I’ll be honest, I almost completely forgot to write this post. My little monthly round up post really snuck up on me, so much so that I had a whole other post planned for today. And then I realised that this is the last weekend in the month and I have to get my sh*t together.

It’s nearly the half way point in the year. How the flippin’ heck has that happened?! Although I claim in every single one of these posts that time is flying and I have no idea where it’s going and I’m getting so old blah blah blah. But I really know the reason why May has blown in and out like a passing tornado. And it’s because at the start of the month me and Dom received a repossession notice from our landlord. He’s got a new job and wants to move back in.

Now this isn’t something we could have seen coming, nor is it something we have done anything to cause, but I’ve got to say it was a bit of a slap in the face. We’re being kicked out of our home, effectively by a simple email. It’s left me in a bit of a pickle as to where I want my life to go now that we aren’t contractually obliged to live somewhere. Is it in Bristol? Or is it somewhere else? There have been tears and (minor)tantrums and a lot of trying to persuade Dom that we should just pack it all in and move to a foreign and preferably sunny country.

In the end what I chose to focus on is the fact that life does go quickly, and no, I’m not actually old, and another six months is really not a very long time. So consequently May has been taken up with scouring Rightmove, flat viewings, rejections from letting agents, missing out on other flats and yet more tears and tantrums. But here we are, now at the end of May with a new flat in the pipeline (fingers crossed!).

This time we have to buy our own furniture and I’m excited! Dom is having to hold me back from Ikea and the contract hasn’t even gone through yet. I want to sort out my belongings again and rid myself of a few things that no longer need to be in my life or on my shelves. I’m excited for summer and light, late evenings and sun. Really that’s all that matters. To be excited about things and looking forward to the future, even if some parts of the future seem a little cloudy at the moment. That’s just life, right?

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Pink Doughnut

Does anyone really know?

I’ve been having a crisis of confidence about the tiny space of internet that Girlglobalising occupies – one that over the last few days has led me to think that actually I have no idea what I’m doing here, or really what my blog is here for.

It started with an Instagram photo. It was from Hannah Gale, one of my favourite bloggers, purely because I love her honesty and bravery for putting her emotions and personal thoughts on the internet for any old person to read. I highly recommend. The photo was from a press trip to Lanzarote, one which a fair few bloggers that I follow were all invited on. There was one person in the photo that I didn’t recognise, and after following the handy tag, I found it was Katie, blogger behind the Scarphelia blog.

So naturally, as anyone would on a lazy, sunny Saturday afternoon I perused her website and quickly realised that Katie is not just a blogger. She’s a writer. A true write who can weave stories and emotions and pictures into words and leave you thinking ‘yeah I totally get what you’re saying’. She’s a lifestyle blogger in the sense that her blog is a part of her life, as much as a diary would be to someone more private.

Both Hannah and Katie have blogs that connect with their readers. They are truthful, honest, brave and prove themselves to be more than just the photos in their posts, more than the sponsored content and affiliate links. Their blogs are a part of them like a novel is to an author.

Girlglobalising is only young, if you care to personify a blog, in the terms that I have really only been posting regular content for about a year and completely neglected it for the first year of it’s existence. It’s started with grand ideas of being a travel blog (and I still maintain that, with travel being one of my biggest passions, it is), before I thought maybe adding a bit of beauty here and there wouldn’t hurt. Then I had the over confident idea that I could make like all the best fashion blogs and have my boyfriend photograph my less than innovative outfits. Plus the odd more personal post thrown in.

I’ve spent the past year poking my fingers into all the different blogging pies, not really committing the any of them and calling myself a ‘lifestyle’ blogger. In the many ‘how to’ blog guides most tell you to find your niche and stick to it. I haven’t done that, hoping that anyone reading my blog will see the variety of topics and love it.

I suppose the key to this rambling slightly incoherent post is not comparing yourself to others. I love creating content and really what I should acknowledge is that my blog is young. A baby, really. It’s still developing and unfolding and finding it’s feet, like I am still. It’s okay if my content is not niche or completely glossy or as well written as some others. Or if I can’t transpose my feelings into beautiful sentences that touch peoples hearts. One day it will be. And that’s okay.




