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Last week I successfully missed my usual Wednesday post by a pretty wide margin. It was strange, but my planned post was postponed (excuse the alliteration) because I went from feeling completely inspired to write a fab piece about travelling, to feeling like I just couldn’t get the words out in the way I wanted.

So a week late, but here’s a different kind of post; a kind of round up of October and look forward to November (even though we’re about a third of the way through the month…). There’s a couple of favourite things and a few things I’m certainly looking forward to coming up in the month. So without any further delays, let’s get this show on the road:

Party Pieces

Pretty Party Items:

At the very end of October I had a rare invite to a party that actually had a dress code. I may seem a bit over excited about a house party where the average age was between 50-60 years old, but hey I got some super pretty things to wear to it. An outfit of firsts for me as I threw together a very adventurous all-black outfit featuring this lacy jumpsuit and cheeky pointed flats. Somebody call the colour police. I did however, sass it up a bit with a rose gold nail polish. You heard me right, ROSE GOLD. I might even do a little post on my low-key evening makeup routine.

Jumpsuit – Missguided | Shoes – River Island | Orly Nail Polish – Free with Elle magazine (November Issue)

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Knit wear, all day errryday:

My body thermometer is so very confused right now. It’s November and I’m pretty sure this time last year I was wearing my big fluffy coat and a scarf and a hat. And probably some mittens too. This year, while I desperately want to cover my body in knitted items it’s so freakin’ mild right now. I get all autumn ready in the morning and then end up a sweaty mess by the time I reach the office. So here’s hoping the temperature drops ever so slightly in November and I can fulfil all my cold weather clothing dreams.


In a few weekends time my boyfriend and I will be trekking across the country to Norwich in Norfolk. I’ve said on here before that it can be difficult to create a travel blog while working full time and having a limited amount of funds. But what I sometimes forget is that my own country has some very beautiful places to visit that I haven’t been to before – and without the expense of a plane ticket. We’re off to visit some friends, but I’m going to make sure I take lots of photos and get a few good recommendations to share with those who might be interested!

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Prague and the C word:

Speaking of travel I am actually venturing across the border to European soil at the end of November! I’m off the Prague for a few days of winter-y escape – a gals trip with my Mum and my Gran. The C word is not what you’ll be thinking but in fact, Christmas. I still feel it’s far too early to be talking about all things festive, but the main reason for our little adventure is to check out what delights the Prague Christmas market will have on offer. My Mum and I seem to have made a bit of an unofficial tradition out of these markets, starting from when I was a student. The Bath Christmas market is pretty unrivalled, mainly because Bath is such a picturesque place, but in recent years we made it to a few further afield including Bruges, whose market may have been a bit of a let-down, but definitely knocked Bath off the picturesque podium. By the time the end of November rolls around I’m hoping to feel distinctly more festive. Either way I’m super excited to head off on a little adventure, because those ladies sure know how to have a giggle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little round-up and update of what’s rockin’ and rollin’ in my life at the moment. I think writing this post has got my creative juices aflowing again and hopefully my less than inspired spell was just a fleeting moment in what will be a month full of posts.

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Are you sick of Autumn based posts yet? I know I’ve read my fair share of them, but since this is only my second seasonal post I figured you’d all forgive me, right? I always feel that the weekends in Autumn are slightly different to other seasons of the year, especially now that the clocks have changed. Having a shorter amount of daylight makes me want to get up and run around trying to fit everything in, because once it gets to four o’clock it’s just a race to get home and into the warm before it’s dark once again. So I’ve come up with a few ideas to help make the most of the shorter hours and of course, the colder air and crispy orange leaves.


  1. Lunchin’ and Brunchin’

Brunch is actually one of my favourite mealtimes, if it even counts as an official mealtime. Man, I just love anything where eggs on toast is a firm favourite. And possibly pancakes too. But soon it wont be getting light until about eight thirty in the morning, which on a weekday is more OH MA GAAD WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME, but on a weekend simply means you’re not allowed to get up until you can see sun in the sky. The next appropriate meal after that is brunch; one to enjoy while catching up with friends and coffee just tastes so much better when you don’t have to throw in back and run back to the office.

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2. Countryside Walks

Lets be clear here – I’m not a hiker. In terms of exercise I like it to be short and sweet and I tend to be in and out of the gym in about 45mins. So a long, drawn out climb up a mountain is not really the one for me. BUT who doesn’t want to run like a child through piles of fallen leaves? Autumn is the perfect time to really enjoy what the countryside has to offer. There’s no high sun turning you into a sweaty mess after the first mile, and the leaves are still around rather than the spindle-y stumps that are left in winter.

photo 1

3. Carve a lil Pumpkin

Whether you have embraced Halloween into your life as a full on holiday to celebrate, or you aren’t really that bothered about the scariest day of the year there’s no way to avoid the mountains of pumpkins dotted around every supermarket in the country. It’s the perfect way to dip a toe in the day if your not that bothered, and get a little craft action going on. One year when I was still a student, my friends and I left it too late for a pumpkin and had to resort to carving a face in a melon instead. Has to be said, it was a lot tastier…

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4. Pay a Visit

This is not strictly an Autumn weekend activity but I get excited about day trips at any time of the year. I tend to get a bit restless by the end of the day if I haven’t got out for some air and seen a few things, so day trips are a regular feature for me. My recent one to London included the Ai Weiwei exhibition at the Royal Academy. I would highly recommend a visit and it’s right across the street from Fortnum & Maison, perfect for a little post-exhibition snoop around their pretty displays.

