St Mawes, Cornwall - Girlglobalising

Nestled down in a little corner of Cornwall is the small village of St Mawes. Dom and I stopped by on the way back from a speedy weekend trip, for one last afternoon of sea air, boat watching and ice creams. On a sunny day the beaches in Cornwall would easily be mistaken for the Riviera, if not for the unmistakably English seaside-ness.

St Mawes, Cornwall - Girlglobalising

St Mawes, Cornwall - Girlglobalising

Hop over on the King Harry car ferry and travel down the coast past the rolling hills.

St Mawes, Cornwall - Girlglobalising

Wander along to the castle, slowing climbing up hill to take in the beauty of the harbour. From the castle you can look across to Falmouth, and if you have a little extra time, you can hop on a ferry across to the town and do a bit more exploring.

St Mawes, Cornwall - Girlglobalising

Head back into the town and pick up a picnic lunch from the little deli and enjoy it on the rocks at low tide. It’s much more enjoyable watching the boats coming and going than sitting outside the shop and dodging the hungry seagulls.

St Mawes, Cornwall - Girlglobalising

St Mawes, Cornwall - Girlglobalising

Walk along the harbour wall for a different perspective. Don’t forget to take lots of photos from the lookout point!

St Mawes, Cornwall - Girlglobalising

It would be a crime not to grab an ice cream on a sunny day. Roskilly’s, of course. When in Cornwall…!

St Mawes, Cornwall - Girlglobalising

St Mawes, Cornwall - Girlglobalising

Like a lot of places in Cornwall, St Mawes is lovely, but you’ll cover all of it within a few hours. If you don’t fancy doing a bit more exploring then make sure you take a book with you. If you’re up for something a bit more adventurous there are plenty of boating and sailing activities on offer.

Lyme Regis - Girlglobalising

Here we are, back again with another very delayed post. My motivation to do anything other than come home from work and wait impatiently for Love Island has gone seriously amiss. It’s really no wonder that time is just flashing by when all I seem to do with my days is turn up for work, wander home, maybe pop to the gym and then sit in front of the now infamous reality program.

It’s made me really think how much time we spend watching other people live their lives. I know I’m guilty of letting one too many hours float by whilst watching stupid videos on youtube.

A few weeks ago, having had work on that really sunny Saturday while everyone else was out basking in it, I decided I had to make the most of Sunday if it was to be my only chance that week.

After attempting to get out of the house at a reasonably early time to beat the rush to the seaside (11am counts as reasonably early, right?) we headed down south to Lyme Regis. This beautiful small town on the Jurassic coast was absolutely heaving with people who all clearly had the same idea. And after the palaver of trying to find a parking space – a drama involving a near miss crash and a race to another town to get cash for the charity car park we eventually managed to find, we began the stroll back down to the beach.

Lyme Regis - Girlglobalising

As you can see, it was a pretty glorious day. We settled down with a Cornish pasty on the sand and Dom went for a quick dip in the sea. Although don’t be fooled by the sunshine like he was, it’s certainly still chilly in there!

Afterwards we wandered along to the breakwater and small harbour, admiring the boats in all their colours, shapes and sizes.

Lyme Regis - Girlglobalising

Of course no trip to the seaside is complete without an ice cream that then melts in the sun so you have to eat it really fast. If you happen to be in Lyme Regis then I highly recommend the gelato stand on Marine Parade – I wish I could remember what it’s called because it was damn good gelato.

Make sure you wander back up through the little town, there’s plenty of little shops, including sweet shops making Devonshire fudge. A delightful little place, perfect for a short day or afternoon trip. Afterwards Dom and I raced back to Bristol to get to the Lido before it closed but unfortunately didn’t make it in time. Sitting in a bath tub of cold water to cool yourself down is just not the same as an open air swimming pool.

Lyme Regis - Girlglobalising

I’m determined to have more days like this and really make the most of summer. Low-key day trips and afternoons enjoying the outside. I know I’m certainly too tied to my phone and computer for most of the week and it’s time to pack it all away. Savouring days like this one in Lyme Regis will only help in making sunny days in the office a bit more bearable anyway.


Brighton - Girlglobalising

Brighton 2 - Girlglobalising

For the longest time I have been banging on about visiting Brighton. I’m not entirely sure why the idea suddenly popped up and I couldn’t let go of it. Possibly because I haven’t visited for years and recently it’s been featured on many of my favourite blogs, either as a destination or as a hometown.

