Best homeware - Girlglobalising

Best homeware - Girlglobalising

My obsession with homeware, in particular cute and kitsch homeware, has grown enormously in the last few years. The move from shared student hovel, to a flat shared with a friend and now with a boyfriend has expanded my designated areas from just one single room to many rooms, which I can fill with all kinds of knick knacks.

The use of Instagram and Pinterest is probably due to my new found home aspirations. Seeing other peoples beautifully curated interiors has made me all the more aware of what I’d ideally like mine to look like.

Unfortunately for me, being in a rented flat puts a limit on what I can actually do in terms of home decor – Dom is pretty thankful for that I think!

Best homeware - Girlglobalising

Best homeware - Girlglobalising

Best homeware - Girlglobalising

In order to get around the fact that I can’t change the walls and floors, or the kitchen or bathroom, instead I fill the place with as many bits and pieces that I can.

Pot plants, cacti and succulents are great for adding greenery and if you can manage to keep the alive then that’s a bonus too. Cup and mugs seem to be my downfall at the moment. This little heart shaped fella was a valentine’s one picked up in Tiger. The white Ikea mugs that come with little cork coasters are an all time favourite of mine.

Little patterned side plates are perfect for snacks and for any blogging/instagram props you might need.

One of my favourite things we’ve picked up recently is this marble chopping board from Tiger. We use it as a board to display some candles on, and it sits on the dining table.

Big candles can act as lovely ornaments too, with the added bonus that they smell great and give the ultimate hygge vibes on cold miserable winter evenings. My latest is this giant Sandalwood one that I picked up in the House of Fraser sale. Although if you want the best decorative candles then head to Anthropologie – the mecca of homeware.

On my makeshift desk/dressing table I’ve added a pretty mirror from TK Maxx, plus I keep all my brushes in pretty glasses picked up from various places, and my perfumes on display for an extra touch of girly-ness.

Best homeware - Girlglobalising

Best homeware - Girlglobalising

Photos, prints and paintings are a great way to add character to plain old magnolia walls, if you too have the joy of renting somewhere that won’t let you freshen up the paint.

There are so many places to find the best homeware on the highstreet. As mentioned Tiger is my favourite as most things only cost a couple of quid. TK Maxx has a really great homeware section with everything from bedroom pieces, to bathroom and kitchen additions.

H&M home is some where I often look for pretty home accessories, although I’m yet to place an order there. Ikea have an endless supply of Scandinavian homeware and department stores such as John Lewis and House of Fraser often have great sale events throughout the year.

Anthropologie is where you want to head for the ultimate inspiration and if you’ve got a bit of extra money to spend. I popped in the other day, saw a pink velvet sofa and thought I’d died and gone to homeware heaven.

These are a few ways I make my rented flat a home, and indulge in a few interior trends as much as I can. Perhaps I’ll give you a little tour of my flat one day. Preferably on a day I’ve had a mad tidy and clean of the place.

Copper lamp

Pink Interiors 2

Interiors are fast becoming one of my favourite subjects to read about, browse and shop. Since moving house into a place completely unfurnished me and Dom have had to do a lot of shopping around and budgeting to fill the place with all the necessary furniture, plus a few extra pieces just to make the place feel like home, you know. ┬áThe sad thing is there’s only so many things a person can buy before you’ve got trinkets coming out of every draw, or my bank balance finally says enough is enough.

The other draw back from really going to town with your home is bloody rented accommodation! You’ll see from these photos that I have a bit of a thing for pink, copper, bare brick walls, white-washed walls and all the greenery you could wish for. That’s a little hard to achieve with magnolia walls and a erm, green carpet that I’m not allowed to change. Still, what I can do is Pinterest my heart away and adopt aspects here and there to make it feel like home and like we’ve put our mark on the place. Without actually making any marks anywhere, of course!

What interiors trends are you loving at the moment? Let me know, or point me in the direction of your Pinterest page, because I’m a bit obsessed with it at the moment. Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin and Instagram and maybe I’ll show you around my new flat, now that we’ve finally unpacked all the boxes…

All images sourced from Pinterest

Natural light

Copper details

Bedside Tables

Window Ledge