These are just a few ideas of what I like to get up to while it’s not so cold you need five layers on before leaving the house. I’m always up for trying something new though, so let me know if there’s something to add!

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Me 2

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How many times have you read that Autumn is a bloggers favourite season? Probably more times than you can put up with by now. But here we go again, as Autumn is indeed one of my favourite seasons. It has a certain feel to it that I’m pretty sure comes from years and years of starting a fresh new school year. Now I’m no longer in education I’ve quickly come to the realisation that life goes on in very much the same way when you don’t have exciting things like six week summer holidays and new classes to start in September – but nevertheless Autumn produces a strange mix of nostalgia and excitement for the upcoming months.

Although the shops have had their winter pieces out since about July, it’s only since the weather has turned considerably cooler that I have been fully embracing the new season. Other bloggers have had their mustard/burgundy woollen numbers, ankle boots and Starbucks take away cups all over Instagram for weeks and I’ve only just got my favourite scarf out of storage – but I’ve never been one to get to the party particularly early anyway. My outfit in these photos is pretty much my A/W15 uniform – I’m a sucker for a piece of knitwear, some ankle boots and some sort of denim item and I’ll probably be wearing my favourite jacket until it’s too far cold for it and I’m forced back into my much fluffier number.

Oxford provided the perfect background with its old sandstone colleges and I tried to find the leafiest wall possible to stand in front of. I think it looks seasonable enough to warrant a Pumpkin Spice latte in one of those illustrated cups!

Jacket – Miss Selfridge (old – similar) | Skirt – Marks and Spencer | Jumper – H&M | Boots – Primark



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Recently I read an article in which the author talked about ‘surviving’ her twenties. That’s crazy, right? Aren’t your twenties supposed to be the time of your life (Dirty Dancing routine included)? Aren’t we all supposed to be in our fab graduate jobs, living better than we ever had and letting loose on the weekends?

I have to say I did agree with the article, having shared many a thought at least once before, if not once a week. The main argument here is that while everyone prepares you for your teenage years, telling you that all the worry and angst and ridiculous hormones flying around will all be worth it once you’ve been to uni, graduated and properly started your life, but actually no one bothers to tell you what it’s like once it’s all over, that your just left astray in the big bad world.

My generation (God, that makes me sound super old) are crashing down to reality after all the hat tossing at graduation and realising that the post uni come-down is a real thing and that putting yourself out there in a harsh world is just as hard as dragging your hungover self into a 9am lecture. This all sounds very negative and as I’ve mentioned before, I prefer to keep it as positive as I can, so in order to prove that actually you’re doing okay, I’ve written a few points down to help you push on through.

  1. You’ve made rent this month – It’s been a long month of working hard (probably in an under paid job) and now it’s reached rent day. The money’s in your account, there was no overdraft needed or a call to the Parental bank. Now you’ve just got to do it all over again next month. If you didn’t make rent, that’s okay, you’re getting there and there will always be next month to try again.
  2. There’s a plant in your house and it’s still alive – mine might be a cactus, the most low maintenance plant out there but nevertheless it’s alive! Sadly, the same can’t be said for the succulent.
  3. Birthday cards are posted on time – With all my friends spread out across the country now, birthday cards/ presents arrive courtesy of the Royal Mail, rather than a knock on the door, bottle of vodka in hand, and party dress on. Which brings me on to my next point.
  4. You have stamps on your person. Either in your purse or in your desk or just floating around with the rest of the crap at the bottom of your handbag. Doesn’t matter which applies, the point is you always prepared for that letter you might have to send.
  5. There are three or more types of tea in your cupboard. Because these days you prefer the choice of everyday tea, green, peppermint, maybe a lemon and ginger. Gone are the days of Tesco value tea bags being the only option for a hot beverage.
  6. Hand cream has become a staple in your life. You have a tube that comes along with you and you rejoice in applying it multiple times a day. Because if you’re past 21 now, then your hands are old and wrinkly obviously.
  7. Likewise with the hand cream, you’ve finally given in and are carry plasters around with you. I should have learnt this lesson long ago but I was too stubborn in my youth, instead preferring to hobble around with multiple blisters. No more I tell you. I will stop in the street and apply those life-saving bad boys.
  8. You actually enjoy making your bed every morning. There’s so much difference between throwing yourself out of bed and running for your morning lecture, and just climbing out of bed, straightening the sheets and getting on with your day. Trust me on this one.
  9. You eat what you like. There’s something quite satisfying with being able to eat anything off the menu, or saying ‘It’s okay, I’ll eat anything’. Except raw tomatoes, because I’m never getting over that one.
  10. You’re moving on and things can only get better. This is a nice point to end on.

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Close up

Even though Summer barely even arrived, Autumn is now right around the corner. It is one of my favourite seasons, so I can’t say I’m sorry to see the end of this weird non-summer that we’ve had in the UK but with the odd splash of sunshine still lingering around I’m trying to make the most of it. That means sitting outside as often as possible (even if you end up shivering), wearing sunglasses even if it’s actually pretty grey and one last outing with my bare pale pins. Soon I’ll be dusting off my tights again, and my legs will return to their so-pale-they’re-basically-translucent state, and remain that way until about July next year. Maybe this should be the winter I embrace the bottled variety of tan…

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