Bristol Botanical Gardens, Girl Globalising

Bristol Botanical Gardens, Girl Globalising 2

Bristol Botanical Gardens, Girl Globalising 3

Bristol Botanical Gardens, Girl Globalising 4

Photos by Dom John

I am highly anticipating an Indian Summer for us here in the UK. As far as I recall September, when we inevitably had to head back to school, is always beautiful. I’m hoping for more of the same this year.

These photos were taken on a very humid summer day, when we finally managed to pay a visit to the Bristol Botanical Gardens. After a summer of muggy humid summer days in the office I’ve become a bit of a pro at dressing for the occasion.

Keeping things loose is the key and this Asos dress is perfect. As I mentioned recently I’m quite the fan of midi dresses now and this dress ticks all the boxes. It’s light and breezy, but the midi length turns it into a dress that’s still suitable for everyday life in a city, rather than lounging on a beach.

It’s been a pretty amazing summer this year. From moving house (again), two weddings,¬†wonderful week in Cornwall and starting a new job, it’s been all go for weeks now. I’m fully looking forward to slowing down a bit for these last few weeks, stretching out my time in the sun as much as possible before it’s time to huddle inside when winter gets here.

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Dress – Asos | Jacket – H&M (similar) | Trainers – New Look | Sunglasses – Mango (similar) | Earrings – H&M

Bristol Botanical Gardens, Girl Globalising 5

Bristol Botanical Gardens, Girl Globalising 6

Bristol Botanical Gardens, Girl Globalising 7

Bristol Botanical Gardens, Girl Globalising 8

Cornwall, Digital Detox, Girlglobalising

Cornwall, Digital Detox, Girlglobalising 2

Cornwall, Digital Detox, Girlglobalising 3

This time last week I was in the depths of Cornwall. And I mean right down at the bottom, The Lizard. I haven’t actually been that far down the country before which seems like some sort of crime having now seen how beautiful it is down there. It seems silly to think that a six hour drive is considered an unbelievably long way to go, especially since speaking to an American girl at the wedding, who told me that people regularly drive between San Fran and LA. That’s an eight to nine hour drive. Phew…

Anyway, once we had finally arrived we took full advantage of our surroundings, ie. ‘get me to the seaside!’. Perfect unspoilt beaches, clear blue sea, sand dunes and more. The place we were staying, Trelowarren, was literally a warren. Squiralled away in the woods, the complex was a very quaint set up with a pool and resturant. All you could need for a holiday really.

Except internet…

While on the first day I was happy enough to leave my phone and laptop alone, free to enjoy a surf lesson (which I was terrible at FYI) and enjoy the company around us.

The second day was when I started to get the itch. The one that has me checking for 4G every couple of minutes. In my defence all I wanted to do was share the beauty of the place through Instagram, but it just wasn’t happening.

Day three I’d had enough. Taking advantage of the 3G while on the road to yet another glorious beach to get a snap up on social media.

Day four was another struggle. One which saw me buying internet just so I could check Facebook and browse the internet.

This unintentional digital detox made me realise quite how many times a day I pick up my phone, or click on to facebook and twitter. Far far too many times.

It’s a bit of a shame that, as much as I love Instagram, what I wanted to do most was take photos of this stunning place before adding a filter and waiting for the ‘likes’ to start coming in. Really what should be focussed on is taking it all in, breathing in the fresh sea air and making the most of it before heading back to the city.

One of the main things that I took away from the trip, aside from realising yet again that I must live by the sea, was that time away really should be time away. To give your eyes and brain a rest for the blue technology light that’s bad for us. To read a book, or just sit and relax in beautiful surroundings. That life and travelling is not supposed to be all about the content you can produce and photos you can share.

Some things can always be saved for later and it’s the here and now that matter the most. That being said if you would like to follow me on Instagram you can do so here and Bloglovin too while you’re there!

Cornwall, Digital Detox, Girlglobalising 4

Cornwall, Digital Detox, Girlglobalising 5

Girlglobalising, Topshop midi dress

Girlglobalising, Topshop midi dress 2

Girlglobalising, Topshop midi dress 3

I’m writing this post on a day similar to when the photos were taken – a gloriously sunny day. It seems that after half a summer of rain the UK has finally gotten its act together. But anyway, there’s me starting yet another post by commenting on the weather.

This Topshop midi dress is something I have been meaning to post about for a long time. I think I bought it back in about April(?) and immediately feel in love with it in the changing room. I have a bit of a problem though, of absolutely loving something when I’m trying it on the the shop, I buy it and then immediately feel like I can’t quite get away with it in, you know, real life.¬†

Once I finally wore it out of the house last weekend I realise how stupid that is. I love the dress even more than before and I was just silly to let my insecurities get in the way. When I was younger, maybe 15 or 16, I would not have stepped a foot near a dress of this length. I was all about the short, short skirt. This is probably because I felt my legs were one part of me I could actually feel good about, and also because I didn’t want to come across as boring in a midi length dress.

