I’ve been taking a long hard look at my wardrobe recently. I’ve been completely uninspired with everything in there and struggling to put outfits together that I actually want to wear, rather than just have to wear out of necessity.

I’ve been thinking a lot more about sorting out a sort-of capsule wardrobe, or at least one that has a good collection of items that all go together and are suitable for both work and weekend. After having a browse of some great, inspirational blogs, I have a much clearer idea of the look I’m going for and what I need to add to my spring wardrobe.

Spring Fashion Inspiration - Girlglobalising

Natalie off duty

A blazer has been on my to-buy list for a while and while I’m still searching for the right one that will make me look more professional, but not corporate, I may well add one in a spring hue to tide me over. This powder blue suit is just perfect for this time of year, and you could even double it up as something to wear to events in the summer.

Suggestions: Asos | Topshop | New Look


Spring Fashion Inspiration - Girlglobalising

Carolina Engman

I absolutely love this monochrome outfit. Having a simple, minimalist style that still looks put together and as though you’ve made an effort is the ultimate dream for me. How quick would it be getting ready in the morning. This simple white coat is perfect for when the British weather forgets that it’s spring and turns chilly again.

Suggestions: Asos | Ted Baker | Debenhams


Spring Fashion Inspiration - Girlglobalising

Simple Et Chic

Yes, my obsession with stripes continues. I honestly believe that I will never tire from a really good striped t shirt. I love this look – casual with the t shirt and jeans, but put together with the heels that also add a pop of colour.

Suggestions: New Look | Asos | Topshop


Lisa Olsson

A pair of white trousers or jeans are a must-have for spring/summer. They come back every year and are the perfect way to make your everyday wardrobe look brighter and fresher than the autumn and winter. I’m on the lookout for a the perfect pair of white kick flairs. It will be a bit of a step outside my comfort zone, but I’m really into this trend right now.

Suggestions: Asos | Topshop | & Other Stories


Spring Fashion Inspiration - Girlglobalising

Olivia Palermo

An all black outfit in spring? I know, I know. But as I’ve previously mentioned, the spring weather in the UK is not always sunshine and light. I love this simple look for days when you just have to get the tights out again. And again, I’m all about the speedy-ness of getting ready in the morning and you can’t deny how quick an all-black outfit is.

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

Amsterdam seems to be having a bit of a moment right now. It’s all over my Instagram feed, I’ve read multiple blog posts and city guides, plus it’s been at the top of my city break list for quite a while.

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

Although the most photographed part of the city is the old town and all the beautiful canals and dutch buildings – my favourite part of town to wander round with my camera, it was a very pleasant surprise to find some very interesting modern architecture there as well. A complete juxtaposition to the more traditional side of the city.
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
I’ve got a big city guide in the making that will include things to see, where to wander, places to eat and where to find the best shops, but for now I’ve put together a little visual diary that will hopefully spur you on in booking a little trip there yourself. Amsterdam has a very relaxed atmosphere, and we were unbelievably lucky with the weather – I can only imagine it’s even lovelier in the summer, sipping a glass of wine by the canal in the sunshine.
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
Amsterdam - Girlglobalising
Check back soon for my Amsterdam travel guide, but in the meantime I hope you like the first taster of the many photos I took whilst there.

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

I’ve just arrived back from what I think was the best and loveliest city break that Dom and I have ever been on together. From start to finish Amsterdam was an absolute pleasure.

It started with the easy drive to Bristol airport. Why all airports aren’t that convenient to get to, I don’t know. Then a quick hop, skip and 50 minute flight and you’re in Amsterdam Schipol. How bloody easy!

Amsterdam - Rijksmuseum - Girlglobalising

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

Although a little grey when we arrived, the sun soon showed it’s face while we wandered around the quiet canal lanes and over bridges. I will never tire of looking at the picturesque Dutch buildings – each one is different and the huge windows made them look like what could be my dream home.

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

I’ll tell you more about what we visited in Amsterdam in another post, but for now I couldn’t wait to give you a taste of all things Dutch, including the beautiful Rijksmuseum, the tasty cocktails we drank and wonderful streets we walked.

Amsterdam is an incredibly walkable city and we were averaging around 20,000 steps per day. A bit better than the measly amount on a normal working day for me.

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

Amsterdam - Girlglobalising

I’ll be back with more photos soon and a complete Amsterdam city guide, but for now I’ll leave you with some of the photos I shared on Instagram – follow me here!



Here in the UK, we were lucky enough to have one or two days or glorious sunshine. And then it completely disappeared. It’s ranged from warm and balmy, to actually pretty freezing considering it’s now June, and all I can hope is that it sorts itself out in time for proper summer.

