follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin for more spring-loving content and plenty of blossom-based photos!

Shirt – Zara | Jeans – Asos | Neckerchief – Primark | Sunglasses – Topshop

Zara Shirt







Photos by Dom John

Spring is one of my favourite times of year. It’s usually pretty sunny, there are daffodils everywhere, you can start venturing outside without six layers on and well, easter eggs of course. But it seems this year it’s a little slow in the uptake. Am I wrong in thinking that normally by now things are starting to get a little be milder?

In the UK at least, it’s still in the winter-y region on the temperature scale. Nevertheless I’ve been cracking out my more spring like wardrobe with the hope that it might encourage the fairer weather. The newest item is this cream knit jumper with a rolled hem. There’s something about the rolled hem that really sold it to me – it just rolled right down when I pulled it on and was so satisfying that I had to buy it. That, and the nice light weave that will make it perfect for the slightly sunnier weather (I’m determined that it’s on it’s way).

It’s also around this time of year that I start baring a bit more skin. I’m a big fan of a rolled up jean, especially when it’s a different tone to the rest of the denim. It might only be a little slither of ankle, but that slither, well it basically transforms the whole thing into a spring beauty of an ootd!

Word of warning – on this particular day my ankles were freezing. Maybe I was a bit premature with this particular weekend…

Accessories for this would normally be a light jacket, a pair of slip-on flats and some bangin’ gold hoops (standard). I would normally remove the chunky bobble hat, but as I mentioned, it ain’t spring just yet people.

What items do you get out ready for spring? Let me know and give me some fresh ideas. You can follow me on Instagram for multiple photos of spring blooms and on Bloglovin for all new Girlglobalising content!

      Jeans | Asos  Jumper | H&M  Jacket | Miss Selfridge (old)  Trainers | Asos










Well say hello to the Girlglobalising fashion posts new style! After much deliberation I decided to just man up for the camera and find my inner fashion blogger. I think it’ll take some practise but I much prefer the effect of slightly more professional looking photos around here.

There entire point of this post is purely because I recently made some purchases that I am very happy with. My office has a very relaxed take on ‘smart-casual’ meaning that everyone pretty much wears whatever they like. Consequently this means my work wardrobe crosses over into my everyday wardrobe and I end up getting a lot of wear out of pieces that I thought were going to be solely for the weekends.

So in an effect to ‘dress for the job you want’ and such malarkey I am in the process of updating the entire contents of my wardrobe. To start with I am on a mission to find some actual ‘smart-casual’ pieces to wear to work and also update my casual weekend pieces that will hopefully stand the test of time – or at least a few more months than currently. I’ve started with this look – a few new items that will mix and match to create a kind of capsule casual wardrobe. Since stripes take up most of my t-shirt collection I’ve learnt to mix them in with a few different patterns, my favourite being stripes and tartan. This particular striped item is a great edition for this time of year being a very fine knit to add a bit of warmth. I’m also updating the jeans in my life. Out with the cheaper, more jegging type jeans and in with the better fitting, sturdier denim.

I couldn’t write this post and not mention my new footwear. I haven’t been a trainer kind of gal for many a year, just the occasional pair of Converse. But these little babies had been tempting me for so long, that in the end I just had to take the plunge. The are the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn in a long time, and the perfect addition to any casual weekend look.

Top | ASOS    Jeans | ASOS    Hat | Catarzi    Jacket | Miss Selfridge (old)    Shirt | Uniqlo (old)






Hats used to be my thing. To use a phrase that I’ve never used before – they were my winter time jam. And then for a few years I just abandoned them, leaving my winter time accessory collection completely bare. I think it was the rise of the bowler hat and then the fedora that has rekindled my love with hats. Whilst I’m not one to roll out the bowler any more (even if I do have a cute cat-eared version) but I have a selection of three hats that are pretty much my bessies throughout the colder months.

The Fedora:

I decided to join in the fedora foray after seeing Carrie rock it time and again on her blog. My one cost about £7 pound from Primark and it one of the only hats not made of elasticated matrials that actually fits my head. I don’t think I have a strangly small head, but most hats of the more sturctured variety just slide around and won’t stay put on my head. I’ve made a vow to myself to wear this one more often – it defintely adds a different vibe to any outfit.

Fedora | ASOS




The Bobble Hat:

This has been my favourite ever since I picked it up in a random H&M store in Paris last December. There’s something about the chunky-ness of the wool that suits me far better that most more tightly knitted hats do. And as for the bobble, well the bigger the better is always the right way to go.

Bobble Hat | ASOS





Your Boyfriend’s Hat:

I don’t think I could have picked a more ill-fitting hat for myself. Much to my despair I’m just not one of those girls with their instgramable style, who can get away with wearing a cute little hat perched on the top of their head. My point here is more that you should take a peek in your boyfriend’s/ boy friend’s hat draw becuase there’s probably a winner in there that you won’t even have to spend your pennies on. I wore this red number for a day trip to Bath, unknowing of how much it did not suit me but still thinking I looked super cool. Next time I’ll look in a mirror before leaving the house…

Beanie | Topman




What are some of your favourite winter accessories?

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Remember a few months back, when suddenly every single blogger was snapped with a shiny little Chloe Drew number? I sure do, and I can tell you I drooled over pretty much all the photos in their various different colours and glittering hardware. It’s something of a wanderlust product for me as I can never even imagine spending that amount of money on a little bag. My bank balance would never ever forgive me, despite how lovely the purchase may look hanging on my arm or in pride of place in my wardrobe.

A plus point of the little Drew baby is the sheer size of it. I’m a girl who carries pretty much everything you could possibly need for the day, plus extras and anything I might pick up while out and about. That’s a whole lotta stuff. Consequently I normally carry a much larger bag to accommodate this.

Instead of dropping a whole lotta dollar on the designer version I have found the perfect new little addition to my accessory collection. Not only did it come in at an incredible fraction of the Chloe price but has also taken a lot of strain off my shoulders too. The little beaut is from Accessorize and is such an all-rounder of a bag, in such a lovely deep red colour and gold hardware – it will just go with so many things. I can’t wait for spring to arrive so I can match it with a pair of skinny jeans, a blue and white strippy tee and leather jacket, some sneaks and probably a nice red lip to. Ah that’s basically the weekend outfit of my dreams.

Here’s to hoping the sun breaks through in the next few months and can make the OOTD dream a reality, until then I’ll just try not to revert back to my back-breaking handbag habits.



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