I’ve been taking a long hard look at my wardrobe recently. I’ve been completely uninspired with everything in there and struggling to put outfits together that I actually want to wear, rather than just have to wear out of necessity.

I’ve been thinking a lot more about sorting out a sort-of capsule wardrobe, or at least one that has a good collection of items that all go together and are suitable for both work and weekend. After having a browse of some great, inspirational blogs, I have a much clearer idea of the look I’m going for and what I need to add to my spring wardrobe.

Spring Fashion Inspiration - Girlglobalising

Natalie off duty

A blazer has been on my to-buy list for a while and while I’m still searching for the right one that will make me look more professional, but not corporate, I may well add one in a spring hue to tide me over. This powder blue suit is just perfect for this time of year, and you could even double it up as something to wear to events in the summer.

Suggestions: Asos | Topshop | New Look


Spring Fashion Inspiration - Girlglobalising

Carolina Engman

I absolutely love this monochrome outfit. Having a simple, minimalist style that still looks put together and as though you’ve made an effort is the ultimate dream for me. How quick would it be getting ready in the morning. This simple white coat is perfect for when the British weather forgets that it’s spring and turns chilly again.

Suggestions: Asos | Ted Baker | Debenhams


Spring Fashion Inspiration - Girlglobalising

Simple Et Chic

Yes, my obsession with stripes continues. I honestly believe that I will never tire from a really good striped t shirt. I love this look – casual with the t shirt and jeans, but put together with the heels that also add a pop of colour.

Suggestions: New Look | Asos | Topshop


Lisa Olsson

A pair of white trousers or jeans are a must-have for spring/summer. They come back every year and are the perfect way to make your everyday wardrobe look brighter and fresher than the autumn and winter. I’m on the lookout for a the perfect pair of white kick flairs. It will be a bit of a step outside my comfort zone, but I’m really into this trend right now.

Suggestions: Asos | Topshop | & Other Stories


Spring Fashion Inspiration - Girlglobalising

Olivia Palermo

An all black outfit in spring? I know, I know. But as I’ve previously mentioned, the spring weather in the UK is not always sunshine and light. I love this simple look for days when you just have to get the tights out again. And again, I’m all about the speedy-ness of getting ready in the morning and you can’t deny how quick an all-black outfit is.

The Ivy - Clifton - Girlglobalising

Photos by Dom John

Hello! I have returned from my very unexpected blog hiatus. I’m not sure what caused the complete lack on content on here – whether it was lack of inspiration, motivation or simply being busy with other things. I haven’t felt particularly festive in the recent weeks, which always brings the mood down when everyone else is all for the mulled wine, ice skating and decorations.

The Ivy - Clifton - Girlglobalising

The Ivy - Clifton - Girlglobalising

Myself and Dom got ourselves a little Christmas tree, and I went on a short festive trip to York, but with working all the way up until Christmas eve (like most other people) I can’t quite muster the spirit of Christmas just yet.

The Ivy - Clifton - Girlglobalising

The Ivy - Clifton - Girlglobalising

Still, I though I would take the opportunity to share my favourite festive outfit of the moment. This pinafore dress from New Look is just what I’ve been looking for. Something that will work for autumn, winter and spring, depending on what you wear underneath and whether you bother with tights or not. I’ve paired in here with another new favourite, my green fluffy bobble hat, and burgundy brogues, which happen to be the most comfortable shoes I’ve had in a long time.

The Ivy - Clifton - Girlglobalising

The Ivy - Clifton - Girlglobalising

Dress – New Look | Coat – New Look | Hat – New Look | Shoes – Diechmann | Bag – Accessorise

The Ivy in Clifton provided the perfect festive backdrop for a post this close to Christmas. They happen to have the classiest decorations I’ve seen this year. I’m yet to pay a visit inside but I think a mid January afternoon tea in there would be perfect to lift the inevitable January blues!

Until the next post I hope you have a plenty of mulled wine and mince pies – I’m off to engage in just that now!



If you caught my most recent fashion post you will be aware that I have added a neckerchief to my (already limited) accessory list. After seeing a couple of cool girls wearing one – note Olivia and Hannah – I picked up a bargain one in Primark and fixed it around my neck. Now I’m not a huge fan of anything too ‘tight’ or short around my neck. Mine is a far cry from model-esque and subsequently I need something a little longer to give the illusion that I even have anything between my shoulders and my head. Chockers have always been a no-go.

So I loosely secured my new friend around my neck, leaving enough space to clearly see the said part of my body, and whaddya know! I bloody love it! I’ve been added it to pretty much every outfit, just a little bit of sommin’ extra as my day-to-day style can be a little erm, underwhelming. I haven’t been brave enough to wear it to the office yet, so instead I have devised a couple of different ways with a neckerchief for those of you who, like me, need to work their way up to and adventurous work fashion choice.


  1. Classic neckerchief

Number one if of course the classic around-the-neck neckerchief. Tie it however you like, and wear it with what ever you like. As I mentioned before I wear mine a little looser, but feel free to tie it closer in, or even give it a tie to the side, in a sixties air hostess fashion. I’ve got my eye out for a red neckerchief to wear with a blue and white striped top. That’s the weekend outfit of my dreams.


2. Around the head

For those who don’t fancy using your neckerchief as an actual tie might like to attempt it as a headband or head scarf instead. I’m sure there are lots of ways you could tie it to add a little pop to your outfit, but I’ve gone for the classic knot/bow here. It will definitely be something I adopt more in the summer – hair up in a messy bun, headband just so and shades on. In my mind I look cool, alright.

Bag Scarf

3. Add it to a bag

Number three is a very simple but effective way to incorporate a neckerchief. Here I’ve tied it around the strap of my bag and left the end hanging down, but you might fancy it more in a big bow. Or on the top handle of a backpack would be ideal. Just a cheeky little flash of colour when you turn around.

I’ve definitely found a new accessories obsession for the summer, so expect to see it a lot more around here. What other ways would you use a neckerchief to add to your outfit? Let me know as I’m sure I’ll need a few more ideas soon! If you want to follow me on Bloglovin or Instagram to catch all the knew posts around here!

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Me 2

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How many times have you read that Autumn is a bloggers favourite season? Probably more times than you can put up with by now. But here we go again, as Autumn is indeed one of my favourite seasons. It has a certain feel to it that I’m pretty sure comes from years and years of starting a fresh new school year. Now I’m no longer in education I’ve quickly come to the realisation that life goes on in very much the same way when you don’t have exciting things like six week summer holidays and new classes to start in September – but nevertheless Autumn produces a strange mix of nostalgia and excitement for the upcoming months.

Although the shops have had their winter pieces out since about July, it’s only since the weather has turned considerably cooler that I have been fully embracing the new season. Other bloggers have had their mustard/burgundy woollen numbers, ankle boots and Starbucks take away cups all over Instagram for weeks and I’ve only just got my favourite scarf out of storage – but I’ve never been one to get to the party particularly early anyway. My outfit in these photos is pretty much my A/W15 uniform – I’m a sucker for a piece of knitwear, some ankle boots and some sort of denim item and I’ll probably be wearing my favourite jacket until it’s too far cold for it and I’m forced back into my much fluffier number.

Oxford provided the perfect background with its old sandstone colleges and I tried to find the leafiest wall possible to stand in front of. I think it looks seasonable enough to warrant a Pumpkin Spice latte in one of those illustrated cups!

Jacket – Miss Selfridge (old – similar) | Skirt – Marks and Spencer | Jumper – H&M | Boots – Primark



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