Brooklyn Bridge - NYC - Girlglobalising

During our visit to New York in November it went without saying that Dom and I wanted to explore Brooklyn.

As the more laid back little sister of Manhattan it has a completely different vibe to Midtown, mostly because of the slower pace and less crowded pavements.

Starting off in DUMBO – or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass for those who were thinking of a big eared elephant – we wandered down under the bridge, stopping for photos until we reached the Brooklyn Bridge Park. From here you get the most incredible and completely uninterrupted view of the financial district, and further along, Lady Liberty herself.

Brooklyn Bridge - NYC - Girlglobalising

Brooklyn Bridge - NYC - Girlglobalising

Stopping in West Elm for a coffee to warm up our cold hands and look around their beautiful homeware, we then headed out to catch a water taxi up the Hudson river to our next destination, Williamsburg.

Home to the Brooklyn Beer Brewery and many other hip and trendy shops and eateries, take some time to wander the wide streets and enjoy the quieter side to life in New York City. The Brewery offers free tours between 12-8pm on Saturdays if you fancy seeing how the golden stuff is made.

Brooklyn Brewery - NYC - Girlglobalising

Follow your feet to Bedford Avenue when you start to get peckish, and treat yourself to some brunch or lunch. We happened upon one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soups ever. Just what you need on a chilly day.

Brooklyn - NYC - Girlglobalising

Brooklyn - NYC - Girlglobalising

Once you’ve explored Williamsburg and are ready for a little pick me up, hop on the metro back to Brooklyn and stop for coffee in one of their many independent coffee shops.

If you are wandering around on a Saturday, why not partake in a little browsing at the Brooklyn Flea Market?

Brooklyn Flea Market - NYC - Girlglobalising

Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn is one to the main streets to find something tasty for dinner, so you won’t be wandering long before something takes your fancy.

There are plenty of other things to see and do south of the river in NYC, but sadly this was the end of our day. All the more reason to head back, right?

Brooklyn Flea Market - NYC - Girlglobalising

Sadly this brings my New York posts to a close. I hope you liked each one (catch up here and here). Next up Dom and I are heading for a little staycation as a birthday treat, so I’ll be sure to put a little something together to show you what we get up to.

op of the Rock - NYC - Girlglobalising

Manhatten - NYC - Girlglobalising

Central Park - NYC - Girlglobalising

Manhattan street - NYC - Girlglobalising

Pretzel stand - NYC - Girlglobalising

New York City is a bit of an indescribable place. Actually it’s describable by words such as big, loud, over the top – but I think these words can be used to describe any major city and don’t really do New York justice.

It’s the sheer volume of buildings, the fact that everyday things such as buses, cars, personalities,¬†even sandwiches are twice the size of their London counterparts that make it such a city to behold. If you caught my first New York post you’ll know that we didn’t arrive on the best of evenings (it certainly wasn’t the ‘Trump’ card I was hoping for…) and the following day was pretty dreary as a result.

After the initial shock wore off we managed to fill our time with a whole host of New York City attractions, as well as exploring some new areas that I’d not seen before. On the first evening I was convinced that New York’s shine had worn slightly thin after my first visit about ten years ago, but a few days later and I’m back to frantically planning how much we could squeeze into our few days there.

I have another city guide planned where I’ll go into far more detail about what we got up to, where we stayed and more, so keep your eyes peeled for that. But for the mean time I thought I would share a few of my favourite photos with you. The photos of the Oculus below are some of my favourites from the whole trip – what an insane building just to house a Subway station and shopping mall. There were a couple of photos I was determined to get, some of the more iconic shots you often see of New York City like the skyline from the river and the Brooklyn Bridge. Although I didn’t get a great photo of a pretzel stand (or have a pretzel for myself!) but that’s just another reason to head back some time.


Oculus - NYC - Girlglobalising

Oculus 2 - NYC - Girlglobalising

9/11 memorial - NYC - Girlglobalising

The High Line - NYC - Girlglobalising

DUMBO - NYC - Girlglobalising

Subway station - NYC - Girlglobalising

Rockefella - NYC - Girlglobalising

Brooklyn Bridge - NYC - Girlglobalising


NYC - Girlglobalising

Grand Central Station - NYC - Girlglobalising


Brooklyn - NYC - GirlglobalisingBrunch - NYC - Girlglobalising

I’m back! I can only apologise for the blogging hiatus around here. After getting back from New York at the start of the week, I’m not exactly sure where the days and evenings have gone. A mixture of jet lag, unpacking, washing, and heading back to the office have taken up my time and I’m only now beginning to look at all the photos I took whilst away.

Myself and Dom were a little bit nervous about the trip on the few days leading up to it. Having scoured the internet for the most reasonably priced flights we could find, it was only after having booked and paid for them that we realised that we’d be landing on the night of the election. And we all know how that has ended. I’ll try not to make this a political post but let’s just say if I was American, I would have been crying on the subway as well.

I thought I would start off the New York themed posts with a round up of the photos I posted on Instagram, just in case you haven’t seen them already. I generally take all the photos I post on Instagram on my iPhone, so you’ll have to excuse me if they are slightly lacking in quality this time. I have sooo many photos to sift through, but I’m planning lots of posts that will hopefully convey the great time we both had.

So, I hope you enjoy this first little titbit of NYC action! You can follow me on Instagram as I’ll be sharing New York photos on there for quite a while, and on Bloglovin to catch all the new posts coming up. In the meantime Dom have made a mashup video with bits of film and photos he took. Make sure you give it a watch!


Good Vibes - NYC - Girlglobalising

Donut - NYC - Girlglobalising

Starbucks - NYC - Girlglobalising

Girlglobalising - NYC

NYC Skyline - Girlglobalising