I know I’ve already posted about my recent trip to Berlin, with my mini visual diary and then my little travel guide to the German capital. But I couldn’t resist sharing these photos with one last post.

When I first started Girlglobalising I was taking photos on my phone, editing in VSCOcam (which I still do to be honest) and then emailing them to myself, before uploading them on here. It’s a lengthy process but I was still learning and finding my blogging feet, so buying a camera and editing programs didn’t seem like a viable option. Then I did buy a camera – you can read about that here – but still no editing equipment.

Recently though, I have updated my computer, and my boyfriend has so kindly licensed his Adobe suite to me so suddenly I have what you would think would be the dream blogging set up. Only problem now is that learning a whole new program in your spare evenings after work takes a little time, and so Dom also so kindly helped me edit these last few Berlin photos on something a little fancier than my iPhone.

Eventually I will know my way around Photoshop/Lightroom too and will be able to edit my photos without the constant ‘Babeeee, can you help me pleaseeee?’. Do you have any tips or links to some good beginner tutorials? You’d really be making my day! Anyway, without further adieu, here is Berlin looking all splendid and inviting. If you follow me in Instagram you can also catch some Berlin based content on there too.












A Mini Guide to Berlin

I’m back with my second post on Berlin. If you caught my first, a mini visual diary, then you’ll know that the city made a pretty good impression on me. That basically means that I wanted to stay about a week longer and really explore all the corners of the city. But in my few days there I racked up a pretty good list of things to see and do, places to eat, a few cool shops and coffee recommendations. Berlin is a city that has something to offer everyone so I how you like my little mini guide. And if you’re heading there any time soon – let me hide in your suitcase, yeah? Yes!

Things to see and do:

The Reichstag – The government building in Berlin is an amazing building. For a long time the parliament wasn’t even held in Berlin, but after it was voted in and moved there, they revamped the building and years later a beautiful glass dome was added. You have to pre-book to visit, but it’s completely free as is the audio guide that’s full of information as you make your way round the impressive dome and it’s mirrored installation in the middle.

The Brandenburg Gate – Another important landmark of Berlin. It’s a bit of a tourist trap, but again it’s completely free and you can’t really visit the city without a quick stop by.

The Jewish Museum – This is situated in the Kreuzburg neighbourhood, and is housed in a very futuristic building. It is one of the most interesting museums I’ve been to in a long time and not just because of my love of history. The building was designed for it’s impact and again is well worth a visit.

Museum Island – We didn’t actually get to do much at Museum Island, but we did manage a walk around on the one sunny morning we had. There’s so much to see here, including the Germany History museum amongst others.




Places to shop: 

Weekday, Monki and & Other Stories – While all these shops are actually available in he UK (online) we don’t have actual stores for Weekday and Monki, so if you’re looking for some cool European style then pop in and have a look. The only & Other Stories I know of is in London which I don’t get to visit as much as I would like, so if I were you I would be sure to stop by and have a look at all the beautiful things.

Do You Read Me? – This is a super cool magazine shop, much like Papersmiths in Bristol. It’s found in the Mitte area of Berlin and has every kind of magazine you could want including Cereal, The Gentlewoman and I-D.

Hackescher Markt – This whole area, found on the edge of Mitte is kind of like the German version of Shoreditch. It’s full of little independent shops where you’ll find all kinds of cool treasures.






Places to eat: 

Kreuzberg – If you’ll looking for really good, cheap food then I can’t not tell you how much you need to get yo self down to Kreuzberg. You will find every kind of cuisine and all for such good prices that it’s practically a steal! Places we visited were a tiny little Vietnamese place called Sen Viet and a market hall called Marheineke Markthalle which is great for a quick lunch stop.

Shiso Burger – We stumbled across this place by sheer luck on our last day. It’s a Vietnamese burger place, really tiny, but by the amount of people waiting for a table it’s clearly very popular. It’s on the edge of Mitte and if a burger is what you need then make sure to pop in.




Coffee Coffee Coffee:

Chapter One – Again in the Kreuzberg area, this is a really tiny coffee shop. I sampled their Flat White, and while it was a bit stronger than I’m used to, I would definitely be visiting again, you know, if I lived in the area.

Kaffemitte – Another place we came across by chance while trying to find somewhere to shelter from the rain. We intended on staying just for coffee, but from our perch right by the kitchen we were suddenly convinced to stay for lunch too. Eggs are definitely their speciality.

The Barn – I read about this coffee place on our little map + guide and was determined to visit. We ended up in their roastary store (they have a solo coffee shop too) just on the edge of Prenzauler Berg. It’s a really great place to sit and watch the world go by, just as a word of warning though – don’t be convinced into trying something that you’re sure you won’t like! I was persuaded to try one of their speciality black coffees, even though I don’t like black coffee.





Has anyone else got any recommendations for Berlin? Let me know as I’m already planning when I can go back. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, I’m going to be filling it with photos from my trip for the next few weeks!