With it’s coastal location and independent business scene it’s a place that is right up my street. On the way down I was struggling to remember the last time I had visited (answer: so long ago that I can’t recall) but I was excited to revisit the seafront and explore the Lanes. In the end we only managed one night but man, it was lovely and the perfect way to spend your days off for the daily grind. Here are a few photos and recommendations, as well as places that I’ve heard are amazing but sadly didn’t get a chance to visit on this occasion. But all the more reason to pop back another time, hey!

Where to stay: Now we were incredibly last minute with our trip so ended up paying a fortune for a pretty standard hotel, so I’m not going to leave that as the recommended choice to make your trip extra special. But the place we really wanted to stay at is the Artists Residence hotel. I’ve heard great things from both friends who have stayed and from various blog posts. Next time I’ll be more organised and book a room in this small quirky hotel.

There is also The Grand and the Harbour Hotel which both look pretty amazing, and of course Airbnb will have some gems on offer.

Brighton Pier - Girlglobalising

Bread & Milk - Brighton - Girlglobalising

What to do: We really lucked out with the weather this weekend so by the time we got to Brighton we had a little bit of lunch sat outside, and then headed down to the seafront. Brighton is a pebble beach and while that’s not ideal for sunbathing in the summer, it’s great for watching the waves and people go by on a sunny afternoon – and no sandy bums!

Of course the Pier is a must-do, and it’s fairground rides if that’s your thing. Don’t neglect the penny machines inside though! They’re my favourite part.

I highly recommend having a wander around the Lanes and popping into the cute independent shops. It’s also where you’ll find Snoopers Paradise and it’s infamous photo booth somewhere inside.

Take a stroll around the Pavilion Gardens and marvel at Brighton’s answer to the Taj Mahal before popping into the Brighton Art Gallery and Museum.

If you fancy getting out of town for a bit then I hear Lewes is a very nice small town with all the Sussex charm to be had. Or alternatively take a walk up Beachy Head for the best views around.

Brighton Pier 2 - Girlglobalising

Brighton Pavilion - Girlglobalising

Where to eat: I did a small amount of research on where’s good to eat in Brighton, only to find that it’s overloaded with fantastic independent choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and cake. We stopped in on Bread & Milk for lunch which is a charmingly small cafe in the north of the Lanes.

Later we had a spot of tea and cake in Cafe Coho, also in the Lanes – they also have another location in Hove if you’re over that way. Small Batch Coffee is a little local chain worth checking out too.

There’s plenty of options for dinner too. We opted for Franco Manca, which is not necessarily independent to Brighton but their only other location is in Brixton. I have to say it was some of the cheapest and best pizza I’ve had. Any overpriced pizza is just going to be unforgivable now.

Other places I’ve heard are worth a visit are Fatto O Mano for more pizza, Plateau for all the meat, and Food for Friends for excellent vegetarian food.

The Flour Pot Bakery - Girlglobalising

Brighton 3 - Girlglobalising

So there we have it, 24 hours  in Brighton. If you’re after a few more recommendations then I will gladly point you in the direction of Suzie from Hello October and Anna from The Anna Edit, both Brighton residents and have some very knowledgeable posts on the subject.

Make sure to check out my Instagram for more photos from the weekend and follow me on Bloglovin to never miss a post on here!


Bristol - Summer - girlglobalising


It seems strange to be writing this post while it’s currently as warm as it has been all summer. Yes, my wish of an Indian summer came true and we’re all still basking in the sunshine in mid-September. But nevertheless Autumn is just around the corner and with it being one of my favourite seasons I have come up with a list of things that get me excited for the colder months.

If some of these points don’t make sense or are written badly then it’s because I’ve been on a blog hiatus for a week or so. This was not self inflicted and it was a very stressful few days, but I’ll touch on this in another post later and for now let’s move on to exciting autumn based things!


Red leaves – A bit of an obvious choice but what’s more beautiful than trees full of bright red leaves, and then, later on in the year, piles of orange-y toned leaves just waiting for you to stomp and kick your way through.

Cosy nights – I’d heard of the concept of Hygge before but after reading Hannah Gale’s post all about the Danish specialty I’m fully ready to embrace it in my life this Autumn/Winter. Think cosy nights in with lamps on and candles burning, piles of blankets, hot chocolates and film nights. Perfect. Having recently been to Copenhagen I can say hands down that the Danes seem to be the most content of people and I reckon that’s also why they’re so stylish.

Bonfire night – Having neglected Bonfire night for many years it made a comeback in my life last year and boy did I enjoy it. This year will be more of the same, perhaps maybe even some mulled wine thrown in for good measure. I think Bonfire night marks the true start of the winter-y season.

