Oasis Summer dress

Girlglobalising, Oxfordshire, Wedding

Photos by Dom John

If you caught my latest wishlist post then you’ll know that I’ve been preparing for the first wedding since I was so small that I’m unable to remember any of it.

The time finally arrived last week when Dom and I headed to not one but two summer weddings. And this post is purely to show you what I wore for the occasion. I committed a minor fashion crime and wore the same outfit for both weddings, even down to my shoes, bag and accessories. In an ideal world I would have found two beautiful dresses to really make the most of the chance to dress up a bit. But to be honest, when it came to finding something I didn’t really know where to start!

In the end I went for this little Oasis number, because not only was it both slightly casual and slightly dressy, but it was also summer appropriate and in the sale. I also felt pretty confident in the knowledge that I probably wouldn’t end up looking like one of the bridesmaids in it. That was a faux pas I certainly didn’t want to make in front of a bunch of people I’d never met before.

My boyfriend seems to have reached the age where the weddings are (or will be very soon) coming thick and fast, but going to two in the space of a week has made me realise how different each wedding is to the next! Both were lovely, but these photos were taken at the first in Burford, Oxfordshire. I thought it was best to get them over with before there were any chances to get dinner down my front. Just joking. Kind of.

They were also taken with my iPhone as I thought it would be best for Dom not to get confused for the wedding photographer! Anyway I hope you enjoy and you can alway check out my Instagram for more of the action, and follow me on Bloglovin for more summery content.

Dress – Oasis | Shoes – Kurt Geiger | Sunglasses – Topshop | Earrings – H&M

Girlglobalising, Oasis summer dress

The Bay Tree Hotel, Burford, The Cotswolds

Girlglobalising, Oasis summer dress 2


Wedding Guest Wishlist

This weekend I will be attending the first wedding I’ve been invited to since I was about six months old. I am pretty bloody excited about it. For years, when I was younger, it was my dream to be a bridesmaid. The thought of having a pretty, pouffy dress, to have a little bouquet of flowers and my hair done properly – that was heaven to me. Sadly no family members or friends have got married, or ones close enough for me to be invited anyway, for 22 years!

So now, finally, I’m off to a wedding as my boyfriend’s plus one. I don’t even mind that I won’t know anyone there, I just want to witness the whole thing. The ceremony, the dress, the reception, the first dance, the bouquet tossing… All of it!

Finding the right dress for this occasion has proved a little trickier than I thought it would be. In my mind I thought I would find a beautiful, summer occasion dress, a pair of heels and some pretty accessories and be ready to go. Unfortunately my budget was not as extensive as I hoped it would be, so after shopping around and getting a bit sick of looking at dress after dress I *think* I might have found the right dress.

After re-acquainting myself with a few Adobe programs when putting my last wishlist together, I am determined not to lose the skills again. My solution to this is to window shop until my heart’s content and create a wishlist that will hopefully give you a few ideas if you are also looking for a special occasion dress.

I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram, especially if you fancy seeing some photos of said wedding, and on Bloglovin to find out what’s coming up next on here!

Wedding Guest Wishlist

  1. Asos wrap front pyjama suit
  2. Asos cold shoulder midi dress
  3. Asos scallop cross body bag
  4. Asos Holloway heels
  5. Marc Jacobs rose gold watch
  6. Keepsake dress
  7. Lost Ink cut out dress
  8. Asos Portia heels
  9. Asos occasion summer tux
  10. Asos Santiago heels
  11. Asos tulle prom skirt
  12. Asos off shoulder sundress
  13. Asos ruffle dress
  14. Whistles clutch
  15. Closet off shoulder dress


The Standard, Copenhagen



Bikes, Copenhagen


My long weekend in Copenhagen seems like an age ago now, but in actual fact it was only two weeks ago that I was swanning around the Danish capital happy to forget about all the half packed boxes left in my flat, and the sheer amount of sorting out we still had to do. I can’t say we’re all that sorted in the new flat yet, but we’re definitely on our way! With the majority of boxes now unpacked and put away where they’ll (hopefully!) stay for a while longer, I’ve had a little more breathing space to finally sit down and edit my photos from Copenhagen.

After the last couple of trips that myself and Dom have been on we were due some good weather (looking at you Berlin and Paris…) and boy did Copenhagen deliver. We landed in sunshine, stayed for three days to revel in it and left to only a slight covering of cloud. It was such a lovely weekend that I actually wandered around saying to Dom ‘Shall we come back in a few weeks?’. The city is beautiful, so clean and so friendly that it was an absolute joy to visit. I wanted to buy everything I saw, I’ve decided that I need a Danish sense of style and I was pretty much ready to move into our Airbnb apartment. All in all, Copenhagen really hit the spot! It was expensive (more on that at a later date) but we still enjoyed our selves and managed to see and do most things that we wanted to.

I hope you like this little introduction to the city, and I can only appologise that it took so long to get myself together! There will be a little city guide coming soon and maybe even a few posts about my new flat! You can always follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin, and let me know if you’ve been to Copenhagen and loved it as much as I did!

The Round Tower, Copenhagen

Central Station, Copenhagen

Copenhagen streets

Paper Island, Copenhagen

Paper Island, Copenhagen

Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen


Sunglasses and beauty

When I thought about writing this post I thought I had quite an array of different things to show you, hence the title being a simple and vague ‘new things’. But actually looking at all the items together it’s predominantly beauty items and perhaps should have renamed the post. But anyway I thought I would show you a couple of new things that I’ve recently acquired and have been loving recently.

