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Film is not something I’ve spoken about on girlglobalising before. It’s not something that I really feel needs a mention here, especially considering most of my favourite films and TV shows either star Camron Diaz as the leading lady, or are based around a group of American High School students (anyone else excited about the new PLL?!). My taste is not of the high-brow variety.

But nevertheless I wanted to include this post in here partly becuase championing other peoples success and sharing wonderful pieces of art should be a common and regular thing, but also because it’s my lovely Dominic’s work.

Dom is a filmmaker/cinematogher and works in a vast range of different genres from coporate work, to more creative pieces, to stuff that you see on your TV in the evening. But what’s featured in the current issue of Hole and Corner magazine was something of a creative project for him. Not commissioned by anyone and paid for out of his own pocket; it’s a short documentary entitiled Transforming Gravity.

Now I don’t want to give too much away, but what I will say is that it’s a beautifully told story and filmed in the lovely Cornish countryside. It’s uplifting, inspiring, and tells the tale of John Worton, a man who’s so determined to prove his theory right that he hasn’t given up for over eight years now. It’s featured in the magazines ‘Movement’ issue, which in itself is beautiful (you may have heard before that I have a thing for independant magazines), as is the interview with Dom.

You can check it out online here and be sure to give the film a watch, especially if you’re looking for something inspiring during this weird, unstable, totally unknown period of time.

If you caught my last post on my weekend in Copenhagen and wanted to see more of the city, then fear not, I will be back with my city guide very shortly or you can follow me on Bloglovin so you won’t miss it!

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Chia seed granola

Since I’ve been living in Bristol, for almost a year and a half now(!) I’ve made my way around a fair few eateries over that time. If one thing was clear when I moved here, it’s that there is an abundance of food options literally on your doorstep, so much so that you can slip into the habit of going to the same places each time, rather than trying a new place, because you know that it’ll be good. So I’ve created a little list of the top lunch spots in Bristol, just in case you’re in any doubt of where to go this coming weekend.

  1. Bagel Boy – this is a local chain that’s fast expanding across Bristol at the moment. With their original branch just down the road from St Nicks market, they now have ideal locations on Gloucester Road and North Street too. You can get pretty much any combination of bagel that your heart desires, but I thoroughly recommend the Plough Boy (cheddar, ham, pickle) and the New York Boy (salt beef, mustard, gherkins).
  2. Boston Tea Party – Another little chain that started in Bristol but is swiftly expanding across the west country. My favourites are the Clifton Village location and Stokes Croft, both of which I have lived about five minutes away from! Depending on the branch their menu expands across breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, but I fully recommend any of their eggs and toasties (which are HUGE).
  3. The Stock Exchange – I stumbled across this little gem when the Bagel Boy on the opposite side of the road was too full to get a table. The Stock Exchange is a bakery and coffee shop that’s well worth stopping by at lunchtime. Not to mention their amazing homemade bagels (is there a theme here…?) but they also have a huge selection of tasty pastries and there’s plenty of freshly baked bread to take home with you.
  4. St Nicks Market – This wouldn’t be a list of Bristol’s best lunch spots if I didn’t include this melting pot of different cuisines. St Nicks market is an absolute hive of activity and a place where you can find whatever it is you fancy. My recommendation would be Matina who serve up freshly baked and filled flatbreads, but Eat-a-Pitta is also very popular, as is the ‘sausage man’, whose name I’m not quite sure of, but sells amazing sausage sandwiches.
  5. Spicer & Cole – I was so close to including this little gem in my Bristol Coffee Guide, but as they’re a firm favourite when it comes the lunch offerings too I thought they were better off in this list. There are always some good looking salads, a huge seletion of sandwiches and paninis and I had some of the best soup ever here. Again they have a number of locations and while I live very close to the Clifton spot, their slightly quieter riverside location is my favourite.

There are so many places that I could have included in this list, but for the sake of not keeping you too long I have narrowed it down to just the top five. If you’d like to see more then by all means just let me know in the comments below – I have a lot more recommendations that I’m dying to share with someone! You can also follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin to keep up with the places I visit on a daily basis.



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How many times have I spoken about coffee on here? Probably far too many already, but I will whole heartedly admit that I’ve fully jumped on the artisan, flashy, hipster coffee scene despite being none of those things myself. Let’s just call it one of the simple pleasures that help my week run smoothly.

For a fairly small city Norwich sure has an abundance of independent coffee shops to choose from. I mentioned that Strangers Coffee House was a good place to head to, but the newest of the scene is Artel. Not only is it the newest, it’s also the smallest – possibly ever! With room enough for about four/five/six people and serving only the freshest roasts from Nude Espresso, Artel know they’re coffee craft. It’s quite a treat of a coffee shop, offering a cosy spot, a friendly barista and even  a selection of pastries and donut’s to choose from. I know my boyf would fully recommend the salted caramel.

A friend of mine actually helped out with the branding which is just as much of a treat to look at – note the stamp card featuring hanging plants, just like the ones hanging from the ceiling. Genius! If you’re in the area, pop in for a little caffeinated beverage, squeeze on into the little bench seat and make some new friends. It’s worth it.

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Last week I successfully missed my usual Wednesday post by a pretty wide margin. It was strange, but my planned post was postponed (excuse the alliteration) because I went from feeling completely inspired to write a fab piece about travelling, to feeling like I just couldn’t get the words out in the way I wanted.