As with most things, time and age have made me realise what I’m missing out on. All those wonderful midi length items that I’ve just said an automatic ‘No’ to, for the sake of not wanting to come across as old before my time. I also really like Marks and Spencer now too, how’s that for old.

Here’s to many more midi dresses and skirts in the future, hey! I’m especially looking forward to some sort of burgundy/wine coloured midi skirt teamed with ankle boots and a fedora in the autumn. Oh and a coffee in hand. Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin to keep up with the last few summer-y posts before it’s all scarves and pumpkin spice lattes.


Dress РTopshop | Sandals РPrimark (similar) | Earrings  РH&M | Sunglasses РTopshop | Bag РAccessorize (similar)

Girlglobalising, Topshop midi dress 4

Girlglobalising, Topshop midi dress 5

Girlglobalising, Topshop midi dress 6

Girlglobalising, Topshop midi dress 7

Girlglobalising, Topshop midi dress 8

Oasis Summer dress

Girlglobalising, Oxfordshire, Wedding

Photos by Dom John

If you caught my latest wishlist post then you’ll know that I’ve been preparing for the first wedding since I was so small that I’m unable to remember any of it.

The time finally arrived last week when Dom and I headed to not one but two summer weddings. And this post is purely to show you what I wore for the occasion. I committed a minor fashion crime and wore the same outfit for both weddings, even down to my shoes, bag and accessories. In an ideal world I would have found two beautiful dresses to really make the most of the chance to dress up a bit. But to be honest, when it came to finding something I didn’t really know where to start!

In the end I went for this little Oasis number, because not only was it both slightly casual and slightly dressy, but it was also summer appropriate and in the sale. I also felt pretty confident in the knowledge that I probably wouldn’t end up looking like one of the bridesmaids in it. That was a faux pas I certainly didn’t want to make in front of a bunch of people I’d never met before.

My boyfriend seems to have reached the age where the weddings are (or will be very soon) coming thick and fast, but going to two in the space of a week has made me realise how different each wedding is to the next! Both were lovely, but these photos were taken at the first in Burford, Oxfordshire. I thought it was best to get them over with before there were any chances to get dinner down my front. Just joking. Kind of.

They were also taken with my iPhone as I thought it would be best for Dom not to get confused for the wedding photographer! Anyway I hope you enjoy and you can alway check out my Instagram for more of the action, and follow me on Bloglovin for more summery content.

Dress – Oasis | Shoes – Kurt Geiger | Sunglasses – Topshop | Earrings – H&M

Girlglobalising, Oasis summer dress

The Bay Tree Hotel, Burford, The Cotswolds

Girlglobalising, Oasis summer dress 2


Wedding Guest Wishlist

This weekend I will be attending the first wedding I’ve been invited to since I was about six months old. I am pretty bloody excited about it. For years, when I was younger, it was my dream to be a bridesmaid. The thought of having a pretty, pouffy dress, to have a little bouquet of flowers and my hair done properly – that was heaven to me. Sadly no family members or friends have got married, or ones close enough for me to be invited anyway, for 22 years!

So now, finally, I’m off to a wedding as my boyfriend’s plus one. I don’t even mind that I won’t know anyone there, I just want to witness the whole thing. The ceremony, the dress, the reception, the first dance, the bouquet tossing… All of it!

Finding the right dress for this occasion has proved a little trickier than I thought it would be. In my mind I thought I would find a beautiful, summer occasion dress, a pair of heels and some pretty accessories and be ready to go. Unfortunately my budget was not as extensive as I hoped it would be, so after shopping around and getting a bit sick of looking at dress after dress I *think* I might have found the right dress.

After re-acquainting myself with a few Adobe programs when putting my last wishlist together, I am determined not to lose the skills again. My solution to this is to window shop until my heart’s content and create a wishlist that will hopefully give you a few ideas if you are also looking for a special occasion dress.

I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram, especially if you fancy seeing some photos of said wedding, and on Bloglovin to find out what’s coming up next on here!

Wedding Guest Wishlist

  1. Asos wrap front pyjama suit
  2. Asos cold shoulder midi dress
  3. Asos scallop cross body bag
  4. Asos Holloway heels
  5. Marc Jacobs rose gold watch
  6. Keepsake dress
  7. Lost Ink cut out dress
  8. Asos Portia heels
  9. Asos occasion summer tux
  10. Asos Santiago heels
  11. Asos tulle prom skirt
  12. Asos off shoulder sundress
  13. Asos ruffle dress
  14. Whistles clutch
  15. Closet off shoulder dress