Life Lately - Girlglobalising

It’s been a good few weeks since I sat down and typed out something for this blog. Any motivation or inspiration I may have had in the past has melted away in recent weeks.

I didn’t feel as though I had anything I wanted to photograph and talk about, nor have I been on any trips lately that have made me want to share it with you.

Rather than sit here and wallow in the lack of inspiration, I thought I’d take a look back at my life lately and celebrate the happiness of the little things in life.

Here are a few things that have been making me smile at life lately.

Life Lately - Girlglobalising

We had a quick stopover in Oxford a few weekends ago to catch up with Dom’s parents. It included a very quick look around the Weston Library. I’d never been there before but I was pretty amazed at all the light and architecture there. Not your average stuffy old library!

Life Lately - Girlglobalising

Those few days that felt like spring had arrived? Yeah, they were good days. I can’t wait for the sun to show it’s face again – it makes everybody so much happier.

Life Lately - Girlglobalising

International Women’s Day. So amazing to see everybody celebrating how great women are. I shared this old photo on Instagram (follow me here) of my Mum and Grandma. My absolute favourite women and I’m not sure what I’d do without them.

Life Lately - Girlglobalising

Speaking of which, I had a lovely day out with my Mum in Windsor. Since we live on opposite sides of the country we are often looking for somewhere to meet in the middle. Windsor is closer to London than the middle, but still worth the day trip. A charming little town and the Castle is well worth a visit.

Life Lately - Girlglobalising

I’ve had quite a few meetings at work lately and some of those have been taking place in this amazing building. The Wills Memorial Building has such an amazing ceiling, I’m in awe every time I go there.

Life Lately - Girlglobalising

Baths have become a bit of a regular thing for me recently. I’ve been visiting Lush quite a lot, a shop I used to avoid on the high street. Even thought it’s a bit embarrassing when the shop assistants ask if I’m looking for presents and actually I’m normally only looking for me! This heart shaped one had little dried roses that floated around the bath. LUSH!

Life Lately - Girlglobalising

And finally, meeting this friendly little guy in the hardware shop – how appropriate considering it was National Puppy Day yesterday. I had a lovely espresso martini last weekend. I’ve put an ‘eating out ban’ on me and Dom in an effort to save money, be healthier and cook more. Last weekend was the first time we had been out in ages, so I thought a cocktail would be more than appropriate.

So that’s all that’s been happening in my life lately. Hopefully the inspiration will be back soon and I can crack on with creating some content. Have an amazing weekend!


Nyhavn, Copenhagem

I was determined that I wouldn’t have to post a random I’ll be back soon post this week. I had plans to get some posts ready to go so all I would have to do would be click the upload button and job done. But unfortunately it just didn’t happen, and here we are a good few days late, with a filler post that doesn’t really fit into any of the catagories of my blog.

If you’ve ever read any of those ‘How to take your blog to the next level’ guides then you’ll know that more often than not, they recommend quality over quantity. And while I fully believe that everything you post should be of a certain standard I also like to keep it real around here. And sometimes life gets in the way, so much so that a filler post is the only thing that you have time to put together. It’s a little rushed, a bit rough around the edges, but it’s real and it’s honest and sometimes that means more than the carefully curated posts that I normally like to put together.

If you caught a any of my posts from the last few weeks then you’ll know that I’ve been in the process of moving house for what feels like forever now! It’s been unfortunate timing that my trip to Copenhagen came slap bang in the middle of the actual moving process, so all my spare time inbetween work and holiday-ing has been taken up by running around with various boxes and on the phone to energy/internet suppliers, getting locks fixed and many other things that don’t include what I would really like to be doing – editing my photos and putting my Copenhagen travel guide together.

Excuses aside, I suppose this filler post is more about keeping things honest on here and letting you know that normal content will resume in due course. It just might not be until I’m not living out of boxes and suitcases anymore! I’ll leave you with a photo of the stunning Nyhavn harbour in Copenhagen, taken so sneakily that you can’t see what a tourist trap it now is!

As always you can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin and I promise to have my guide to the Danish capital raring to go in a few days.


Pink Doughnut

Does anyone really know?

I’ve been having a crisis of confidence about the tiny space of internet that Girlglobalising occupies – one that over the last few days has led me to think that actually I have no idea what I’m doing here, or really what my blog is here for.

It started with an Instagram photo. It was from Hannah Gale, one of my favourite bloggers, purely because I love her honesty and bravery for putting her emotions and personal thoughts on the internet for any old person to read. I highly recommend. The photo was from a press trip to Lanzarote, one which a fair few bloggers that I follow were all invited on. There was one person in the photo that I didn’t recognise, and after following the handy tag, I found it was Katie, blogger behind the Scarphelia blog.

So naturally, as anyone would on a lazy, sunny Saturday afternoon I perused her website and quickly realised that Katie is not just a blogger. She’s a writer. A true write who can weave stories and emotions and pictures into words and leave you thinking ‘yeah I totally get what you’re saying’. She’s a lifestyle blogger in the sense that her blog is a part of her life, as much as a diary would be to someone more private.

Both Hannah and Katie have blogs that connect with their readers. They are truthful, honest, brave and prove themselves to be more than just the photos in their posts, more than the sponsored content and affiliate links. Their blogs are a part of them like a novel is to an author.

Girlglobalising is only young, if you care to personify a blog, in the terms that I have really only been posting regular content for about a year and completely neglected it for the first year of it’s existence. It’s started with grand ideas of being a travel blog (and I still maintain that, with travel being one of my biggest passions, it is), before I thought maybe adding a bit of beauty here and there wouldn’t hurt. Then I had the over confident idea that I could make like all the best fashion blogs and have my boyfriend photograph my less than innovative outfits. Plus the odd more personal post thrown in.

I’ve spent the past year poking my fingers into all the different blogging pies, not really committing the any of them and calling myself a ‘lifestyle’ blogger. In the many ‘how to’ blog guides most tell you to find your niche and stick to it. I haven’t done that, hoping that anyone reading my blog will see the variety of topics and love it.

I suppose the key to this rambling slightly incoherent post is not comparing yourself to others. I love creating content and really what I should acknowledge is that my blog is young. A baby, really. It’s still developing and unfolding and finding it’s feet, like I am still. It’s okay if my content is not niche or completely glossy or as well written as some others. Or if I can’t transpose my feelings into beautiful sentences that touch peoples hearts. One day it will be. And that’s okay.