Mango Sunglasses

These shiny reflective babies are almost exact replicas of the Rayban version. I’ve been looking at making an investment in a pair of sunglasses, but couldn’t quite justify the price. So these are absolutely perfect! My Mum may have burst out laughing when she saw me wearing them, but I feel pretty bloody cool in them.

Clinique sweet pop

Clinique Sweet Pot

This new addition to the lip balm range at Clinique actually came out quite a while ago, but it’s only recently that I’ve got my hands on one. It was actually a free gift while out shopping with my Mum. She bought some new foundation and UH-MA-ZING looking serum (which I might have to splash out on as well…) and bagged a free gift at the check out. One side of this little pot is a lip scrub, and one side a lip balm. The Clinique lady assumed me that the scrub is edible and calorie free, which might be the case, but it definitely tastes like you’re eating a grainy lipgloss. Not great. It gives a decent scrub though and the balm is lovely too.


MAC Fix+

Now here’s a little myth that you may have believed like I did. The Fix+ is not a setting spray. Repeat, not a setting spray. Who knew? Not me, that’s for sure. MAC don’t even do a setting spray at the moment and the Fix+ is designed as a moisturising spray. I bought the miniature size, which I’m thinking is going to come in very handy indeed if it gets more humid than it currently is.

Clinique Sweet pop

Clinique Lip pop in Sweet Pop

I’ve just realised how similar this name is to the Sweet Pop… This was another freebie from my Mum who claimed it was ‘too pink’ for her. It is pretty pink in colour, but just dabbed onto the lips it has a very nice effect and is not too overly bubblegum-esque. And I love that it’s another little miniature size, perfect for travel!

MAC Cosmo Lipstick

MAC Cosmo

This lipstick is my saviour in all the Kylie Jenner fever that’s still going around. I cannot pull off a brown nude, not with this pale skin, but this lipstick is a little bit pink, a nude and a bit brown too. It’s my new favourite that I’m wearing literally day and night.

So there we have it, a bunch of things I kinda really like at the moment. Let me know what you’re new favourite things are too! This weekend I’m going to be in Copenhagen which I am beyond excited about. You can follow me on Instagram where I’ll be posting whenever I can get free wifi. My bank balance does not appreciate the overseas Instagrams, lets just say…


Here in the UK, we were lucky enough to have one or two days or glorious sunshine. And then it completely disappeared. It’s ranged from warm and balmy, to actually pretty freezing considering it’s now June, and all I can hope is that it sorts itself out in time for proper summer.

I always slightly regret starting a blog post by talking about the weather – it always seems too obviously British and something I should avoid doing. But really the weather plays such a huge part in our lives that it can be a bit unavoidable. Even when it comes to a simple wishlist post. But nonetheless, considering I do live in the UK and I’ve titled this a ‘summer’ wishlist, I felt the need to explain, given that there are quite a few jumpers, woollen ones at that, plus trousers and not one pair of sandals in sight. This is the realistic version of a UK summer wishlist, for people who have to spend Monday-Friday in an office and only get the weekend to rejoice in all things sunny.

Browsing Asos is one of my favourite past times. Their web developers really hit gold when they decided to add a ‘saved items’ feature. Mine is constantly full to the brim, I’m always adding new things and removing things that I’ve gone off slightly. It means I make far more conscious decisions about what I actually buy and I have to really love it to have had it saved for a few weeks or so.

These are a few items that I’m really loving right now. There’s a few bits that will be perfect for summer afternoons in the park or in the pub garden. Some pieces that I will be sure to buy in time for my holiday, plus some more work appropriate items. The things I’m diggin’ the most at the moment are the grey slim fit boyfriend blazer, which will be perfect for the office and for cooler evenings out. The grey jumper with the pug patch elbows, because it’s just too cute not to love. The yellow crop trousers, and the little blue shorts. A high waisted bikini is my swimwear saviour – I was literally glued to my old training costume before these started hitting the shops. The fear of being seen in a standard bare-all bikini was far too much to handle, so keeping things in check with a cute slightly more covering number is just fab. I also really really love the Stan Smith trainers, but I’m just not sure about buying something that literally everyone and their Mum already has in their wardrobe.

I hope you like this slightly different style of post from me. I had so much fun making it! You might have to bear with me as I re-learn the ins-and-outs of Indesign. My uni days seem so long ago now… Anyway the links are all below, and do let me know which pieces you love, or if there are any items you think would be a really great addition to the collection here! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin to keep up with all the summer fun and new content around these parts.

Asos wishlist

  1. Pull & Bear top – £19.99
  2. Influence Culotte Jumpsuit – £25.99
  3. New Look Dungarees – £24.99
  4. Asos Jumper – £22.00
  5. New Look Shirt – £19.99
  6. Asos High Waisted Bikini – £20.00
  7. Warehouse Striped Midi Dress – £45.00
  8. Style London Dress – £25.00
  9. Quay Australia Sunglasses – £30.00
  10. Asos Striped Jumper – £30.00
  11. Asos Slim Fit Boyfriend Blazer – £60.00
  12. Asos High Waist Shorts – £20.00
  13. River Island Tapered Trousers – £35.00
  14. Asos T-shirt – £14.00
  15. Adidas Originals – £70.00
  16. Asos Button Through Midi Skirt – £32.00