This handsome chap above, is Bob. He’s a trailhound and he joined my parents at my family home back at the end of November/December 2015.

Their decision to adopt a dog was a bit of a spur of the moment occurance, much like when we got our poor old dog Monty before, on a very rainy afternoon in Wales and neither me nor my brother expected to be leaving with a puppy in a cardboard box. Bob arrived in much the same fashion, albeit a much larger box, after my parents took a trip to the Canterbury branch of the Dogs Trust.

They claim it was just to ‘see what the process is’ but if I know my Dad, he wasn’t going to be leaving without a new canine friend. And so a few weeks later Bob joined the family and made his presence very much known – mainly by having a wee on the living room carpet.

Adopting and re-homing a dog has been quite the learning curve and, while there are similarities to when we brought Monty home all those years ago, it has also been quite different. Now, while I’m in no position to bring a dog home to my rented flat (that’s no way to make the landlord your friend) I do plan to bring my own little puppy home one day in the future, whether that’s an adoption or a brand new puppy. Preferably a pug. I just love pugs.

Here’s a list of things to think about or just to beaware of if you’re planning on bringing home a new best friend:

  1. House Training – Dogs are brought into the Dogs Trust from all over the place. Some are strays, as Bob was, some are puppies, some are brought in from owners who simply can’t look after them anymore. It’s important to be aware that they might be only partially house trained, or not at all! Be prepared for a few accidents here and there.
  2. Training in general – By this I mean all the usual ‘sit’, ‘wait’ but also training on a lead. Bob had clearly never been walked on a lead before so it’s literally been a case of starting from scratch. Make sure you know what you can handle and what you can’t – the last thing you want is to bring home your new dog and find that they are much more work than you are able to commit to.
  3. Location – For those living out in the countryside, this doesn’t apply as much, I’m sure any dog will be grateful of a nice green field to run in. But those living in a city should be aware of whether you’re rehoming a particularly nervous or scared dog. Cars and traffic might not be the best thing for him/her.
  4. Give it time – The Dogs Trust recommend that it takes a good six months to fully re-home a dog, so be prepared for some ups and downs. Sometimes it may seem like it’s a case of ‘two steps foward and one step back’, but a little bit of time and patience and your dog will settle in to their new life.

These are some of the points that I’ve gathered from seeing and hearing my parents experience of adopting Bob, and while there is still a way to go, I think Bob has settled in and will make a fine companion for them. You can find plenty more information on the Dogs Trust website, and by popping into your nearest branch. Although puppies are real cute, there are still many other dogs that needs homes and adopting could be the most rewarding way.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram for many photos of Bob whenever I visit home, and on Bloglovin too for all the new content on Girlglobalising. Do you have any other pearls of wisdom or re-homing success stories? I’d love to hear them!




Photos by Dom John

I’ve spoken about my love of Instagram a few times on here before, with my favorite accounts to follow, the ones that give me the worst case of wanderlust and how I edit my own photos. I spend a lot of time procrastinating on there; it’s second nature that when I pick up my phone I will probably be opening Instagram too. I truly love the beautiful photos, I love the way people curate their feeds and I love that it’s a visual app that doesn’t require you to share all of your personal information on your profile.

There are many bloggers who have been able to use Istagram to their advantage and really broaden their audience by sharing photos and creating a whole new genre of followers. I see it for myself when I’m browsing my favourite accounts and can see their folowers increased by thousands in a matter of days. Sponsored posts are now a regular thing and creating an income from the app is not uncommon, with the most popular charging huge amounts for a single post.

But for me it doesn’t work. Not one bit. Originally I started my account before Girlglobalising even existed and I posted photos from nights out and take away pizzas. Over the last few years my photos have improved, they are taken on better phones and cameras and well edited. I’ve tried to incorporated it into the social media aspect of my blog and use it to promote my new posts.

