Tanya Burr make up

It’s always a great feeling when you buy something new, give it a try and it turns into something you use everyday. I have to admit that I was skeptical about Tanya Burr’s make up range when it first launched. I think it was the packaging that confused me. While it’s definitely cute, I feel like I’m at a stage where the things I buy are things I hope will be repeat purchases and turn into something of a personal style for me. And will I really want cutesy, pink packaging when I’m 30, 40…? Regardless of my doubts about the packaging all the products are fantastic and the new palettes that I’ve added to my collection have become firm favourites. The cheek palette has a really great bronzer, even for a pale girl like me, plus a pigmented blush and a highlighter that’s just perfect for adding an everyday sheen.

Tanya Burr eyeshadow

I also picked up one of the new Soft Luxe eye palettes recently and have been equally as impressed. I’m not normally one to use eyeshadow on a daily basis as it’s just an extra step that takes up time in the mornings. I’m far more likely to sit and carefully apply a nice eyeshadow for a special occasion. But after picking up the Birthday Suit palette, with it’s lovely shimmery champagne-y pink colour, I’ve been popping a little bit on everyday.

Primark cross body bag

Tiny bags are another new thing I’ve been really into at the moment. After picking up this cute little thing from Primark, I’ve been opting for smaller and lighter recently, rather than my usual huge handbag that I often lug around with me. It’s so much quicker and easier the throw in your essentials, but also it limits that amount of, well, crap that I tend to end up with in my bag during the day.

Barry M Strobe Cream

The Barry M Strobe Cream is a bit of a saviour in terms of highlighters on the high street. Apart from Tanya Burr’s cheek palette as mentioned before there’s not many highlighters from the high street that I would really recommend. But the Strobe Cream is on another level. A really blinding shimmer. If it was appropriate for the office, then I would cover my whole face in it.

Gilmore girls

I can not tell you how happy I am that Gilmore Girls is on Netflix now. It’s one of my all time favourite shows. I love Rory and Lorelai and I’m firmly in Team Jess. I’m so excited for the new series in November. I’m basically like all the Harry Potter fans at the moment (tbh I probably won’t be reading the Cursed Child…sorry!).

What have you been loving this month? Let me know if you’ve also had a thing for any thing mentioned here. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin if you liked this post and want to see more like it!

Flat White coffee

As I’m writing this it’s the 1st of August and while perusing the usual blogs that I follow, I came across post after post of ‘OMG IT’S AUGUST ALREADY!’. I thought I would spare you another post about how I can’t believe how quick the year is going.

I do feel the same though, and to be honest I think this year is flying past quicker then any has before. For a number of reasons I suppose. One being that I had a change of living situation at the start of the year and moving in with my boyfriend (aka. living with a bloke) was something to adapt to which made the early months pass by pretty quickly. Then, of course we had to move again, which caused a minor meltdown on my part, and by the time I got over that it was June already. Time flies when you’re having a tantrum it seems. July has been taken up with getting organised again, but also with exciting new things. I have recently been offered a new job, so after weeks of let-downs and interviews and not hearing back from said interviews, things can finally calm down again while I work my month’s notice.

In the spirit of new beginnings, house and job wise, I thought I would have a little re-think about the rest of the year. I saw this post from Sophie the other week where she went through her half year goals and it seemed like the perfect thing for this time of year.

While I do try to make a few goals at the start of the year, it also seems perfect to make a few at the half way point too, as you may have a clearer idea of where you want to go, which direction to take, where you want to make improvements… So here are mine as we stand half way through 2016:

Throw yourself into new beginnings. As I have just mentioned I will be starting a new job in a month and I am determined to make the best of it. Whether that’s by throwing myself in the deep end on the first day, or making a big effort with new colleagues. I’m not going to hold back with this one and just see where it takes me.

Finances, finances. This is a tough one. I don’t necessarily have much sorting out to do (I have all the accounts I need). But it’s time to get serious about saving. I have been meaning to sort out a Help to Buy ISA since well, the start of the year probably and it still hasn’t happened. Adult Becca needs to get into gear now.

Keep on travelling. This is an easy one for me as I spend most days looking at places to go, finding flights, looking at cool places to stay. As much as I would love to go on a proper travel journey for a month, two months, or whatever (backpack and everything!), it’s just not something I can do right now. In the future definitely, but for now I’m going to continue as I am, with a city break here and there and a longer trip in a few months time (NYC you’re still top of my list!).