Washout in Berlin

My trip to Berlin last weekend was a bit of a washout. Not in terms of what went on but literally and simply because it did not stop raining. Ever. It might even have been the wettest few days that Berlin has seen recently. But with that typically British rant over, I came back loving Berlin much more than expected. It’s not that I thought I wouldn’t like it there, it’s just that on my previous visit the city didn’t make a huge impression and having lived in Bristol for a while now, I just felt the two cities would be much the same. But Berlin was much more than a Bristol replica, and truth be told I much prefer it to Bristol. It’s bigger, much bigger and has it’s own vibe that’s different to my current hometown. Berlin has been dubbed the creative hub of Europe with start up companies popping up every day and young creatives moving there more and more.

It’s very easy to fill your time there, with Berlin being such a large city and split into neighbourhoods that are each very different to the next. Of course there’s also all the main tourist attractions that we dipped a toe into, but mainly we went exploring. The architecture is something to behold, with a lot of it being flattened during the war there’s a real mish-mash of buildings and there’s always something to look at. I thought I would just give a taster of the city in this post before going into more detail in my next post, with recommendations of things to see and do, places to eat and shop and of course it wouldn’t be complete without a few coffee shop recommendations. It’s definitely a place I want to go back to (but let’s be honest, that’s most places I visit!) but I think next time I’ll head back in the summer, when the city turns green and flowery and really comes to life.

If you wanted to check out some more of the city then be sure to check out my Instagram and follow me on Bloglovin to catch my upcoming Berlin post! Has anyone else visited and loved it as much as I did?







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As I promised back here, I’ve put together a mini guide for Prague, even though the thought of it is making me want to hop back on the plane for a little bit of extra exploring time. As I vaguely mentioned before it’s a very walkable city and not only that but I would fully recommend walking just to take in all the sights and sounds. Prague is definaitely the place for any architecture fans out there, with each building offering a different visual delight.

So first things first, where to stay. I can only offer one or two suggestions here as we only stayed in the one hotel during our short trip. Hotel Elysee is very central, right on Wenceslas Square and the room was HUGE. Because this was  gals trip with my Mum and my Gran we opted for a triple room and it came supersize with a little hallway, huge room and bathroom. For the price we paid it was certainly value for money and of course there was a breakfast buffet every morning. The other option that I would whole heartedly suggest is looking around on Airbnb for accommodation. I’ve spoken before about how much I love this company and I’m sure Prague has some very cool apartments to offer.

As for things to do, Prague definitely offers enough to fill more than the two days we were there. A few places to note are the Castle, which sells handy tickets for either the whole thing or just certain parts; perfect if you fancy just the afternoon as there’s enough to fill a whole day here.

The Charles Bridge is your ultimate route to get there and another must see. It is lined with many statues, each with there own story and history and a number of which you should definitely stroke for good luck/ make a wish. Or maybe that’s just my superstitions kicking in.

There’s no way I could leave out the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square. Coincidently this is where the Christmas Market is also based should you be there in the festive season. But make sure to take a look out of the top of the tower – as you know I have a big thing about a good high-up view and this is not one to miss. The lift itself is also pretty incredible, so you don’t even have to take the stairs.

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I always make a point of finding out what the local cusine is and giving it a go, as what’s the point of going abroad just to eat chips, eh? For Prague it was Goulash  and boy was it everywhere. I will admit it was far tastier than I expected, with huge chunks of meat and a nice thick gravy; it even came served in a bread bowl.

For a little sweet treat I would recommend a Trdelnik and likewise with the Goulash, you cannot escape them in the city. I spent most of the weekend walking past each stall with longing eyes and claiming to be back for one later. I eventually had one on the very last night of the trip, basically refusing to leave without trying one. They’re almost pretzel-like, only cooked over hot coals and coated with cinnamon sugar and almonds. They’re basically Christmas wrapped in some dough.

Municipal House is worth checking out if you fancy a mid-morning coffee break. Don’t get your hopes up about the coffee (I’m pretty sure it came for a Nescafe machine) but if anyone is into interiors then get yo butt down there. It’s a completely beautiful Art Nouveau house with both the outside and inside decorated to a very fine standard. Those chandeliers? I would have put one in my carry-on if it had fit.

For those that have more time in the city then I would head to the John Lennon wall, the Jewish Quarter and the Jewish Cemetery, definitely some places I would have visited if I had a little extra time. This has turned into possibly the wordiest post of all, but I think my thoughts on the city have been truly shared.

I’m most definitely planning  second trip so if there’s any places slightly off the radar then please share too!

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A few weeks back I headed off to Prague for a few days of sightseeing and festivities. I mentioned a while ago that I was going with my Mum and my Gran as a sort of tradition we’ve started and to look around the Christmas Market.

As usual and as with most old European cities, I loved it. There’s something about the history, the architecture and the general vibe of these kind of old cities that really appeals to me more than places like London, which are still old but sometimes just don’t have the same atmosphere. There is so much to see in Prague, definitely more than the two days we were there for and with the added bonus of the Christmas Market there couldn’t be a better time to visit. It was cold, but not unbearably so, and in some ways I prefer a winter break for taking in the sights, rather than sweating my way around in the height of summer, especially with a place as walkable as Prague. The architecture is beautiful and I fully recommend getting yourself up high – first for getting your bearings and second beacuse there’s no other way to fully appreciate the amount of red roof’s there are in the city!

I’ve put together a little post now to give a feel for the place, but I’m planning a proper ‘what to see and where to go’ post for the near future, so keep yo’ eyes peeled for that.

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