I’ve been taking a long hard look at my wardrobe recently. I’ve been completely uninspired with everything in there and struggling to put outfits together that I actually want to wear, rather than just have to wear out of necessity.

I’ve been thinking a lot more about sorting out a sort-of capsule wardrobe, or at least one that has a good collection of items that all go together and are suitable for both work and weekend. After having a browse of some great, inspirational blogs, I have a much clearer idea of the look I’m going for and what I need to add to my spring wardrobe.

Spring Fashion Inspiration - Girlglobalising

Natalie off duty

A blazer has been on my to-buy list for a while and while I’m still searching for the right one that will make me look more professional, but not corporate, I may well add one in a spring hue to tide me over. This powder blue suit is just perfect for this time of year, and you could even double it up as something to wear to events in the summer.

Suggestions: Asos | Topshop | New Look


Spring Fashion Inspiration - Girlglobalising

Carolina Engman

I absolutely love this monochrome outfit. Having a simple, minimalist style that still looks put together and as though you’ve made an effort is the ultimate dream for me. How quick would it be getting ready in the morning. This simple white coat is perfect for when the British weather forgets that it’s spring and turns chilly again.

Suggestions: Asos | Ted Baker | Debenhams


Spring Fashion Inspiration - Girlglobalising

Simple Et Chic

Yes, my obsession with stripes continues. I honestly believe that I will never tire from a really good striped t shirt. I love this look – casual with the t shirt and jeans, but put together with the heels that also add a pop of colour.

Suggestions: New Look | Asos | Topshop


Lisa Olsson

A pair of white trousers or jeans are a must-have for spring/summer. They come back every year and are the perfect way to make your everyday wardrobe look brighter and fresher than the autumn and winter. I’m on the lookout for a the perfect pair of white kick flairs. It will be a bit of a step outside my comfort zone, but I’m really into this trend right now.

Suggestions: Asos | Topshop | & Other Stories


Spring Fashion Inspiration - Girlglobalising

Olivia Palermo

An all black outfit in spring? I know, I know. But as I’ve previously mentioned, the spring weather in the UK is not always sunshine and light. I love this simple look for days when you just have to get the tights out again. And again, I’m all about the speedy-ness of getting ready in the morning and you can’t deny how quick an all-black outfit is.

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

Amsterdam seems to be having a bit of a moment right now. It’s all over my Instagram feed, I’ve read multiple blog posts and city guides, plus it’s been at the top of my city break list for quite a while.

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

Although the most photographed part of the city is the old town and all the beautiful canals and dutch buildings – my favourite part of town to wander round with my camera, it was a very pleasant surprise to find some very interesting modern architecture there as well. A complete juxtaposition to the more traditional side of the city.
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
I’ve got a big city guide in the making that will include things to see, where to wander, places to eat and where to find the best shops, but for now I’ve put together a little visual diary that will hopefully spur you on in booking a little trip there yourself. Amsterdam has a very relaxed atmosphere, and we were unbelievably lucky with the weather – I can only imagine it’s even lovelier in the summer, sipping a glass of wine by the canal in the sunshine.
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
Check back soon for my Amsterdam travel guide, but in the meantime I hope you like the first taster of the many photos I took whilst there.

NYC - Girlglobalising

Is there a better way to start the year than to make a plan of all the places you’d love to visit?

I made a similar post last year – you can find it here if you can look past the unformatted mess of pre-redesign Girlglobalising – and I’m pleased to say that I managed to tick off a fair few.

The most recent being our adventure off to NYC, which is also the biggest trip I have done in a long while. But we also made it to Berlin, Copenhagen and Cornwall. So not a bad year for someone trying to fit travel around a full time job!

Let’s see what’s on the travel wishlist for 2017.


Canada - Girlglobalising

Canada very nearly made it onto the list last year, but it felt a bit of a stretch when I knew I wouldn’t be doing both NYC and Canada. It seemed silly to set my heart on something that was 99% not going to happen. But this year who knows, and since I’ve crossed America off the list (but only for the time being!) then Canada is looking even better than before.


Bali - Girlglobalising

I may have added Bali to the travel wishlist because I’ve been reading Eat Pray Love (it’s taken me forever to finish), but also because of the content coming from the Little Magpie and Sinead Crowe, who have both been to Asia recently. My desire to visit Asia has grown in recent years – the more travel I do, the more I’d like to visit those destinations that seemed too adventurous before.