Confidence. This is somewhat of a personal point, but blogging is all about connecting with people, so this is me trying to connect with you. For the last six months, maybe even a year, I’ve felt myself closing up slightly. From being a shy girl in school with serious self conscious issues, to being a much more outgoing person at uni, with a large circle of friends, I have felt myself going backwards slightly. Maybe it’s the comfort I feel in my relationship or the routine my life follows now I’m working full time that’s made me draw back a little, but either way there’s more anxiety, or hesitation, particularly in social situations than I felt in university. Spending time with my best friend recently (post here) has only made me realise how much this needs to change. Like I mentioned in my first point it’s time to start putting myself out there again.

Let me know what your half year goals are. I think this point in the year is the perfect time to re-assess your goals, or maybe even get started with a New Years goal that you might have forgotten about – I know I’ve done that before! Your can follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin to keep up with all new content around here, if you fancy it.

PS. I’m well aware that the eighth month in the year is not half way. But I didn’t get this organised for July so it’s coming at you now. Also the end of summer can kind of be considered half way, right?

Nyhavn, Copenhagem

I was determined that I wouldn’t have to post a random I’ll be back soon post this week. I had plans to get some posts ready to go so all I would have to do would be click the upload button and job done. But unfortunately it just didn’t happen, and here we are a good few days late, with a filler post that doesn’t really fit into any of the catagories of my blog.

If you’ve ever read any of those ‘How to take your blog to the next level’ guides then you’ll know that more often than not, they recommend quality over quantity. And while I fully believe that everything you post should be of a certain standard I also like to keep it real around here. And sometimes life gets in the way, so much so that a filler post is the only thing that you have time to put together. It’s a little rushed, a bit rough around the edges, but it’s real and it’s honest and sometimes that means more than the carefully curated posts that I normally like to put together.

If you caught a any of my posts from the last few weeks then you’ll know that I’ve been in the process of moving house for what feels like forever now! It’s been unfortunate timing that my trip to Copenhagen came slap bang in the middle of the actual moving process, so all my spare time inbetween work and holiday-ing has been taken up by running around with various boxes and on the phone to energy/internet suppliers, getting locks fixed and many other things that don’t include what I would really like to be doing – editing my photos and putting my Copenhagen travel guide together.

Excuses aside, I suppose this filler post is more about keeping things honest on here and letting you know that normal content will resume in due course. It just might not be until I’m not living out of boxes and suitcases anymore! I’ll leave you with a photo of the stunning Nyhavn harbour in Copenhagen, taken so sneakily that you can’t see what a tourist trap it now is!

As always you can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin and I promise to have my guide to the Danish capital raring to go in a few days.


Sunglasses and beauty

When I thought about writing this post I thought I had quite an array of different things to show you, hence the title being a simple and vague ‘new things’. But actually looking at all the items together it’s predominantly beauty items and perhaps should have renamed the post. But anyway I thought I would show you a couple of new things that I’ve recently acquired and have been loving recently.

Mango Sunglasses

These shiny reflective babies are almost exact replicas of the Rayban version. I’ve been looking at making an investment in a pair of sunglasses, but couldn’t quite justify the price. So these are absolutely perfect! My Mum may have burst out laughing when she saw me wearing them, but I feel pretty bloody cool in them.

Clinique sweet pop

Clinique Sweet Pot

This new addition to the lip balm range at Clinique actually came out quite a while ago, but it’s only recently that I’ve got my hands on one. It was actually a free gift while out shopping with my Mum. She bought some new foundation and UH-MA-ZING looking serum (which I might have to splash out on as well…) and bagged a free gift at the check out. One side of this little pot is a lip scrub, and one side a lip balm. The Clinique lady assumed me that the scrub is edible and calorie free, which might be the case, but it definitely tastes like you’re eating a grainy lipgloss. Not great. It gives a decent scrub though and the balm is lovely too.


MAC Fix+

Now here’s a little myth that you may have believed like I did. The Fix+ is not a setting spray. Repeat, not a setting spray. Who knew? Not me, that’s for sure. MAC don’t even do a setting spray at the moment and the Fix+ is designed as a moisturising spray. I bought the miniature size, which I’m thinking is going to come in very handy indeed if it gets more humid than it currently is.

