Top 5 podcasts - Girlglobalising

I’ve become a huge fan of podcasts recently. They’ve exploded all of a sudden and more than ever there is something for everyone. I love listening to them whilst ploughing through the more *ahem* boring tasks at work, or whilst walking to and from the office. They are also great for car journeys and save me and Dom from bickering over who’s choice of music we play. Here are my current five favourites.

The High Low/ Pandolly Podcast

My favourite of podcasts. Formerly the Pandolly podcast, but now The High Low show, this weekly offering covers the high and low of current events and affairs, all served up with a dose of humour from journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. These are two incredibly well read ladies and always offer really great opinions that I find myself nodding along to in agreement. I love the section at the end that’s become somewhat of an agony aunt section, where they read out letters and emails from listeners and offer their thought and advice.

The Guilty Feminist

This podcast is a piece of comedy genius. Comedienne Deborah Francis-White takes the lead on this funny feminist show. There’s hilarious anecdotes, sections of stand up comedy and always, always food for thought on the great issue of feminism. This is the only podcast I listen to that is recorded with a live audience and they really use that to their advantage. I’m dying the go to a recording.

The Modern Mann

This one was recommended to me by Dom and I was hesitant at first, as it’s quite different from the first two but it’s certainly worth a go. They have different guest every week and they are the most varied of people that you would not typically here from. They also have a cheeky section with Alix Fox, called the Foxhole, in which they answer all your cheeky questions *wink wink*.

At Home With…

Anna Gardener is one of my favourite Youtubers’ so a podcast was obviously going to go down a treat. Along with Lily Pebbles they visit the homes of interesting people and have a chat in various different rooms of their homes. My favourites are the episodes with Jo Elvin and Madeleine Shaw.


And finally the podcast that got me interested in podcasts. If you ever need a bit of career inspiration have a listen to this. Emma Gannon interviews a huge range of people from bloggers and youtubers, to the Hemsley sisters, to Lena Dunham herself. Well worth your time.

*Honourable mentions go to: 

Desert Island Discs – there is such a big back catalogue to get through, you will never run out.

Hey, It’s Okay – the offering from Glamour Magazine

The Heart of It – newest in from Estee Lalonde. I’ve not listened to the first episode yet but I am itching to.