I always slightly regret starting a blog post by talking about the weather – it always seems too obviously British and something I should avoid doing. But really the weather plays such a huge part in our lives that it can be a bit unavoidable. Even when it comes to a simple wishlist post. But nonetheless, considering I do live in the UK and I’ve titled this a ‘summer’ wishlist, I felt the need to explain, given that there are quite a few jumpers, woollen ones at that, plus trousers and not one pair of sandals in sight. This is the realistic version of a UK summer wishlist, for people who have to spend Monday-Friday in an office and only get the weekend to rejoice in all things sunny.

Browsing Asos is one of my favourite past times. Their web developers really hit gold when they decided to add a ‘saved items’ feature. Mine is constantly full to the brim, I’m always adding new things and removing things that I’ve gone off slightly. It means I make far more conscious decisions about what I actually buy and I have to really love it to have had it saved for a few weeks or so.

These are a few items that I’m really loving right now. There’s a few bits that will be perfect for summer afternoons in the park or in the pub garden. Some pieces that I will be sure to buy in time for my holiday, plus some more work appropriate items. The things I’m diggin’ the most at the moment are the grey slim fit boyfriend blazer, which will be perfect for the office and for cooler evenings out. The grey jumper with the pug patch elbows, because it’s just too cute not to love. The yellow crop trousers, and the little blue shorts. A high waisted bikini is my swimwear saviour – I was literally glued to my old training costume before these started hitting the shops. The fear of being seen in a standard bare-all bikini was far too much to handle, so keeping things in check with a cute slightly more covering number is just fab. I also really really love the Stan Smith trainers, but I’m just not sure about buying something that literally everyone and their Mum already has in their wardrobe.

I hope you like this slightly different style of post from me. I had so much fun making it! You might have to bear with me as I re-learn the ins-and-outs of Indesign. My uni days seem so long ago now… Anyway the links are all below, and do let me know which pieces you love, or if there are any items you think would be a really great addition to the collection here! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin to keep up with all the summer fun and new content around these parts.

Asos wishlist

  1. Pull & Bear top – £19.99
  2. Influence Culotte Jumpsuit – £25.99
  3. New Look Dungarees – £24.99
  4. Asos Jumper – £22.00
  5. New Look Shirt – £19.99
  6. Asos High Waisted Bikini – £20.00
  7. Warehouse Striped Midi Dress – £45.00
  8. Style London Dress – £25.00
  9. Quay Australia Sunglasses – £30.00
  10. Asos Striped Jumper – £30.00
  11. Asos Slim Fit Boyfriend Blazer – £60.00
  12. Asos High Waist Shorts – £20.00
  13. River Island Tapered Trousers – £35.00
  14. Asos T-shirt – £14.00
  15. Adidas Originals – £70.00
  16. Asos Button Through Midi Skirt – £32.00




I’ll be honest, I almost completely forgot to write this post. My little monthly round up post really snuck up on me, so much so that I had a whole other post planned for today. And then I realised that this is the last weekend in the month and I have to get my sh*t together.

It’s nearly the half way point in the year. How the flippin’ heck has that happened?! Although I claim in every single one of these posts that time is flying and I have no idea where it’s going and I’m getting so old blah blah blah. But I really know the reason why May has blown in and out like a passing tornado. And it’s because at the start of the month me and Dom received a repossession notice from our landlord. He’s got a new job and wants to move back in.

Now this isn’t something we could have seen coming, nor is it something we have done anything to cause, but I’ve got to say it was a bit of a slap in the face. We’re being kicked out of our home, effectively by a simple email. It’s left me in a bit of a pickle as to where I want my life to go now that we aren’t contractually obliged to live somewhere. Is it in Bristol? Or is it somewhere else? There have been tears and (minor)tantrums and a lot of trying to persuade Dom that we should just pack it all in and move to a foreign and preferably sunny country.

In the end what I chose to focus on is the fact that life does go quickly, and no, I’m not actually old, and another six months is really not a very long time. So consequently May has been taken up with scouring Rightmove, flat viewings, rejections from letting agents, missing out on other flats and yet more tears and tantrums. But here we are, now at the end of May with a new flat in the pipeline (fingers crossed!).

This time we have to buy our own furniture and I’m excited! Dom is having to hold me back from Ikea and the contract hasn’t even gone through yet. I want to sort out my belongings again and rid myself of a few things that no longer need to be in my life or on my shelves. I’m excited for summer and light, late evenings and sun. Really that’s all that matters. To be excited about things and looking forward to the future, even if some parts of the future seem a little cloudy at the moment. That’s just life, right?

You can keep up with my mid-week post by following me on Bloglovin and Instagram if ya fancy it. And be sure to let me know whats being happening with you this month!