Majorca - Girlglobalising

The majority of the holidays that Dom and I have been on have been city breaks. Almost always over and long weekend to avoid cutting into my annual leave too much. They always go at break neck speed, both time and sightseeing-wise and are over before we know it. Even our trip to Italy involved racing around Rome during a heatwave! This year I think we are both in agreement that a much slower paced summer holiday is in order. With limited city exposure and snorkelling and watersports and time by a swimming pool. I’ve got my heart set on Majorca.

The UK

Pembroke - UK - Girlglobalising

Although we’ve done pretty well for little weekend trips in the UK, ticking off Norwich and Brighton, not to mention daytrips to London and my most recent trip to York, there’s always more to see on your doorstep. A travel wishlist wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t include seeing as much of your own country as you can!

There’s always more I can add to the list, but it might be best to leave it there for now. It’s my birthday in a few weeks, so maybe I’ll even arrange a mini getaway for then. Let me know what’s on your travel wishlist for 2017 – I’m always game for some more inspiration.

Hair Inspiration - Girlglobalising

All images sourced from Pinterest


I’m a bit of a floozy when it comes to my hair. My school years were spent with it going up and down in length, with a fringe, growing out a fringe, and that awful period where my side parting was styled so that it hung directly in front of the right side of my face. I had to peer around it all the time and would eventually get so tired of doing this that I pretty much lived in a ponytail.

The end of school wasn’t so bad, when I focused on growing it as long as I could manage. At least I could count on it being nice and shiny and it good condition.

When I got to university and with the addition of a student loan in my bank account I headed to the hairdressers to have a whole head of colour put in. After a few failed box dyes I finally realised that if I wanted to change the colour from dark brown I would just have to pay to have it done professionally. And so I became a redhead. I say redhead but it was more of a copper-y/orange-y red that I absolutely loved.

I like to think of this time as the glory years. I spent about two years having glorious long orange hair until I finished university and unemployment arrived. I attempted the upkeep of dyed red hair myself and quickly realised that it’s just not the same as the professionals.

In the end I left it to grow out and become a frizzy mess. That’s when I chopped it off to a short bob and so my floozy phase began again. As with most things as you get older, I realise now what a good thing I’ve got going on. I am very lucky to have hair that has bounced back to it’s previous good condition and I’m more than happy to keep it that way. I am however, a little over the short hair. I’m in that awkward stage of not short and not long, when you have to just persevere with the growing of it.

I hope you like my little inspiration board, it’s giving me the will to carry on through the awkward stage and hope that it won’t take to long. This has been a rather dramatic end to a post that is simply about having medium length hair…

As always you can follow me on Instagram and on Bloglovin and I’ll be back with a new post soon.

Wedding Guest Wishlist

This weekend I will be attending the first wedding I’ve been invited to since I was about six months old. I am pretty bloody excited about it. For years, when I was younger, it was my dream to be a bridesmaid. The thought of having a pretty, pouffy dress, to have a little bouquet of flowers and my hair done properly – that was heaven to me. Sadly no family members or friends have got married, or ones close enough for me to be invited anyway, for 22 years!

So now, finally, I’m off to a wedding as my boyfriend’s plus one. I don’t even mind that I won’t know anyone there, I just want to witness the whole thing. The ceremony, the dress, the reception, the first dance, the bouquet tossing… All of it!

Finding the right dress for this occasion has proved a little trickier than I thought it would be. In my mind I thought I would find a beautiful, summer occasion dress, a pair of heels and some pretty accessories and be ready to go. Unfortunately my budget was not as extensive as I hoped it would be, so after shopping around and getting a bit sick of looking at dress after dress I *think* I might have found the right dress.

After re-acquainting myself with a few Adobe programs when putting my last wishlist together, I am determined not to lose the skills again. My solution to this is to window shop until my heart’s content and create a wishlist that will hopefully give you a few ideas if you are also looking for a special occasion dress.

I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram, especially if you fancy seeing some photos of said wedding, and on Bloglovin to find out what’s coming up next on here!

Wedding Guest Wishlist

  1. Asos wrap front pyjama suit
  2. Asos cold shoulder midi dress
  3. Asos scallop cross body bag
  4. Asos Holloway heels
  5. Marc Jacobs rose gold watch
  6. Keepsake dress
  7. Lost Ink cut out dress
  8. Asos Portia heels
  9. Asos occasion summer tux
  10. Asos Santiago heels
  11. Asos tulle prom skirt
  12. Asos off shoulder sundress
  13. Asos ruffle dress
  14. Whistles clutch
  15. Closet off shoulder dress