It’s a well covered topic, ‘how to gain more Instagram followers’ and I think I can tick off nearly all of the points covered. I post regularly most days, my photos are of a good quality, I engage in the community by liking and commenting but not spamming. I’ve linked Girlglobalising in my bio so it’s easily accessible. And yet in the last four years I have gained maybe 100 followers. Today my total number stands at 164 followers to the 482 that I follow. I don’t get it. I gain 2 new followers and lose 4. Maybe there’s something else I’m doing wrong? Admittedly my feed could be more conhesive, there’s not much of a theme going on. But then again I’m a lifesytle and travel blogger and I cover a lot of topics and it would be hard to make sure every photo stuck to a particular theme.

With the uproar to the recent changes that Instagram have made I read a number of blog posts about why it’s not the end of the world. The one that stuck with me the most was Sophie’s from The Private Life of A Girl. She mentioned that the standard ‘post regularly and engage’ process just doesn’t work for some people. And it doesn’t for me.

On one particularly frustrating day last week, one that saw my Instagram go from 172 to 164 in a number of hours, it sparked the thought that maybe I’m trying too hard. I started my account because I loved the idea behind it and I loved seeing other people’s photos, not so I can gain thousands of followers and direct them all over here. So I’m going back to that. I’m going back to only posting when I have a photo worth posting and if I’ve had a particularly quiet few days with nothing to post then so be it! I will continue to engage with the community becuase I enjoy it. I’m going for quality over quantity. And I’m going to come to terms with the fact that increasing my blog audience is probably not going to come from Instagram.

Does anyone else have similar feelings towards Instagram? I’d love to know other thoughts and opinions on this topic! You can follow me on Instagram if you fancy it, and on Bloglovin too, to keep up with anything new around here.

Instagram Paris


Notebook flatlay

This post is inspired by Rebecca of the blog From Roses, who recently wrote a post giving her advice on creative courses at university. It really got me thinking about my time at university, what I’ve taken away from it and if I did it again what I would do differently.

I don’t regret my time at university but I didn’t go under the best circumstances and possibly even rushed into the decision. The year I left for university was the year before the fees increased in the UK. My choice was either to go now, or to wait a year and pay three times the amount of fees. So I made the slightly rash decision of accepting a place at my second choice university, packed up my belongings and headed there straight after the summer holidays. And in the end my time there was great, I made a whole new group of friends and I found out what I wanted to do with my life. But just in case anyone might be in a similar position or is just looking for a bit of advice I’ve put together a few points to consider before you make your decision.

  1. Only apply to places that you really want to go to. This may seem like a bit of an obvious one, but it’s a point I make having not done this myself. I applied to my university as a very last option and one that I was very certain I would get a place at, if all else fails. And then all else did fail. I ended up heading to a university that I wasn’t that keen on and definitely didn’t like as much as my other choices. In hindsight perhaps I should have applied to colleges that I was sure I would love.
  2. Think about your course and read what’s involved. Ultimately this point is what persuaded me to take my university place even though it wasn’t my first choice. I re-read the prospectus and decided that actually the course sounded pretty good and there was a lot that interested me.
  3. Make sure your housing situation is sorted within plenty of time. This is a point that I did not take into consideration! My university didn’t provide halls of residence for all first years. This is something I was aware of when I applied, but I thought I wouldn’t be going there in the end, so I didn’t really dwell on it (DOH!). I ended up trying to find a house and housemates over the internet, when all the good housing had already been taken by 2nd and 3rd years. Stressful is not the word. Make yourself very aware of the housing situation before you choose to go there.
  4. Try different things when you get there. By this point I mean broadly speaking, from your course to the societies you choose to join. I picked up a publishing class in the very first week, liked it so much that I continued with it for the rest of my time at university. And now I’m trying to make it my career! I also joined the hockey team, realised that there’s a reason I’d never joined one before and swiftly moved on the something else. You never know what might come of anything.


I hope there are a few points here that will help answer a few questions. It’s a tricky decision to make, so the best thing you can do is to take your time and consider everything! If there is anything I haven’t touched on here, then leave meĀ  little comment below and I’ll see what I can do. You can also follow me on Bloglovin to keep up with any new content that pops up on here!