Low key Valentine's Day - Girlglobalising

Happy Valentines Day!

It’s a bit of a funny old day isn’t it? I’m not really that bothered about celebrating it to be honest. I feel pretty neutral on the Valentine’s spectrum. It’s a nice day for sure. I’ll make Dom a card and maybe buy some chocolates (if he promises to share them with me…) and enjoy a quiet evening.

Some people love to go above and beyond on V day, with presents and chocolates and cards and expensive evenings out and that’s cool to if you’re into it. But I have to admit I don’t know any of these people. Most of my immediate friends and family are all about celebrating on the down low.

So for those of you that are looking to celebrate today, but also keep it fuss free, low maintenance and non-OTT here’s a few ideas for you.

Go handmade. Make a card, make it funny, personal, put an in-joke on there. Or make it soppy, write a poem and profess your love. Do what you want, it’s your own work. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Make something special. I’ll never forget the first Valentines day that Dom and I spent together – when he arrived with his Mum’s coolbag full of things to make dinner with. He made a steak salad, complete with slightly under cooked potatoes. But it was nice and it was something a little bit special without ending up in a slightly cringey, expensive restaurant. BBC Good Food have loads of things you could try out.

Plan something for later. Maybe you’re really busy at work, or you’ve had a stressful day and you just don’t want to do anything. That’s totally fine, don’t feel under pressure to celebrate for the sake of celebrating. Why not just plan a cool day trip for the weekend? Something to look forward.

Take some time for yourself. You could just spend the evening having a little bit of me-time. Maybe paint your nails or have a bath, read your book and have a G&T or two.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on flowers and meals out today – unless you want to of course. Let me know if you’re planning to celebrate today and I hope you have a goodun’ whatever your up to.

NYC - Girlglobalising

Is there a better way to start the year than to make a plan of all the places you’d love to visit?

I made a similar post last year – you can find it here if you can look past the unformatted mess of pre-redesign Girlglobalising – and I’m pleased to say that I managed to tick off a fair few.

The most recent being our adventure off to NYC, which is also the biggest trip I have done in a long while. But we also made it to Berlin, Copenhagen and Cornwall. So not a bad year for someone trying to fit travel around a full time job!

Let’s see what’s on the travel wishlist for 2017.


Canada - Girlglobalising

Canada very nearly made it onto the list last year, but it felt a bit of a stretch when I knew I wouldn’t be doing both NYC and Canada. It seemed silly to set my heart on something that was 99% not going to happen. But this year who knows, and since I’ve crossed America off the list (but only for the time being!) then Canada is looking even better than before.


Bali - Girlglobalising

I may have added Bali to the travel wishlist because I’ve been reading Eat Pray Love (it’s taken me forever to finish), but also because of the content coming from the Little Magpie and Sinead Crowe, who have both been to Asia recently. My desire to visit Asia has grown in recent years – the more travel I do, the more I’d like to visit those destinations that seemed too adventurous before.


Majorca - Girlglobalising

The majority of the holidays that Dom and I have been on have been city breaks. Almost always over and long weekend to avoid cutting into my annual leave too much. They always go at break neck speed, both time and sightseeing-wise and are over before we know it. Even our trip to Italy involved racing around Rome during a heatwave! This year I think we are both in agreement that a much slower paced summer holiday is in order. With limited city exposure and snorkelling and watersports and time by a swimming pool. I’ve got my heart set on Majorca.

The UK

Pembroke - UK - Girlglobalising

Although we’ve done pretty well for little weekend trips in the UK, ticking off Norwich and Brighton, not to mention daytrips to London and my most recent trip to York, there’s always more to see on your doorstep. A travel wishlist wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t include seeing as much of your own country as you can!

There’s always more I can add to the list, but it might be best to leave it there for now. It’s my birthday in a few weeks, so maybe I’ll even arrange a mini getaway for then. Let me know what’s on your travel wishlist for 2017 – I’m always game for some more inspiration.