Pumpkin spice – I can’t help it, I love it! I know it’s horrifically high in calories and sugar and all bad things but it tastes so bloody good!

Red lipstick – All the berry tones will be coming out this year. I’m not really one to wear a bright berry/red lip to work, mostly for fear it will end up smeared down my chin and no one will tell me, so I’ll be dabbling in a nice muted lip stain to get in on the trend.

Big trips – How many times have I mentioned the possible trip to NYC on here? Too many, I know that. But now it’s actually happening! In November I’ll be off for a week in the Big Apple and I’m so excited. I’m currently making a list of all the places I want to go, see and do, so if you have any recommendations then please throw them my way. There may also be a mini European city break later in the year too.

Fashion – I find summer quite difficult to dress for, particularly now working in an office, so for me Autumn will always be the champion in the style stakes. Woolly jumpers, coats and jackets, ankle boots, skirts and tights – I’m ready for all of it!

Crisp mornings – There’s something about walking to work in the crisp chilly air and sunshine that just sets you up for the day right.

Comfort food – Out with the salads. In with the stews, is what I say. It’s also surprisingly easy to make hearty meals that bit healthier too. It doesn’t all have to be buttery mash potatoes and Yorkshire puddings (I’d never turn one down though…).

Winter TV – The TV in the colder months is just so much better than the rest of the year. The current top favourites are the Bake Off, Poldark, Victoria, Our Girl and it looks like the BBC have a few more cracking dramas up their sleeve for later in the year. There’s also the return of Gilmore Girls in November which I for one have made a reminder for.


Let me know in the comments below what things you’re looking forward to this autumn. September almost feels like a second fresh start for me – probably because of all the years spent starting new school years, but it feels like the perfect time to look forward to things to come. You can follow me on Instagram if you fancy photos of all things autumn-y (and of that exciting trip coming up!) and on Bloglovin to catch all the new content around here.

London - The Shard - Girlglobalising

London - The Shard - Girlglobalising 2

London - The Shard - Girlglobalising 3

London - The Shard - Girlglobalising 4

London - The Shard - Girlglobalising 5

London - The Shard - Girlglobalising 6

London - The Shard - Girlglobalising 7

One afternoon in London

While on our hectic week of two weddings and a week in Cornwall, which you can read about here and here, it also happened to be Dom’s birthday. When I asked what he might like for a his birthday he replied ‘something tech-y and cool’. I’m afraid my friends, I am neither tech-y nor cool and was a little stumped at what to go for.

I went for an expeirence instead. We had both been meaning to visit The Shard since it had opended so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. The weather was perfect and it sparked this little idea: an afternoon in South London.

Being a south London girl myself, and with the tube not yet reaching us out in the sticks (this is a joke, we’re not out in the sticks, but for some reason we’ve not yet been privaliged with the tube) the South Bank of the Thames is so much more accessible than the North/West/Centre of the city.

Within 15 minutes on the train you are at London Bridge station, the perfect destination for a short and sweet afternoon in London. The Shard is immediatly outside the station and a really great expeirence. So long as you’re not scared of heights! With views accross the whole of London it would also be a great experience at night time.

Find out more and get your tickets here.

London - The Shard - Girlglobalising 8

London - Borough Market - Girlglobalising

From The Shard we made our way across the street to Borough Market just in time for lunch. Having attempted to visit the market once before, only to find to completely closed, it was lovely to see it in full swing. Visited by local office workers and tourists alike, you can get every kind of cusine, all cooked fresh and for very reasonable prices. Grab whatever takes your fancy and take a seat in the gardens of Southwark Cathedral next door.

Sadly this is where our day had to end due to prior engagments, BUT it doesn’t have to be the end of your day. Follow the South Bank further along until you come to the Tate Modern. It’s free to enter, although some exhibitions are ticketed. They’ve just completed an extension, so there’s so much more to see now.

If you still have time and want a few extra things to do, you can keep walking until you get to the London Eye (just in case you didin’t get a good enough view of the skyline earlier!) and slightly further on from there is the Aquarium. I haven’t been to the Aquarium for years but Bristol’s version is a bit of a let down, where as London’s is pretty snazzy.

London - Borough Market - Girlglobalising 2

London - Borough Market - Girlglobalising 3

London - Borough Market - Girlglobalising 4

London - Borough Market - Girlglobalising 6

I hope you’ve enjoyed your guided afternoon along the South Bank. Feel free to leave your tour guide a tip (JOKE). I love visiting London whenever I can, espeically for special occasions and on sunny days. There’s no city quite like it.

You can follow me on Instagram for more snaps of my day in the big city and on Bloglovin for all the new content coming up soon!