Clinique Sweet pop

Clinique Lip pop in Sweet Pop

I’ve just realised how similar this name is to the Sweet Pop… This was another freebie from my Mum who claimed it was ‘too pink’ for her. It is pretty pink in colour, but just dabbed onto the lips it has a very nice effect and is not too overly bubblegum-esque. And I love that it’s another little miniature size, perfect for travel!

MAC Cosmo Lipstick

MAC Cosmo

This lipstick is my saviour in all the Kylie Jenner fever that’s still going around. I cannot pull off a brown nude, not with this pale skin, but this lipstick is a little bit pink, a nude and a bit brown too. It’s my new favourite that I’m wearing literally day and night.

So there we have it, a bunch of things I kinda really like at the moment. Let me know what you’re new favourite things are too! This weekend I’m going to be in Copenhagen which I am beyond excited about. You can follow me on Instagram where I’ll be posting whenever I can get free wifi. My bank balance does not appreciate the overseas Instagrams, lets just say…

Oxford Circus, London

This weekend was glorious. I mean it was pretty grey and rain-y, but it was also long and glorious. I spent the Bank Holiday at home in London with my parents. Pretty bangin’ am I right?! No, in all seriousness, I don’t get home that much and if you caught my last post you’ll have found out all about my sudden change of residence and the conundrum that it caused me. I mean, I’m not going very far, literally just around the corner(!) but sometimes I feel like I’m pulled in two different directions.

London is my home, where I grew up and where my family home still is and being on the other side of the country sometimes makes me feel as though I’m missing out on this great gem that everybody else is trying their hardest to be a part of. Visits home are some of my favourite, not only because it’s a place in the world that I feel completely relaxed. I feel protected and it gives me a little bit of space to recharge and get ready to face, maybe not the world, but adult life at least. Here’s a few reasons why visits home are great for your soul.

  1. The sheets are so soft. This one is all credit to my mother. I don’t know what she does differently, but I’ve never slept in sheets so soft. Maybe it’s because she irons them – I dunno, but I must learn her secrets.
  2. The towels are so fluffy. So far this is shaping up to be a list purely about laundry. This is far from my main reasons why I love visiting home but it sure is a perk! They are literally hotel standard. Maybe I notice how great they are because I’ve been using the same old towels that I went away to uni with and that was five years ago now…
  3. The fridge is always stocked. I do realise that this list sounds a lot like I go home to freeload off my parents. I promise that’s not the case, but they always seem to have everything you need, especially as normally when all you want is a poached egg on toast in the morning, but you get up an realise you had the last egg for an omelette the night before.
  4. The old haunts and the new ones. Going back to South East London every so often over the years has really opened my eyes to how much a place can change in not much time at all. Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill, even Peckham these days is a hive of hipsters eating avocado on toast and drinking craft beer. As well as popping back to places me and my friends used to spend so much time at, there’s now so many new places to try!
  5. Time to relax. This is not to say that I can’t relax when I’m at home after work or on the weekends. But there’s nothing like going back to your family home for  a few days and slipping back into old routines and old jokes.
  6. Infinate wisdom.Now I can’t speak for everyone here, but I seem to leave with a lot of fresh resolve and a few answered questions after a few days at home. There’s nothing like a good heart-to-heart and in-depth conversation with someone who’s looking in on the situation with fresh eyes. And a few more successful life lessons under their belt than you have!
  7. London town! Another point that’s a bit more personal to me. But I love London whenever I visit – there’s always something going on, an exhibition to go to, or shops that aren’t available in Bristol. I bloody love a trip to London!
  8. Time to catch up face-to-face. While I love the convenience of Facebook chat/whatsapp/imessage, there’s nothing like having a really good catch up with old friends and you’re all in the same room together!

I had a pretty cracking Bank Holiday weekend, full of my favourite people and things and I’m sure it’ll keep me going until the next occaision when we can all be together again. What do you love about visiting back home? Let me know, let’s share our favourites!

This post has been slightly delayed because you know, life is that way sometimes! But you can always keep up over on Instagram or Bloglovin, if ya want to.