So a week late, but here’s a different kind of post; a kind of round up of October and look forward to November (even though we’re about a third of the way through the month…). There’s a couple of favourite things and a few things I’m certainly looking forward to coming up in the month. So without any further delays, let’s get this show on the road:

Party Pieces

Pretty Party Items:

At the very end of October I had a rare invite to a party that actually had a dress code. I may seem a bit over excited about a house party where the average age was between 50-60 years old, but hey I got some super pretty things to wear to it. An outfit of firsts for me as I threw together a very adventurous all-black outfit featuring this lacy jumpsuit and cheeky pointed flats. Somebody call the colour police. I did however, sass it up a bit with a rose gold nail polish. You heard me right, ROSE GOLD. I might even do a little post on my low-key evening makeup routine.

Jumpsuit – Missguided | Shoes – River Island | Orly Nail Polish – Free with Elle magazine (November Issue)

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Knit wear, all day errryday:

My body thermometer is so very confused right now. It’s November and I’m pretty sure this time last year I was wearing my big fluffy coat and a scarf and a hat. And probably some mittens too. This year, while I desperately want to cover my body in knitted items it’s so freakin’ mild right now. I get all autumn ready in the morning and then end up a sweaty mess by the time I reach the office. So here’s hoping the temperature drops ever so slightly in November and I can fulfil all my cold weather clothing dreams.


In a few weekends time my boyfriend and I will be trekking across the country to Norwich in Norfolk. I’ve said on here before that it can be difficult to create a travel blog while working full time and having a limited amount of funds. But what I sometimes forget is that my own country has some very beautiful places to visit that I haven’t been to before – and without the expense of a plane ticket. We’re off to visit some friends, but I’m going to make sure I take lots of photos and get a few good recommendations to share with those who might be interested!

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Prague and the C word:

Speaking of travel I am actually venturing across the border to European soil at the end of November! I’m off the Prague for a few days of winter-y escape – a gals trip with my Mum and my Gran. The C word is not what you’ll be thinking but in fact, Christmas. I still feel it’s far too early to be talking about all things festive, but the main reason for our little adventure is to check out what delights the Prague Christmas market will have on offer. My Mum and I seem to have made a bit of an unofficial tradition out of these markets, starting from when I was a student. The Bath Christmas market is pretty unrivalled, mainly because Bath is such a picturesque place, but in recent years we made it to a few further afield including Bruges, whose market may have been a bit of a let-down, but definitely knocked Bath off the picturesque podium. By the time the end of November rolls around I’m hoping to feel distinctly more festive. Either way I’m super excited to head off on a little adventure, because those ladies sure know how to have a giggle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little round-up and update of what’s rockin’ and rollin’ in my life at the moment. I think writing this post has got my creative juices aflowing again and hopefully my less than inspired spell was just a fleeting moment in what will be a month full of posts.

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Are you sick of Autumn based posts yet? I know I’ve read my fair share of them, but since this is only my second seasonal post I figured you’d all forgive me, right? I always feel that the weekends in Autumn are slightly different to other seasons of the year, especially now that the clocks have changed. Having a shorter amount of daylight makes me want to get up and run around trying to fit everything in, because once it gets to four o’clock it’s just a race to get home and into the warm before it’s dark once again. So I’ve come up with a few ideas to help make the most of the shorter hours and of course, the colder air and crispy orange leaves.


  1. Lunchin’ and Brunchin’

Brunch is actually one of my favourite mealtimes, if it even counts as an official mealtime. Man, I just love anything where eggs on toast is a firm favourite. And possibly pancakes too. But soon it wont be getting light until about eight thirty in the morning, which on a weekday is more OH MA GAAD WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME, but on a weekend simply means you’re not allowed to get up until you can see sun in the sky. The next appropriate meal after that is brunch; one to enjoy while catching up with friends and coffee just tastes so much better when you don’t have to throw in back and run back to the office.

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2. Countryside Walks

Lets be clear here – I’m not a hiker. In terms of exercise I like it to be short and sweet and I tend to be in and out of the gym in about 45mins. So a long, drawn out climb up a mountain is not really the one for me. BUT who doesn’t want to run like a child through piles of fallen leaves? Autumn is the perfect time to really enjoy what the countryside has to offer. There’s no high sun turning you into a sweaty mess after the first mile, and the leaves are still around rather than the spindle-y stumps that are left in winter.

photo 1

3. Carve a lil Pumpkin

Whether you have embraced Halloween into your life as a full on holiday to celebrate, or you aren’t really that bothered about the scariest day of the year there’s no way to avoid the mountains of pumpkins dotted around every supermarket in the country. It’s the perfect way to dip a toe in the day if your not that bothered, and get a little craft action going on. One year when I was still a student, my friends and I left it too late for a pumpkin and had to resort to carving a face in a melon instead. Has to be said, it was a lot tastier…

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4. Pay a Visit

This is not strictly an Autumn weekend activity but I get excited about day trips at any time of the year. I tend to get a bit restless by the end of the day if I haven’t got out for some air and seen a few things, so day trips are a regular feature for me. My recent one to London included the Ai Weiwei exhibition at the Royal Academy. I would highly recommend a visit and it’s right across the street from Fortnum & Maison, perfect for a little post-exhibition snoop around their pretty displays.

These are just a few ideas of what I like to get up to while it’s not so cold you need five layers on before leaving the house. I’m always up for trying something new though, so let me know if there’s something to add!